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September 9, 2020

Ekklesia, Covid, and The Separation of Church & State

I know the title of this post sounds like incompatible pieces to a mismatched jigsaw puzzle. But let me see if I can tie it all together. Today, I asked the Lord what He wanted me to write about and He brought these disparate and distinct topics to mind. I mean, what do Covid and the separation of church and state have to do with each other? Nothing that I could see until He showed me that His Ekklesia is to relate to both.

Here's how it all fits together... Let me begin with Covid. Our nation has been in the grips of Covid-19 since mid-March. This pandemic has literally stopped us in our tracks. All of us have been affected by it and it has dramatically changed the nature of this country. I don't believe we will ever be the same country as we were at the dawn of 2020. And while many may mourn this notion, I actually join with those who discern that God is using what Satan meant for evil to accomplish a Godly reset ... if we will cooperate with Him. 

You see, many Christians were forced to be separated from their Church buildings and Church families by the lockdowns imposed by state and federal governments. For some, who were willing to see and hear from the Lord, they were shown not only the emptiness of their buildings, but the emptiness and shallowness of the message about God inside those buildings. They discovered they were actually hungry for something they had not tasted -- the fullness of the Word of God and true interaction with the Holy Spirit. Being forced to isolate, they learned the value of true intimacy with the Lord and their spirits were awakened to what a true relationship with their Savior looked and felt like. 

Not content to wait for the doors of the Church building to open up again, and dissatisfied with online sermons that did not ignite their hearts and spirits, small groups and home churches have begun forming in a new dynamic; they are discovering and experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit to stimulate change and progress in their walk with Christ. They are learning the power of intimate prayer with each other, and the profound and personal connection of taking communion as a bonded body of believers. Returning to the old paradigm and model of "Church" might not seem so attractive.

And so I see that Covid-19, meant for evil by the devil, has become a transformative agent for personal revival. And this is the kind of revival that I think the Lord has had in mind -- one believer at a time until the fullness of His remnant to discharge the purpose of the Ekklesia within the Body of Christ becomes a reality. As I have long espoused, Jesus never said He would build His "Church", but an Ekklesia, and it would rest on the foundation of His teachings and authority and power. We, as committed Believers are to be agents of His kingdom government to transform earth to resemble the kingdom of Heaven.

And like Jesus, we are to continually encourage people to change their way of thinking [Repent!] because the Kingdom of God has arrived -- there is a new kingdom come; with a new way of ruling; and He intends for us to be His legislative body; called to defeat the gates [ruling power] of the one who has ruled with the power of Death. Furthermore, He is giving us the key of authority to open or close [loose or bind] God's heavenly principles on the earth, thereby offering Jesus as the gate [or doorway] into the kingdom of God. Jesus perfectly models for us God's design to establish His people, in His place, under His rule. 

And this is where the Ekklesia intersects with the concept of "Separation of Church and State". This nation has been deceived for too long on the idea that we were founded with the belief that Faith and Government are to be separated in our lives. How many of us have grown up with the wrong ideology that religion and politics don't mix? Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, this concept of "separation" has been wrongly applied to the First Amendment, whose purpose in the "establishment" and "free exercise" clauses concerning religion were meant to ensure both that the government does not show preference to a certain religion and that the government does not take away an individual’s ability to exercise religion. 

But here's where Ekklesia busts down that counterfeit wall of separation! Our faith is supposed to interface with government. As ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, we are to influence the laws of this nation to reflect the moral laws God has instituted in Heaven. Because we have acted as "the Church" instead of "the Ekklesia", we have allowed a man-made government model to supersede God's intended heavenly model on earth, and to suppress our role as righteous legislators of God's law. We have stood silent and subdued while prayer to God was removed from our schools; while abortion became the law of the land; and God's definition of marriage was subverted and corrupted. We have allowed human trafficking to become a $150 billion a year business -- with $99 billion from commercial sexual exploitation -- without demanding that our lawmakers stop this evil industry. We have believed the lie that our faith has no place in man's government, and that we are to follow the laws of that government without interference.

It's time we walk in our identity! We were created to represent God in all facets of our life. Our politics should reflect the righteousness and principles of a Biblical worldview. And  our government should reflect God's nature, His will, His purpose for mankind, and His Heavenly Kingdom model. And Christians should be heavily involved in all of that! The Ekklesia needs to walk in its moral authority; we need to be praying fervently for God to heal our land and change the hearts of all who are standing at the gates of hell. 

Covid-19 is a diversion, and so is all the violence stemming from social injustice and the upcoming election. We have been essentially neutered from involvement in our worldly government. Satan has been effective in using them to get us to act out of our humanity. Let's stand up and show him who we really are! We are citizens of Heaven who rule from spiritual authority given to us explicitly by our Father in Heaven. And we are here to defeat the schemes and strategies of our spiritual enemies and establish our Father's government on earth, as it is in Heaven. We are throwing off the false identity of being the Church and putting on our kingly and priestly robes and ruling earth as Heaven is ruled. We praise you Father for all you are doing in the midst of the chaos. We trust You as you strengthen and fortify us to be the Ekklesia! Amen!

2 Timothy 2:15   Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.  

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