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March 21, 2015

Spreading The Good News

     Imagine my surprise when I received an email that asked, "How would you like to be on the radio?"  My first reaction was, "Are you sure you've contacted the right person?"  From the beginning of this blog, I have never considered myself as having "a ministry".  I was merely following a prompting I received from the Holy Spirit to reach out to people who, like me, were searching for God's meaning and understanding for the times in which we live.
     During the course of the nearly three-and-a-half years that I have been writing this blog, I have discovered that I was not alone in my search, nor was there a lack of desire to see God in our culture. That covered the "Salvation" part of my mission.  But, I soon discovered that the "Survival" component was just as compelling to people.  After all, even though this is our temporary home, we have to live on this earth during these turbulent times, and we must figure out how to survive -- and thrive -- and whether you believe in God or not, we are all in this together.  
     So, when presented with an opportunity to be a part of the new KNCS Christian Radio ministry, I was uncertain if I fit the profile of their station.  I certainly wasn't an ordained minister, as many of their segment hosts were; nor do I have a popular podcast, as other hosts can boast.  My blog is all about pointing the way to God in a world and culture that have veered off course ... is that what their  audience was looking for?  And I will admit that I struggled with how I would find the time for this additional task, since my days are full with writing daily commentaries, teaching a home Bible Study group, and assisting my husband in his business.  Could I, first of all, make the time; and then, secondly, could I do justice to the radio station's expectations?  Finally, would this endeavor be pleasing to God?
     Ultimately, I decided that I couldn't make it all about me.  That if God wanted to give me another chance to glorify Him, how could I say no?  The time would be there and I would do the best I could.  And I was really impressed with the mission of KNCS.  The purpose of this radio station is "to write, speak, sing and shout about God’s love!  [They] want to tell everyone how He has been working in lives, and [they] want to spread the good news about His wondrous love, and bring hope to every life."  We definitely had the same goals, so perhaps I wouldn't be such a bad fit, after all.
     But I want you to know about KNCS Radio --  a non-profit organization, out of Arvada, Colorado.  They are just beginning, and until they can get more material, their broadcast time is 6 am - 4 pm, Monday through Friday.  But they are finding their way by utilizing their ingenuity and creativity by working with Live365, an Internet radio broadcasting and listening network where users can create their own online radio stations, or choose to listen to thousands of human curated stations created by people from around the globe.  In other words, they have taken big steps in their desire to glorify God and present some truly different and inspiring broadcasts for listeners.  In this day and age, I applaud such commitment and dedication.
     So I urge you to listen in to the broadcasts.  I think you will be impressed with the professionalism and the inspiration you will receive from the various musical artists, pastors, and writers.  I am still finding "my voice", so to speak, as a radio broadcaster, and I promise that you will find more professional performances than mine.  But what I want you to take away from this new endeavor, is not my participation, but the encouragement I received in finding promising new enterprises who are engaged in the mission of spreading the Good News.  May God bless the endeavors of KNCS Radio and may their ministry grow and flourish.

If you would like to tune in to my segment, it airs at approximately 2:30 pm (Mountain Standard Time) on Monday afternoons.  And please check out all the fine programming at KNCS Christian Radio at http://ncsradioministries.net/ncsrmblog/.

2 Timothy 2:15   "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth."


  1. Congratulations! They have made a wise choice, and so have you. When something drops into your lap like this "out of the blue" as it were, you know that it is part of God's Plan for Your Life.

  2. Though I've never commented before, all of your posts are very powerful and meaningful. This is definitely and opportunity from the Lord. He will use you in a mighty way.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, but I confess that I feel inadequate compared to the powerful messages and sermons presented from others on the station. I am simply relying on God to bless the efforts of those at the radio station and to use anything I might have to say for His glory ...