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July 10, 2015

How Do You Define Security?

     There are days I pray to God to reveal to me the mystery of a particular event in the world; and then there are days I'm not sure I want to know, or am even capable of understanding all the intricate paths it would lead me down.  Today is such a day.  The latest headline blasting from my computer is that the Office of Personnel Management has announced that over 21,000,000 federal employees have had their personal information hacked in the latest security breach.  Add that to the 4.2 million who were hacked just last month.
     Those much smarter than me want to follow the bread crumbs to China.  Coincidentally, if you listen to the conspiracies swirling in the blogosphere, China is also tied to the shutdown of the New York Stock Exchange earlier this week.  (Could the 4-hour halt at the NYSE have been a preventative measure against a cyber attack?)  Of course, government officials will tell you there's nothing to the rumors ... and, by the way, there was no connection to the computer "glitches" over at United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal, either.  Having trouble with cell phone outages?  Just look the other way; it was nothing.
     And, oh yeah, just ignore whatever the conspiracy nuts are telling you about a "space war" among China, Russia and the U.S.  There's no need to look at the possibilities that satellites can be utilized to become EMP weapons.  That's just some science fiction theory.  And there are still those who say it is all a buildup to that unexplainable date of July 15th for the equally perplexing "exercises" called Jade Helm.
    I'm sorry, but I have no explanations and no answers.  The world seems to be caught up in a spiraling vortex of economic catastrophes (think Greece) and threatening cyber-security issues, as we rush headlong towards a nuclear Iran.
     Do I really want God to show me the truth?  Because, to be honest with you, it looks a whole lot like the Book of Revelation is about to play out.  If the world's super powers are really playing chicken with satellite EMPs, then how long before one of them decides to take the big dare and we are plunged into a new reality that none of us want to see?  And how can we possibly feel secure in light of all these reports?
     For those of us who are followers of Christ, we know that there is no security in this world except that which is certain in our salvation.  But if we are looking for freedom from danger; or desiring stability; or hoping for safeguards against a world that is coming ever closer to the revealing of the Anti-Christ, then I'm afraid we need to face the facts.  And they are right in front of us ... it is happening nearly every day.
     We need to realize that what the world counts as security ... our jobs, our bank accounts, our comfortable lives ... could be gone in a flash; literally.  If you are a Christian, then get real with God and ask Him to be your fortress, your stronghold, and your shield.  Ask Him to help you reach others, so that they can shelter in the Lord.  It will be more important than ever that you are prepared to share why you have asked Jesus to be your Savior; why they need to know Him.  Don't sugar-coat it; this won't be the time for the passive Jesus speech.  Everyone needs to receive the full personification of our Lord.
     Yes, He loves you enough to have given His life for you and to have taken the punishment for your sins.  But what is about to come upon the earth will cause Him to leave Heaven and wage war against the wicked.  If your name has not been written in the Book of Life, He will not claim you as His own.  We all need to search our souls and cleanse them from any unrighteousness, and get prepared to get in the fight -- and to lead others to make the right choice.  Today, we are feeling a little less secure because of all the attacks against the world's infrastructure.  Tomorrow, we could feel the full force of the Enemy's attacks against our very existence in this world.  Now is the time to anchor ourselves to the Lord.  No one can snatch us out of His hand.  He is our firm foundation, and we can be secure in our position; both here on earth and in eternity.

Job 11:18    "And you will feel secure, because there is hope; you will look around and take your rest in security."

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