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August 16, 2015

Proverbs 4:20-22

My son, attend to My words; 
consent and submit to My sayings.
Let them not depart from your sight; 
keep them in the center of your heart.
For they are life to those who find them, 
healing and health to all their flesh.

     The Scripture for today's post was suggested by my husband, who is reading a little book by the late Derek Prince, noted Bible teacher and prophetic minister.  The title of the book is God's Medicine Bottle, and is the result of what Prince discovered about the healing power of God's Word during his own debilitating health crisis in the deserts of North Africa during WW II.
     I don't know if you can commiserate with Derek Prince over human infirmities, but I certainly can.  It seems that recently, one of the ways that the dark forces of the spiritual world love to attack me is through various assaults on my physical body.  But we need healing not only from physical attacks, but from spiritual bombardment.  I am happy to say that I am learning to fight back by loosing those strongholds in my flesh, binding the particular spirits, and rebuking them in Jesus's name; in short, using the Authority given to me by Christ, along with the Power of the Holy Spirit to fight an effectual spiritual battle.  I have seen great success using this method, but I also find impressive wisdom in Mr. Prince's instruction for healing using the Word.
     This selected Scripture, in Proverbs, Chapter 4, actually serves as a prescription from God; to be taken just as ordered, with an infinite number of refills.  The first step in God's spiritual protocol is to attend to His words.  He is demanding our full attention -- not to be divided between Him and the distractions of this world.  If we are to heal, we must listen and pay strict attention to His words that He speaks to us in the Bible.  Hearing God is the key to Biblical healing.  And how do we hear, or attend, to God's words?  By starting with the Bible and staying tuned in!  You can only hear God while reading the Bible when your mind is diligently occupied with Him and His Word.  
     The second order of the prescription is to consent and submit to His sayings.  That indicates that we are to have an attitude of humility and teachability; surrendering ourselves, and both our physical flesh and spirits to the receiving of His Word in meekness.  If we come with our own preconceptions and our demands, then God's Work will not be able to teach you and heal you.
     The next instruction is to not let God's Word out of our sight.  We are to focus our spiritual eyesight so we get a sharp picture of what God wants to teach us.  We must be careful to let the Bible be our authority, and not get too caught up in endless commentaries and theological doctrines.  Don't look around at what the world says about God's Word; instead, focus on it alone and read the Bible as it is written, and take it as meaning what it says.
     The next instruction on how to take God's medicine is to keep His Word at the center of your heart.  When we pay strict attention to His Word, and hear His teaching through surrendering ourselves to His instruction, and focus on what He wants us to see in His Word, then that Word will arrive at the center of our soul and dwell in our heart.  And the last verse tells us why it is so important to guard our hearts... for that is where our healing will originate; healing is the very essence of life and health.  
     God's Word brings us life through hearing the Word, which leads to faith, which provides spiritual joy and fullness.  It also is the cure for our physical infirmities, providing us with the ability to heal infirmities, disease, or physical and mental weaknesses.  Just as we follow the doctor's orders when taking prescription medicine, we are to ingest God's Word; let it enter into our body and mind and spirit in order to start breaking down what is defeating us and begin to heal us wholly and completely.  The Word is truly God's medicine for what ails us.

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