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April 25, 2016

Satan and Politics: A New Revolution?

     If you are like me, this whole political cycle is becoming tedious.  I do not happen to believe that we can change the direction of this country -- or the world, for that matter -- with a political solution. I believe our problems are much bigger than the contested Republican convention that is predicted; or the scandal over Hillary's emails, Benghazi, and the threats to national security.  I have huge doubts about the ability of any newly-elected President to turn around our failing economy, our immigrant/border problem, or the encroachment upon our national sovereignty by any foreign powers or global institution.  I think our problems are the result of our spiritual deterioration; our rebellion and rejection of God; and the doors we have opened to Satanic influence in our homes, our culture, and our churches.  In short, watching Fox News or CNN to get the latest political update seems like I'm watching a carefully scripted mockery of the delusion that we have any say in the future of this nation.
     That bit of pessimism aside, my always alert husband discovered an article he thought worthy of our discussion.  I read it, at first, with a sense of sad amusement -- that people could be so deceived as to actually be a follower of such nonsense -- but that was soon replaced with the very real sense that there are people who are hopelessly lost, and convenient tools of the dark side of this world.  Let me explain....
     This all may seem laughable, and unrealistic, but keep in mind that Satan seeks to enter all facets of our lives, and politics is a very impressionable and powerful subculture of our society.  And we have a generation of dissatisfied, alienated, and discontented youth who, like every generation before them, think that they have the solution for the "perfect revolution" to change the world.  It's just that in this time of history, the Enemy has done away with subtle and muted messages, and is openly identifying himself as an alternative choice -- even in politics.
The Satanic Temple performs a satanic ritual at
the Michigan State Capitol in December 2015
     So, you may be familiar with the organization known as The Satanic Temple.  They have made their presence known by demanding the same religious rights and privileges afforded to Christianity.  You may recall their campaigns to create satanic coloring books for distribution in schools in Florida and Colorado; bids to erect satanic “nativity scenes” on government property in Florida, Michigan and Indiana; offering prayers to Satan at a high school football game in Seattle; and demanding that a monument to the Ten Commandments at the Oklahoma State Capitol be accompanied by a monument to Baphomet (a goat-headed idol associated with witches' sabbaths).
     I've always assumed that they saw themselves as an alternative "religion".  But you should know that the foundation of their "movement" is political, and they have stated as such on their website:  "The Satanic Temple (TST) facilitates the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individual liberty."  It is obvious they aim to make their presence known in politics!
     Their latest attempt to influence the political culture in this country came at South by Southwest (SXSW), an annual set of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas.  This event started out as a forum for talented, new, and independent artists, and as far as I'm concerned, has attracted far too many of the "fringe" and "bizarre" types.  But they open the venue to anyone, so what better place for The Satanic Temple to present a unique political message to the masses.
     First, you need to know that the TST political campaign involves the 2016 movie, "The Witch", a tale of a Puritan family turning on each other as they attempt to root out the supernatural evil plaguing their farm.  The film won the award for best director at the Sundance Film Festival – and even frightened horror master Stephen King, which is quite a feat, and enough to keep me from ever seeing it.  But the important fact, here, is that The Satanic Temple combined forces with A24 Studios, to promote a four-city tour called The Sabbat Cycle, which consisted of screenings of the film followed by politically driven satanic rituals.  I kid you not!  The stated goal of The Sabbat Cycle was to inspire a “satanic revolution.”  That got your attention, didn't it?
     Revolutions have always been about rebelling against the status quo, and who better than Satan, the first leader of an organized rebellion, to represent a burgeoning political movement?  But I think you should know exactly what The Sabbat Cycle is all about.  Obviously, it is meant to denigrate the Sabbath, a holy day as designated by God.  But in satanism it is also a supposed annual midnight meeting of witches with the Devil.  If you dare, you can click on this link to the website, but if you would rather skip the disgusting photos, then I can clue you in on their purpose and plan.  Here is the official mission statement:  "Inspired by the film The Witch, The Satanic Temple crossed the nation February 2016 to present a four-part cycle of interactive performances to reify the witch (to make something abstract more concrete or real) - and herald a new Satanic American era. A study of the pathology of religious hysteria, The Witch provides a glimpse into a dark period of our collective history, a  puritanical worldview turned parasitic.  Despite the mythology, supernatural forces do not inspire an attraction to the left hand path, rather it is the unnatural pressures of theocracy that ultimately produce a Satanic breakthrough. This is a timely film.  Nearly four-hundred years after the first execution of an American "witch," many in our nation still call for the establishment of an American theocracy and a return to the puritanical delusions of old.   In the face of relentless persecution, of unjust authority treading on our private, intellectual and sexual lives, we, the outsiders, the freethinking, and the godless have found ourselves strengthened.  We act now to righteously assert our American freedoms, for the edification of our communities and the future of the private citizen.  The Sabbat Cycle mirrors phases of "becoming" in the personal road to Satanism and is an invitation to join us in the Satanic Revolution."
     And to become part of this satanic political revolution, they apparently feel it is necessary to perform a satanic ritual.  You can read the full description, as provided by a reporter who decided to witness it for himself.  But here's the shortened version:  After viewing the film, the participants adjourned to a nearby bar where the entire area was adorned in black-and-white American flags, just like the ones that everybody in the room received as they entered. As all of this went down, a sermon played over loudspeakers, as a Christian minister described what Satan wanted from his followers—"Satan wants you to do what you want to do," a point that apparently both sides of the Jesus/Satan divide can agree on—while what the reporter described as "a punishing ambient soundscape provided by British electronic music weirdos Consumer Electronics" droned in the background.
     Then the head priestess or witch, whose name, believe it or not, is Jex Blackmore, came out from behind her black shroud and gave her own sermon.   "Who taught you to be ashamed?" and declaring that "satanism is the rational assertion of aggressive individualism." A naked couple, who were part of the show, got hoods draped over their heads, then removed them to chug down containers full of wine (supposed to represent blood). People in the crowd rushed to the front of the stage.  The priestess culminated her sermon by declaring, "We do not seek followers, we are seeking collaborators—individuals for a satanic alliance!" Then she instructed those collaborators to place their black-and-white flags outside of crisis pregnancy centers and the Texas governor's mansion. She ended the sermon by shouting "Hail Satan!" and raising her fist into the devil-horn sign, which the majority of the crowd of a hundred or so fired back, chanting "Hail Satan!" along with her, over and over again.
     Now, this might seem like an absurd exhibition, but we must never assume that it was nonproductive.  Anytime anyone praises Satan, or glorifies him, or honors him with worship, you can bet that our Enemy will take advantage of it and push his agenda.  He will use these willing dupes to present himself as a legitimate alternative to the religion of Christianity, as well as a genuine and different choice in the political arena.  But we must not forget that it is always a counterfeit option.  It is a false promise.
     Ms. Blackmore embraces her position as witch/political activist with relish. She sees the collaboration with the film, The Witch, as an opportunity to get more people involved and hasten their political revolution. She, along with the organization she represents (The Satanic Temple) want to challenge the popular belief that America is a “Christian nation.”  Seems like there are a lot of people in politics that hold that same belief system.  Can groups like TST and their occultic entourage change the landscape of our political consciousness?
     Are you willing to bet that they can't?  We have to face the fact that our culture and the nation's underlying foundation of the Christian Church has certainly changed in the last decade.  And Millennials now outnumber us Baby Boomers.  They don't see the big picture the way we do.  And if their picture doesn't include the reflection of God in their lives, their homes, our society, or our government, then they are inevitably ripe for deception and a counterculture that TST offers them.  We saw it happen in the 60s, when the youth of this nation forged new ideas of free sex, while protesting against the government, affluence, war, and any and all authority.
     Authority ... isn't that what Satan rebelled against, too?  God's Authority?  And now the youth of this nation openly hail God's Adversary by name.  But now that rebellion is moving from the religious sphere into the political arena, where the Bible tells us that Satan is ruler of this world.  Up to now, he has been able to work in relative obscurity -- most people are unaware that he is actually called the Prince of this world.  But now it appears as though he is coming out of the shadows and into full view amidst the corrupt, criminal, and immoral political landscape.  He should feel right at home.  And  now,  he's ready to get in the race.  Most of our spiritually protective walls have been torn down, and we already see the evidence of him winning court battles in Florida, Oklahoma, Colorado, Michigan, and Indiana.  When satanic rituals are allowed to be held in public, and are directed toward members of our government, then I fear that we have sealed our doom.  We are witnessing an unholy pact, and God help us!

Romans 1:32    "Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them."


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