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January 17, 2023

Calling Out Those Who Violate God's Divine Law

It is my opinion that we have reached a state in our national conscience where we can no longer ignore those who violate God's Divine Law. This statement comes with a lot of components. Let me see if I can unpack my heart on the subject in a coherent manner... first of all, I want to determine what "Divine Law" is. It's not a term we hear very often in our secular or religious vernacular. But here is the definition that my spirit discerns is the most accurate: Divine Law is laws of Scripture given to us through God's self-revelation; the early Hebrews and Greeks believed that the Word of God created societal and individual order, which a government could then use to take care of its citizens. I certainly believe that is God's intention for His Divine Laws, and the Bible supports God's goodwill for all people. But I think you will agree with me that our society and government have fallen short in that objective.

Case in point: the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. What exactly is this Bill all about? Factcheck.org states that, as written, the legislation addresses the situation of a child born alive after an attempted abortion. It would require that a “health care practitioner present at the time the child is born alive” to “exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child as a reasonably diligent and conscientious health care practitioner would render to any other child born alive at the same gestational age.” It also would require that the child be “immediately transported and admitted to a hospital” following that professional “skill, care, and diligence.” Violators could be fined and/or jailed for up to five years. 

The Bill passed the House of Representatives in the 118th Congress, but, shockingly all but two Democrats voted against it; only one voted for it, the other voted "Present". What does this say about our nation and its rulers? Is this a picture of a government interested in taking care of its most vulnerable citizens? And it pains me that I see very little outcry from the media, church leaders, or the average American about the failure of our government to protect the fundamental right to life. This is not a proposed amendment to our laws that seeks to curb abortion [as much as pro-abortion advocates want to convince you of that]. It is a proposed law that would protect the life a born-alive child from a failed abortion, just as any child born alive from any other circumstance would be rendered medical aid. It is about the sanctity and sacredness of Life!

But I see hope on the horizon! I want to share two testimonies of two men that I admire and respect; men who have chosen to speak out loud and clear on this subject. Victor Marx and Morgan Luttrell are both retired Navy Seals -- men who have seen war and death and have experienced the human condition up close and personal. Victor Marx suffered traumatic torture and sexual abuse as a child, which eventually led to a lifestyle filled with drugs, fighting and theft. It was the discipline of military life, and the faith and love of God that transformed him into the compassionate man he is today. A highly effective segment of our Inner Healing Ministry is fashioned after a teaching he received from a fellow Deliverance Minister. We were able to thank him after receiving a phone call from his staff thanking us for supporting his ministry, All Things Possible. Victor is heavily involved in rescuing children and women from the sex trafficking trade, and is known as a high risk humanitarian with successful missions to Iraq, Syria, North Africa and Southeast Asia – many times in non-permissive and high threat environments, helping orphans and widows. 

Morgan Luttrell is a retired United States Navy Seal and recently elected U.S. Representative for Texas's 8th Congressional District. His website describes him as "A 5th generation Texan raised on a horse ranch. At an early age Morgan learned the importance of hard work, discipline, and personal responsibility. He turned his strong values, deep love for America, and passion for helping others into a career of distinguished service. Like his twin brother, Marcus, [of Lone Survivor fame], Morgan served honorably as a Navy Seal. He was commissioned as a special warfare officer, and served for 14 years before being medically discharged for a severe traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury he experienced in a helicopter crash -- but not before rehabbing, recovering, and returning to the frontline. After retirement, he then created an innovative health and wellness platform to help veterans heal from their physical and psychological injuries. Now he is taking his strong values, deep love for America, and passion for standing up for American ideals to the floor of Congress.

It has been my experience in coming into contact with just a few of our military's special operators, that they like to stay in the background; keeping their opinions to themselves. But I was glad to see these two amazing men speak up publicly about their perspective on the failure of our government to protect the born-alive babies who are products of failed abortions. Keep in mind that these are usually silent men of war, familiar with death, but are now moved to become outspoken on protecting life! And in Morgan's case, he has chosen to sacrifice his well-earned personal life to enter the public arena of politics. And in declaring their thoughts on the vote count for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, both men are now on the battlefield for the spiritual heart of America. Here are their word-for-word testimonies...

Victor Marx: "Many of you know about the bill that was just passed by the Republicans to protect children who survived an abortion. The thing that has us rattled beyond belief is that all the Democrats, but one, voted against it, meaning they're willing for children to die, laying on a cold table, without rendering aid. In my world, in what we do, protecting and saving kids -- that would be considered an evil person". He then showed a horrendous photo of a dead baby covered in flies [about one or two-years old]. "ISIS had killed the parents and then left this little baby by a garbage dump, and it died. I think that this is how people need to see and understand that even what is being done in America is as evil, if not worse. Listen, if you're a pastor, [and] you've been ignorant of this [legislation], you've got to [educate yourself]. But if you know about it and do nothing, then you're a spineless coward. As for the rest of you Democrats, this is wickedness. Pure wickedness".

Morgan Luttrell [seen walking on the Congressional grounds]: "Alright, this is just a quick vote update. Yesterday Republicans passed a Bill out of the House, unanimously, on a pro-life Bill. And the Bill states if a baby survives an abortion, it must be given medical care. Only one Democrat voted for it. And it will go to the Senate and probably won't come out of the Senate for whatever reason. And I understand that Democrats and Republicans are [different from each other] on this topic, but this is what I don't understand... When my teammates and I, and my brothers and sisters in the military, were overseas fighting Al Queda, the Taliban, ISIS ... at any given time -- any given time! -- if an enemy combatant who was actively engaging us, trying to kill us, laid down their weapon and surrendered, we were to treat them humanely. If they were injured; if they were shot; we were to render medical care by law -- By law! [The law] states that any enemy combatant who surrendered was to be given humane medical care and treatment. We did that. Period! Because our country demanded that of us. So you're telling me all but one House Democrat ... they think [in my mind] that those people who would actively go out and kill Christians, women, children, and people of all sexual orientations, they (House Democrats) care more about [our enemy's] health and well-being than an innocent child laying their dying. Somebody please explain that to me! 1320 Longworth (his congressional office). I'll be standing there waiting". 

Now, I will tell you that both men delivered these comments with much more passion than these words that appear on a computer screen. And I am so thankful for Christian men like them who have given so much for the survival of our American ideals. They've both given more than most, and deserve to rest and enjoy the remainder of their lives in peace and solitude. But they have decided they cannot abandon the battlefield yet. They are righteous men who understand that now is the time to stand for Divine Law. They may not put it into words like that, but they are men whose spirits understand that God has revealed to them the way to go to secure His order in caring for His people. And they understand that now is the time to voice our support for God and His Law for the sake of our physical and spiritual survival. Even now, God is working behind the scenes, preparing to bring judgment on both men and nations that defy Him and transgress against His moral and Divine Law. 

For, can a nation whose laws run counter to God's laws expect God to continue to bless that nation [and its people]? Our Lord said, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.". Are we in league with "the thief"?!? Who are we, as men, to deny that abundant life to an innocent child? And that word abundantly [in the Greek] means "superior in quantity and quality; what is above and more; superadded". My soul and spirit cry out in repentance for our nation!

Lord, raise up more men like Victor and Morgan! Let them be Your voice, crying in the wilderness to call us back to You! We repent for our errant and evil ways, and ask you to forgive us. Help us to walk according to Your Spirit, not our flesh. Do not abandon us as we find ourselves on the precipice of destruction, but recognize the righteous hearts among us who fight for your Kingdom and Your Divine Law! Bless us, Lord, and give us Grace. Amen!

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Isaiah 33:15-17    He who walks righteously and speaks with integrity, who rejects gain from fraud and from oppression, who shakes his hand free from the taking of bribes, who stops his ears from hearing about bloodshed and shuts his eyes to avoid looking upon evil; He will dwell on the heights, his place of defense will be the fortress of rocks, his bread will be given him; his water will be permanent. Your eyes will see the King in His beauty; they will see a far-distant land.

June 28, 2022

"The Baby Leaped In The Womb"


We've had a few days to digest the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe V. Wade. This is a momentous decision for the future of our country. I was in college when Roe became law in 1973, and through the years I have become more devastated at the agreement among my fellow women that it is okay to end the life of a child in the womb. I will sadly admit that in my 20s I was cavalier about abortion... I got caught up in the feminist rhetoric, and not knowing Jesus at the time, I gave little consideration to the effect this horrendous law would have on over 60 million babies in our country alone. 

Many of my college acquaintances had abortions; free contraceptives at the University Health Clinic did not stem the tide of the unwanted consequences of casual sex. The freedom to terminate a pregnancy was embraced and even celebrated. It became an accepted method for millions of women as they pursued careers without the hindrance or restraint of raising a child. But I also know that there were millions of other women who had abortions and did not approach it in that dispassionate manner. For them, it was a gut-wrenching decision and one that left an enduring wound on their souls and spirits. That was a time in our nation that Revelation 12:9 describes quite well ... Satan managed to deceive and seduce the entire world on the issue of abortion. He was an accuser and an author of confusion. But I thank the Lord that women who fell for the devil's lies can repent and receive forgiveness from the LORD of Lords. And I pray that they will forgive themselves.

But now we have the Supreme Court decision that overturns Roe v. Wade. And the devil is mad! He has stirred up hatred and vitriol because his lie is being exposed. The Supreme Court Justices took a courageous stand for the Constitution and the rights of the unborn. You see, it is a lie that "fetal tissue" is not a human baby. From ancient times, it has been acknowledged that it is a baby in the womb of an expectant mother. And if you are a Christian and have doubts or question the veracity of that statement, let me give you an answer from God. 

We are all familiar with the story in Luke 1:41 when Mary, the mother of Jesus, comes to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. Scripture says, And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby leaped in her womb. The use of that word "baby" is not accidental. It is the Greek word, Brephos, meaning "unborn baby". The term does not distinguish between a pre-birth or post-birth baby; it was a baby that leaped in Elizabeth's womb. And Jeremiah 1:5 says Jesus knew the prophet from the foundations of the world before He formed Jeremiah in the womb, establishing that what was in the womb was a human being. Same thing goes for Galatians 1:15 which says that God separated Paul from his mother's womb, again confirming that what was in the womb was Paul, a human being. Psalm 139:13-15 also validates that the Lord formed David's parts (intricately and skillfully) in his mother's womb. What is in that womb is clearly identified as David! All this is Biblical evidence that God considers what is in the womb is a living baby.

What those who believe in abortion [including those who call themselves Christians] don't understand is that Satan longs to kill God's creation. Although you may doubt its veracity, let me introduce you to the First Book of Enoch which is a pseudepigraphal text [not included in any canon of Scripture, but referred to by many ancient sources as being the writings of Enoch, the son of Jared, great grandfather of Noah, and father of Methusaleh]. In chapter 69, names of fallen angels and their assignments are revealed. The fifth angel's name is Kasdeja. He is credited with "showing the humans every wicked strike of spirits and of demons, the strike at the embryo in the womb, to miscarry it ...". It describes how demonic spirits can strike at the unborn "like a serpent". As hard as it may be for you to accept, abortion is a demonic act. And I want to refer you to some information I discovered back in 2015, as a current demonstration of that fact.

In 2015, I wrote an article titled, Is There A Connection Between Abortion and Satanism. It is a truly disturbing testimony of abortion as a ritual for Satan by a man who once partook in this satanic/demonic act, and has since repented and become a warrior for Christ. I warn you, his story is chilling and alarming. And if that's too hard to believe, just a couple of days ago, during protests against the Roe v. Wade decision, an angry man is recording telling an investigative reporter that he "f----ing loves killing babies" -- in the voice of a hateful demon! You can watch the video here. I don't share these unsettling pieces of information to shock you, but to show you the underbelly of what this country has endorsed for 50 years! And let me share a personal story that a dear expectant mother shared with me ... she went for an ultrasound and it revealed her baby was asleep. So the technician pushed on her stomach to arouse the baby and the ultrasound showed him crying because he was woke up! How can pro-abortion advocates still declare that this precious child is the property of the woman to be disposed of at her will? 

But I believe God is hearing the prayers of His faithful people and is turning us back to His heart. Just in the last week, we have protected the 2nd Amendment, reversed Roe v. Wade, and safeguarded our religious freedoms [when the Supreme Court voted that it is constitutional for Coach Joe Kennedy to pray publicly on the football field]. That, my friends, can only be the hand of God intervening in our judicial system. Thank you, Father!

And now there is room for hope that we just might have a chance to see our country redeemed and become one nation under God again! But know this: the Enemy will not give up without a fight! So you prayer warriors must continue to pray and storm the heavens for righteousness. We cannot give up! The Enemy knows his time is short -- we all know it, too. So, pray and fast and keep your spiritual armor on. We have won some very important battles, and there are more to be won before our Lord returns! Amen!

Job 33:4      The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.