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October 13, 2015

What Is Bill Gates Up To Now?

     As if we didn't have enough to worry about concerning the younger generation, it looks as if a new form of propagandizing has captured the impressionable minds and hearts of our youth.  We're all aware of the issues surrounding Agenda 21 -- climate change, sustainable living, global equality, etc. -- and how through social media and the internet, our kids are being convinced that we, of the older generations, are just not keeping up with the times.  In other words, they are being subtly convinced that they know more than their parents, and that they are so much more enlightened and compassionate.  In fact, the world would be a better place if everyone just conformed to a one-world standard and got rid of any individual expression of liberty or self-determination.
     So, the latest cause to turn your kids and grandkids heads is an offshoot of the many Agenda 21 programs called Global Citizen Nights.  As reported by Dave Hodges, Bill and Melinda Gates have designed Global Citizen Nights to lure in children and young adults by having them engage in some kind of community service with regard to the globalist agenda (e.g. biking vs driving, water conservation, etc.). In exchange for their good deeds, the participating teens will earn points and then be able to exchange their “globalist points” for high valued items such as concert tickets. 
     The kids are told that “Bill Gates recognizes that individuals have diverse passions and offers the Global Citizen network as one where, ‘some people…will pick women’s reproductive rights, some will pick agriculture. And then there are NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in each of those areas that you can volunteer for, give money to, and feel connected.”  But here's the deal, this kind of disinformation makes kids think they are making a free-will choice to "help the planet", yet in reality, they are being conditioned to give personal servitude to causes managed and directed by the government.
     To see just how cunning and pervasive this propaganda is, kids are sent tweets, emails and Facebook messages encouraging them to get involved in these UN mandated programs. The targeted teens are given choices to be involved in such “worthy” endeavors as Sustainability, Food and Hunger, Water and Sanitation, Health (i.e. vaccines), Women and Girls (i.e. reproduction issues and negative population growth), Education (i.e. Common Core), and Ebola Action Center  (Hodges makes this sardonic point: And you thought we were done with Ebola).
     As an example of the emotional appeal for this initiative, just consider how the organization describes itself on its website:  "Global Citizen is a community of people like you. People who want to learn about and take action on the world’s biggest challenges—and use their power to get other people involved too.  We bring you stories and actions that make a difference ... That help fight extreme poverty and inequality around the world, and support approaches that will make life more sustainable for people and the planet.  Unlock your power. Join the movement!  Become a Global Citizen."  
     Then they follow up with a "I Am A Global Citizen" oath:  I believe that 1 billion people living in extreme poverty is unfair and unjust.  For the first time in history, we have the power to end this.  Everyone, everywhere should be able to survive and thrive, 
and I will play my part to make this happen.  
     But that's not all!  They offer a pledge of real power and impact:  In 2015 we stand at the turning point for the future of people and the planet.  World leaders are setting the global goals that will be the roadmap for how we’ll tackle poverty, inequality and climate change.  Standing together with partners from across the Action/2015 coalition, we can make sure these are good goals, and that our leaders follow through on their promises.  More than a million global citizens have already unlocked their power. Will you join us?

      Can you see how this might galvanize our naive, idealistic youth into thinking they are making a difference in the world, while building a coalition of youth who are indoctrinated into the New World Order's political strategy?  In his article, Hodges likens them to the Nazi's Hitler Youth organization.  He may be closer to the truth, than not.
     But let's be honest, here.  What kid isn't going to fall for earning points and free concert tickets, while believing that they are contributing to a higher cause?  And these concerts, by the way, feature such globalist advocates as BeyoncĂ©, Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Ed Sheeran, Leonardo DiCaprio, Salma Hayek; with videotaped appearances by Bono of U2, UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, Bill and Melinda Gates (of course); along with dignitaries and heads of state from around the world .... attendees are fully immersed in the globalist rhetoric and garbage.  I have to give it to them; it's a clever and intoxicating way to hook the kids.
     But here's perhaps the biggest (and scariest) tactic of all.  They preach to the kids that they should not be a generation of bystanders; the message is to take action.  And one of the central themes of the Global Citizen Nights is the deliberate denigration of national sovereignty (e.g. “sovereignty is so 20th century").  As an offshoot of Agenda 21, Global Citizen Nights combines nicely with a UN program called the Global Biodiversity Assessment (GBA) of the State of the Earth.  This 1140-page document armed UN leaders with "the ecological basis and moral authority" they needed to validate their global management system.  The crux of their assessment was that too many nations and societies "denied sacred attributes to nature" -- that's code language for blaming Judeo-Christian religious traditions for usurping the worship of nature and Mother Earth.  In other words, we Christians are to blame for the sorry state of the world because our faith does not include worshiping "sacred and venerated Nature.”
     You probably have not heard about Global Citizen Nights or the Global Citizen Festivals.  Why would you?  It is not aimed at you.  It is specifically directed towards changing the mindset and hearts of our youth away from individualized thinking and the sovereignty of our nation, while denigrating Christianity as a false religion that is harmful to the planet.  Sounds crazy and illogical, doesn't it?  But their strategy is working, and now they are building an army of youth that believe every word of it.  Please engage with your children and grandchildren.  Make sure they know God's Truth and the importance of our American values.  They are being urged to take deliberate action --- but make sure they are not impassioned lemmings, rushing headlong to their own destruction.

Mark 8:36    "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?"


  1. I'm not surprised.

  2. There is a powerful move afoot to form the one world government with the one world religious system that has the very ecumenical Catholic church at its head, led by the very ecumenical pope Francis. We as believers can look up because our redemption draws nigh. Even so come Lord Jesus!


  3. There are 2 beasts in Revelation, the 10 horned 7 headed beast that comes from the sea representing the one world government (U.N.) who the Antichrist will rule. Later we are told that the sea represents people so the first beast is one of human organization.

    The second beast comes from the ground and has 2 lamb horns (look at the symbol for ICANN) it is technology that enslaves humanity. All information about us are already tied up on computers which are tied together by the internet forming this technology beast. Again the false prophet convinces everybody to get the 666 mark or USB type B jack connection (note 600, 60,6 in Hebrew looks like a square a circle a rectangle put them inside each other and who la A USB Socket). Whose operating system are most of the population using and businesses, who is trying to get everybody electronically connected to the banks in the poor countries, same person that is bring the Global Citizen Nights.

    As far as the Pope goes he may come under the Authority of the Antichrist (remember Jesus is king of kings and the High priest so the Antichrist will mimicked Jesus and also be king of kings and the High Priest of all religion on this sinful world).