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December 16, 2015

New Definitions of "Church"

     It's been ten years since we've seen such glorification of the Star Wars movie franchise.  Apparently, the latest episode of the movie epic has broken all kinds of records for advance ticket sales.  You might be asking, "Why should this be of any interest to us?  Aren't there more important things that should occupy our minds?"  Well, did you know that there is actually a religion inspired by the fictional warriors who battle the Dark Side?  It is called the Church of Jediism.  I kid you not!
     Although Jediism started as a joke when people listed it as their religion during the 2001 census, the organization (which takes itself seriously) now lists 250,000 members, with an alleged 1,000 members signing up daily as excitement built toward the release of the latest movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
     So, what exactly does the Church of Jediism promote?  Its followers say that it is “a set of philosophies based on focusing, learning and becoming one with the Force”.  Of course, my first question is what do they define as "the Force"?  Apparently, it is “a unifying energy, which everything exists within, around and always returns to.”  That sounds harmless enough -- until it isn't.  In other words, anytime a person opens themselves up to worshipping anything, there is danger of it becoming a false idol, or god, and it becoming "charged" by the real Dark Side.
     The founders of the Church of Jediism claim that they do not believe the Star Wars films to be real, and say, “Although Jediism was inspired by the beliefs of the fictional Jedi, we do not believe the Star Wars films – they are entirely fictional.“  Be that as it may, you better believe that those who are deluded enough to actually sign up as members of this "Church" believe they are following an actual "faith", and the Enemy is only too happy to step through that open door that has been opened.
     You see, there is a ten-week training course involved in becoming a member of the organization, and meditation is a key tenet.  The "Church" actually says, “Our minds are like sponges which soak up information daily.  In order to keep our minds 'clean', we must 'rinse' them of negative Force.”  But anytime there is a vacuum, something will fill that space, so what is replacing the "negative Force"?
     The first clue that following this philosophy is a false religion is that a belief in God is optional. The group says: “There are no strict rules in Jediism, as we believe in freedom and so joining the Church of Jediism would not pose any restrictions on your life. “  Oh, I get it ... you can believe in anything!  And things like morality and righteousness and holiness are all subject to interpretation.  This may all seem like silliness to you, but I guarantee that there are those who will see themselves as "disciples" of this "Church", and there are spiritual entities that are only too happy to lead them down a false path.
     While the Church of Jediism may never gain a strong foothold in the American conscious, we better be paying attention to the legitimacy being given to the Church of Satan.  Lisa Ling, an actress and self-appointed reporter, appeared on an episode of CNN's This is Life to present her analysis of a story where a woman viewed Satanists as defenders of "civil rights" and joined their group because, as a mother, she blamed the "imposition of Christian values" at school for her gay son committing suicide.
The True Church
Ling actually had the audacity to say that she visited a Satanic temple and they do not literally worship Satan.  Rather, according to her "wisdom", "More than anything, they really are kind of a political action group, and they exist to protest the imposition of what they say are Judeo-Christian values on our political system, in our politics, and in public life."  And here's where she is an exceptionally useful tool for that very Satan she says isn't being worshipped:  "And, interestingly enough, even though this group has chosen Satan as the head of it, a lot of these issues right now, the idea of respecting people of other faiths, especially during this time, a lot of these issues are relevant right now because there's a lot of scrutinization of people who espouse different beliefs, if you know what I'm talking about. So, even though this group is trying to use one symbol, really they're trying to get people in this country to recognize and appreciate people of all different faiths."
     CNN then gives more legitimacy to Ling and her ridiculous claims by allowing her to report on a Satanic temple member named Michael, who had constructed a "Snake-tivity" symbol using a snake to represent Lucifer.  Michael had sought to display it next to a Nativity Scene outside the Michigan state capitol.  The degree to which Ling is being deceived can be recognized in this statement:  "As a skilled artist, Michael is now using his craft to stand with the temple and their fight for religious freedom. When the Michigan state capitol put up a Nativity scene during Christmas time, the Satanic temple placed their own symbol of faith on the state capitol lawn. And Michael helped design it."  Then, Michael, the self-proclaimed Satanist, shows the audience what he believes as truth:  "The snake itself is to be representative of Lucifer when he chose to lead man to knowledge in the Garden of Eden. We support the idea of Lucifer as a metaphorical figure and his influence on man."  (If you want to see Michael's heretical work of art, you can click here.  I do not want to promote it on my blog).
      But here is the real tragedy of this ridiculous story... Michigan state lawmakers approved a request by Christians who wanted to erect a Nativity scene at the Capitol. The caveat? Because no permanent displays are allowed on Capitol grounds someone would have to set up and tear down the Nativity scene each day. That person never came forward!  The Satanic Temple, on the other hand, did have people willing to put in the work each day.  And therefore, the profane image of a snake wrapped around the Satanic cross, and presenting a book as a holiday gift, will appear on the lawn of the state capitol during this holiday season.
     Furthermore, the false church of Satan promotes this sacrilegious display by declaring, "Just as the Nativity represents a mythology of the birth of Christ, the Snake is symbolic of the birth of human enlightenment and liberation. Happy Holidays from The Satanic Temple of Detroit!"
     So, as you can see, the idea of "Church" has been corrupted in our modern culture.  Its original context was clearly defined by Christ as a group of people called out by Him for a special purpose; a new society of which Jesus was the founder and which was knit together by the closest spiritual bonds.  To be called His "Church" means that we have received the Divine call to partake of the blessings of the redemption and salvation offered by His sacrifice on the Cross.
     But as Michael, the Satanist, spoke on CNN, now the idea of "Church" can be defined anyway one desires:  "Other religions can be accepted as well, and have their own displays. There can't be one dominating voice to all the voices (my emphasis)."  Lisa Ling then goes on to exploit the whole litany of "tolerance" and "acceptance" of all religions, and espouses that this group is just "trying to use one symbol, really they're trying to get people in this country to recognize and appreciate people of all different faiths."   She says this politically correct garbage, while at the same time, she promotes her special The Belief of Satanists, in which she is only too happy to promote the Satanic Temple as a new religious movement, where followers believe devoutly in the seven tenets of the Satanic Temple. "But they don't actually believe in the Devil or Satan or any other deity."  Sure, Lisa!
     But before I leave this sad and tragic topic, I would like to point out to Michael, the Satanic "artist", and Lisa Ling, the deceived "reporter", that there IS one dominating voice among all the voices.  And it is not the god of Jediism, or the deceitful snake who offers his false gift of knowledge.  It is the voice of Yahweh, the One True God.  His sheep hear His voice.  He knows them and we follow Him.  All those other voices that you want to let in and give equal time to will just lead you astray.  Take my word for it.  Better yet, take His Word and hear it!

John 8:47    "Whoever is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God."

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