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May 25, 2022

Can We Keep The Republic?


As an American who understands the founding covenant we made with God over this land, I have always been proud of our history of liberty and freedom. From the first blog post I wrote in December of 2011, to this very day, I have always applauded what this country stood for. I recognize our faults and sins, and I sincerely grieve over our history where we have strayed from the righteous path. But I know there is a spirit that exists in this nation that believes in the fundamental rights of men and women to forge their own destiny. That spirit of Liberty and Freedom comes from God, Himself, and no matter how hard the forces of darkness try to extinguish the flame of independence that ignites this country, it must never be stamped out. 

But it is that very flame of Freedom that the anti-Christ spirit is attempting to smother. I am sure you are well aware that there are those who have been placed in power that believe that the Constitution and the goals of the Founding Fathers for this nation are no longer relevant. They will say that things have changed since white slave-holders determined the form of government we would have. The Constitution should change or be declared invalid. And then there's the comment by Benjamin Franklin, the Pennsylvania delegate to the Constitutional Convention ... as he was leaving Independence Hall, where a crowd had gathered to hear what kind of government the newly formed United States of America would have, a woman approached Franklin and asked, "Well, Doctor, what do we have, a republic or a monarchy?" Franklin replied, "A republic, if you can keep it."

Even Franklin recognized that a form of government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" was a radical idea that had never before succeeded in history. He knew, as did all the Founding Fathers [who had classical educations] that the lessons learned from the Greek and Roman empires proved that a republic is a fragile form of government, easily capable of lapsing into tyranny. So they wrote a Constitution that was described by John Adams as "made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other". Do we still fit that description? There are days I have my doubts, and therefore, it is truly a fragile document upon which our Freedom rests.

As author Eric Metaxas so eloquently writes in his book, If You Can Keep It, “So by itself the Constitution could do very little. What it promised would require the efforts of all those who thenceforth called themselves Americans. It was they who must keep it, the republic and the grand and noble promise of that republic. That is the wonderful, spectacular genius of it all, and the terrible, sobering danger of it all, too. The document and the men who created it put these unimaginably great and fragile things in the hands of the people. So these things—still unimaginably great and fragile—are in our hands now, this minute. We are ourselves, this moment, the keepers of the flame of liberty and the ones charged by Franklin and the other founders and by history past, present, and future with the keeping of this grand promise to the world.”

So, how are we doing at keeping this promise of Liberty and Freedom alive? Here is a quote from then Congressman Ron Paul that I included in a 2012 blog post: "Everyone claims support for Freedom. But too often it’s for one’s own freedom and not for others.  Too many believe that there must be limits on freedom. They argue that freedom must be directed and managed to achieve fairness and equality thus making it acceptable to curtail, through force, certain liberties.  Some decide what and whose freedoms are to be limited.  These are the politicians whose goal in life is power." Congressman Paul also said this, "Our Constitution, which was intended to limit government power and abuse, has failed.  The Founders warned that a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people.  The current crisis reflects that their concerns were justified." Here we are ten years later, and I fear that his concerns have borne fruit and are flourishing. Are we doomed to experience what John Adams wrote to his wife in 1775? ... "A Constitution of government once changed from freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever".

Then there is the matter of our Economic Freedom. Let's consider the three principles that the Declaration of Independence states are "endowed by our Creator: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Life is certainly under assault as the issue of abortion divides our land. Liberty, as the right of citizens to be free [within society] from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views is also being threatened. But what was meant by "Pursuit of happiness?" To early Americans this phrase was known to represent the individual right of every free citizen to own property and pursue a living.  That was "Happiness", and Americans knew it was ours, by the grace of God.

But perhaps more than any other principle, it was the Rule of Law that the Colonists cherished the most.  And the Cato Institute's 2014 Annual Report on The Index of Economic Freedoms sheds an unflattering light on just how much we have neglected that standard.  Per the report, "Protection of persons and their rightfully acquired property is a central element of economic freedom and a civil society. Indeed, it is the most important function of government. The key ingredients of a legal system consistent with economic freedom are rule of law, security of property rights, an independent and unbiased judiciary, and impartial and effective enforcement of the law." That report was issued 8 years ago! Can we truly say that any of these key points are being effectively administered? Our ability to procure happiness among a civilized populace depends on the rule of law to protect us in all avenues of life, including our ability to pursue economic freedom. But the forces of economic chaos [inflation, food supply shortage, higher gas prices, etc.] are threatening the security of all Americans.

It is plain to see that in the nearly two-and-a-half centuries this country has existed, malevolent forces have battered our walls of freedom.  The Republic has so far managed to survive threats from Communism, Socialism and Progressivism; although all have managed to erode the original vision of Ben Franklin and his contemporaries. And it is not hard to see that the wall of freedom is disintegrating as we stand and watch. If you can keep it .... Did they know we would let it slip away?  But could they also conceive that there would be those of us who would recognize that what they accomplished was worth standing for; and that their vision would still burn in the hearts of patriotic souls?  I think Franklin's reply was a subtle warning ... our freedom was not, and is not, guaranteed.  

The Founders knew that men and governments would endeavor to increase their power and control at the expense of our individual freedom because freedom is not the natural state of the world.... But, if, as I suspect, the "Spirit of '76" still exists in our DNA, then I set my sights on the day that we can once again proclaim, as did Oliver Wolcott, a signer of the Declaration of Independence 246 years ago, "It is most evident that this land is under the protection of the Almighty, and that we shall be saved not by our wisdom nor by our might, but by the Lord of Hosts Who is wonderful in counsel and Almighty in all His operations."

 Our Republic has never been more fragile. I pray that God will raise up leaders that return to His will for this country, and that He has not given up on us. I encourage my fellow citizens not to lose faith that He will answer our prayers as we storm Heaven to help us keep the Republic. I still believe this land is under the protection of the Almighty and we definitely won't be saved by our wisdom, but by God Himself! And, by God, we have not lost the republic yet!

1 Peter 2:16     "[Live] as free people, [yet] without employing your freedom as a pretext for wickedness; but [live at all times] as servants of God."

Having lived near Uvalde, TX for 7 years, and having many dear friends who live there, my heart is grieving for the latest tragedy in which so many children, along with their teachers died. I am gathering my thoughts and want to be intentional [not rushing] on my comments before I post. Stay tuned... 


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