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June 12, 2020

The Mind of Christ Will Lead You To Truth!

     There are times when I run across a voice that expresses a concept so eloquently and effectively, that I can do no better than to let them speak for themselves. Such is the case with Mack Major, a Christian author, who recently posted the following on his Facebook page. Mr. Major is part of a Christian media group called Eden Decoded which speaks against the demonic-inspired sexualization of America by the media. This particular Facebook post addresses the recent events that have dominated our country over the last few weeks. And in full disclosure, Mr. Mack is a black man, so it is not only interesting to get his perspective, but we can learn and gain further insight from him.
     Regardless of your political affiliation, race, gender, or however you define yourself, please read the entire article. This is not an attempt to vilify any race of people. It is not meant as a political statement. It transcends what the world is showing us to encourage you to dig deeper into the spiritual deception. And it emphasizes that we do not fight against flesh and blood, but the spiritual darkness fomented by the Anti-Christ spirit. I hope you find his viewpoint as informative as I did...  [Posted on June 9, 2020].

      If you've been following my page for any length of time, you know that I deal with two main issues above all others: how the spirit world works, and issues that mainly effect black Americans. It's only logical being that I'm both a Christian and a black American. 
     Over the past week since the death of George Floyd I have used my page to try and get folks to think. Especially black Christians. Christians above all others are called to be wise and astute. Our brains have to function at a higher level than others. 
     We cannot allow ourselves to be sucked down into the depths of stupidity, idiotic thought patterns or unproductive ways of thinking similar to the world. We have to be above the fray, so to speak, and impervious to deception.
     There were many things that didn't sit well with me with the George Floyd death and the subsequent reactions that took place. I immediately smelled something was not right with the timing, the video footage that was shown and looped across social media, and the immediate calls to anger and protest. 
     We were supposed to believe the events that followed happened organically; but somehow it all felt too coordinated. And it was.
     This has been corroborated by various independent phone footage taken during the riots and protests, that show people planting piles of bricks days before the protests/riots started happening.
     Footage also showed people dressed as law enforcement destroying cop cars, telling people to spray paint 'Black Lives Matter' onto walls, randomly attacking peaceful protesters while ignoring the violent ones causing the chaos. A lot of disturbing stuff is starting to come forward letting us know these events were not only planned, but also coordinated at the highest levels. 
     The real issue we face today isn't cops vs black people. It's not black vs white. The real issue is America vs Satan. To be more specific, its American CHRISTIANS vs MASONS. 
     As a believer you MUST understand how principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and how spiritual wickedness in high places operate. They don't just operate randomly. They operate through human vessels. "We are not fighting against humans. We are fighting against forces and authorities and against rulers of darkness and powers in the spiritual world. " Ephesians 6:12 - Contemporary English Version.
                        Ba'al, Cannanite god             Look familiar?                            
     In our world today, Satan's foot soldiers, his feet on the ground so to speak, are the various branches of different masonic orders that all interlink and interconnect in various levels of government and industry. That doesn't mean all of government is evil. 
     The Bible tells us that government has been ordained by God. But like most other things including the Christian church, government has also been infiltrated by satan's agents; and they're working overtime to sow chaos and destruction in order to enthrone the Evil One over the world via the form of some anti-Christ figure. This was all exposed at length in the Book of Revelation and Book of Daniel in the Bible.
     Either you're going to believe the Bible when it says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, or not. But if you claim the fight is spiritual, why are you resorting to getting into your flesh whenever something happens in the physical realm? OPEN YOUR EYES! The masons have been around for centuries. Their stated goal going back to old Europe was to overthrow monarchies and displace kings who were loyal to Christendom, in order to establish governments under the auspices of Lucifer. And for the clueless: Lucifer is Satan. 
     They were successful at doing this with the French Revolution, where the ruling class and nobility of France were hunted down, rounded up and publicly executed by mobs of citizens that were whipped into a frenzy by masons hidden among them. 
     Remember the Occupy Wall Street movement? It had similar elements to it as the French Revolution where the rich were demonized, because its the same satanic group behind it. None of this mess is organic; it's all highly organized. All one has to do is research a bit to see.
     Many of the founding fathers who signed the Constitution were masons. Not all though. Majority of the non-masons were also against slavery, and lobbied to have slavery outlawed in the Constitution from the beginning. It is factually untrue that America was racist from its beginning. Only certain people were; and they were mostly masons. The irony is that most of you reading this currently support them with your votes, even though it nets you absolutely nothing for doing so.
     It was the masonic faction in America that were your slave-holders, and who caused the Civil War. Did you know there use to be an anti-mason political party in America? Google it. They had a short run as a party, and their whole platform was to make sure masons were exposed and kept out of positions of power in government. They eventually got rolled into the Republican Party. Many of its most prominent members became known later as the Radical Republicans. They're the ones who successfully pushed Reconstruction through Congress after the Civil War, ensuring that black people had access to voting power that lead to a temporary renaissance in the south.
     Since blacks at the time only voted Republican, the Democrats and masons formed the KKK to force black people to stop voting. I don't have time to go in depth into all this in a FB post. But you can find plenty of info online and elsewhere on the subject of masons; including in some of my ebooks.
     One of the elements of society where masons have successfully infiltrated are federal, state and local law enforcement. Don't believe me? Ever hear of the Fraternal Order of Police? They're considered a lodge; which are what local masonic groups are known as. And their members include cops across the country. So when you see rogue cops 'randomly' killing black people, you must look deeper than your emotions and your allegiance to your flesh. Time to put on your thinking caps and start using those spiritual eyes. Ask yourselves: Are they affiliated with the FOP? How many other excessive force or disciplinary cases have they been involved in prior to this incident? 
     The overwhelming majority of police officers are law abiding, honest and hardworking cops who show up, risk their lives and safety to do their jobs. And its often a thankless job. But there is an element within their ranks, albeit small yet highly organized who are actively sowing discord with black communities around the country by stupid senseless acts of violence designed to inflame black passions and cause chaos, strife and destruction. And they are masons.
     Why does the media only highlight police killing black people? Did you know that twice as many unarmed hispanics and sometimes even more unarmed whites are killed by police officers too? Yet the media NEVER highlights those stories? Google Tony Timpa if you don't believe me. He was killed almost identically as Floyd; yet no big media coverage. Because he was white. 
     The media is also in on this agenda to destabilize America via anarchy and distrust in law enforcement. Masons are in the media too! In fact, they've successfully infiltrated every element of society today. This is what Trump keeps referring to as the DEEP STATE. 
     The deep state is really masons operating through different elements of government and society to push their agenda - which is to destabilize America through chaos and discord in order to usher in their NWO. And the NWO is when Satan temporarily takes over EVERYTHING. It will be the worst time of chaos on Earth if allowed to happen. That's the end game. And that's what this is really all about.
     I personally believe George Floyd's death was supposed to be a catalyst to jump off nationwide chaos to bring this about. I believe they had plans to use Ahmaud Arbery's case before him; but since it happened right before COVID lockdown hit, it didn't get the attention they hoped it would to cause enough protests, riots and destruction.
     How many of you knew that George Floyd was a Mason? So was his father; so are his brothers. Also, many of the cities where these riots broke out are run by black Democrats. And most of them are masons too: Prince Hall masons: the black version of the white masonic order. 
     A lot of the black mayors and DA's, etc, are Eastern Stars: the female affiliation of the Prince Hall masons. Many of them are also BGLO's: Black Greek Letter Organization members, which I talked about at length in my ebook Hedonism. These are your black Greek fraternities and sororities that are directly interlinked with the masons. 
     It's no wonder that almost all of your so-called black leaders have sworn memberships in these organizations. Including Farrakhan. And its little wonder why so much of this police violence against black citizens take place in cities run by these masonic-connected affiliates. 
     We are being played. Well, not we, but many of YOU are. I stay in the loop because I'm a constant student. I don't assume that I already know everything, and it keeps me humble enough to learn. Which enables me to share to enlighten others. 
     Don't just blindly trust the narrative being shown. Know that there are agents among us. And they are sworn by oath to do the bidding of the organizations they serve before doing what's necessarily right by the people. And those organizations ultimately serve Satan.   
     I'm sure by now that your head is spinning. This is information that the average American is unaware of, and the average Christian has no idea of. But having spent a lot of time researching Freemasonry and its iniquity in generational lines, I know that Mr. Mack has hit a nerve. Did you know that the highest levels of North American Masons take oaths to Allah and Lucifer? That they are sworn to secrecy about their initiation rites and heap curses upon their families should they ever break the secret oaths? 
     Yet many will despise what Mack Major has revealed because their beloved father or grandfather was a Mason, and a deacon in the Church, so it is unimaginable that they could ever be a part of such an organization. But with Lucifer as their Lodge's spiritual guide, these men [and women] are offered wealth, power, and position -- the very temptations that Satan offered Jesus if He would simply bow down and worship and serve him. 
     Some people start out innocently enough, just looking for "brotherhood" and an opportunity to network to improve their business standing. But as they climb the ladder of degrees in the lodge, the evil intentions are revealed and the lust for power is often too much to ignore. So, I invite you to do your own research on this organization and how it has infested every vestige of our culture -- from entertainment to politics to business to, yes, even the Church. As hard as it is to wrap your head around Mr. Major's theory, I implore you to pray on it and ask the Lord if he speaks truth. Then you will know the way to pray... and our prayers need to be more powerful than the evil that is roaming the earth in these days.  
     And I want to take it one step further .... as Americans, we are appalled at the scenes of our historic monuments being defaced and torn down. But let me ask you to consider this... the Confederate generals and George Washington were Masons. Could it be that God is making a statement with the lightning hitting the Washington Monument and cleaning our land from its Masonic roots? Could it be that what Satan meant for evil [through the actions of men tearing down the statues], God is using for His good? Just a thought. There is so much happening in the spirit these days that we must be vigilant!

Psalm 26:4-5      I do not sit with men of falsehood, nor do I consort with hypocrites [who defraud with hidden motives]. I hate the assembly of evildoers, and I will not sit with the wicked.  

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