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February 23, 2015

What Does It Mean?

     This post may have some of you thinking that PLW has fallen off his rocker -- or at least his studio chair.  He always waits an hour or more after we get up in the morning to tell me when he has had a strange dream; as if he is trying to discern whether it is spiritual or just the results of a late night snack before bed.  But a few mornings ago, what he had to tell me was different than any other "incident".
     It's a joke between us that no matter how hard he tries to stay awake and read with me before we turn out the lights, he is a lightweight.  He can't read for longer than a few minutes before he says, "I'm out" and he turns off his bedside light.  That night was no different.  He was reading his latest issue of International Artist, got sleepy, leaned over for his good-night kiss, and called it a night.  I watched him pull the blanket up to his neck, roll over, and he was out in a matter of seconds.  I quickly followed, as it had been a busy and tiring day.  Nothing unusual about our routine ... we both slept solidly until the alarm went off at 6 AM.  Only, it appears that something "out of the ordinary" took place during the night.
     As we began to share our plans for the morning, he told me that he thought something "supernatural" had happened while he slept.  I asked him if it was a dream, and he said, "No.  This was different".  He then proceeded to tell me that he woke up feeling pressure on his chest, as if something or someone was sitting on him.  As he came out of the grogginess of sleep, he discovered that there was a book laying on his chest.  It was not what he had been reading the night before ... remember that was a magazine ... and this particular book had been laying in a stack of books on the floor, beside the bed, and out of his reach.  It was a book he has been reading, off and on, over the past week or so, and between other material.  The title of the book is A Prophecy of the Future of America by Paul McGuire, an internationally recognized prophecy expert, author, and speaker.
      My husband tried to think if he had gotten out of bed to read this book, but knew that he had not moved all night, nor turned on the light; and he has never sleep walked that I know of in the 28 years of our marriage.  (Besides the fact, that he would have woken me up if he had done this on his own).
     As if all this was not strange enough, a bookmark had been moved from where he had placed it, to an earlier chapter that he had long ago read.  The title of the Chapter?  Syria, Russia, China, Iran, Israel, America and World War III!  So what do you think?  Was this a supernatural event?  The finger of God placing this particular book, and marking this particular chapter, for him to be aware of?  Are we supposed to read it again and warn others?  I have to tell you that PLW has received some pretty urgent messages in his dreams that we know have come from God.  But the instructions have always been clear and direct and personal.
     (SIDE NOTE:  Let me be clear in saying that in no way, do I think this event is a prophecy or "vision" from God. I believe that He still speaks to us through dreams and inspired imaginations, but today, we Christians do not have the supernatural abilities that the prophets of old did.  I do not believe there will be an Isaiah or Ezekiel or Daniel that will accurately predict the future.  That being said, I cannot ignore the "hints" and "warnings" that have come our way and obviously been spiritual in nature.)
     So, I decided to take a look at this chapter in the book, and see if I could discern anything you might need to know.  Just giving you the chapter subheads and a brief synopsis of each point would be enough to get your head spinning!  But what if you are supposed to hear this, and we were reticent in presenting it to you?  All I know is that this "event" the other night happened for a reason, and we feel we should be obedient in passing it on.
     So here goes ... the basic premise of this particular chapter is the recognition that the U.S. has involved itself in a Middle Eastern war.  The premise of the author is that throughout history "many great empires and world leaders have attempted to control this geographic region, because whoever controls this vital region controls world power!"  This was certainly evident when Alexander the Great conquered it, the Roman legions ruled over it, and appears to be at the center of history today. Now, let's take a look at some of the subheads within the chapter:
•  America and Regional Thermonuclear and Global Thermonuclear War.  A quote from Paul McGuire, the author:  "With China on the threshold of having the world's most powerful economy and military, along with Russia's extremely powerful military, there have been dangerous warning signs about the potential conflict between America and these nations".  Is there a massive military buildup coming against America?
•  Red Dawn, The Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the Rise of China.  In a 2011 article titled "The Pacific Century", then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, wrote that the U.S. was beginning a shift from involvement with Iraq and Afghanistan to "more involvement in the Asia-Pacific Region" with nations like China, India, Japan and South Korea, because we see a shift in the key engines of the global economy."  What does that mean for America's stature in the world and the future of our role in the world economy?
•  From Russia With Love:  Meteors and the Coming Nuclear Attack on America.  Paul McGuire points out that on February 15, 2013, two Russian nuclear-armed bombers circled the Western Pacific island of Guam, equipped with nuclear-tipped weapons.  U.S. jets were scrambled from an air base on Guam, but it is important to note that this event occurred just hours before President Obama's State of the Union address.  Was this a strategic message being sent from Russia to Washington, D.C.?  Is Russia the super-power mentioned in Ezekiel 38?  And is this why some Bible scholars maintain that America is not mentioned in the Bible?
•  Running the World On Science and Technology the World Does Not Know Exists.  This was the truly alarming section of the chapter.  As early as 1968, a very powerful politician in America (you will have to buy the book to find out who), wrote this concerning society being controlled by science and technology:  "The current transformation also poses profound philosophical issues concerning the very essence of social existence, since it is largely derived from an unprecedented expansion of scientific power over both man's environment and man himself).  That was 47 years ago, folks!  And look where we're at!  Google has been moving us down the path towards implantable chips inside our heads for the most effortless search engine imaginable!
     The rest of the chapter -- and the book -- warn that America must not accommodate itself to the "world spirit of this age".  The breakdown of our culture is evident, and the Body of Christ must take responsibility for allowing it to happen while on our watch.  We have not defended the Bible as the inerrant and inspired Word of God.  Instead, we have allowed science and technology to usurp the position of God; we have allowed false teachings to promulgate in the Church; and even the supernatural has been reduced to man's imagination.
     As I finish this post, I am left with wondering what, if anything, I am to take away from these strange interconnection of events.  Can the placement of the book on PLW's chest be easily explained away?  Is that book and that chapter accidental, or by design?  Is it all just a coincidence that my limited human brain cannot fathom?  All I know is that my spirit is telling me to prepare and ready myself.  I know that I am to listen to the Holy Spirit, and to encourage and inform those who will hear and see.  I know that God wants our attention on Him, and not the world.  We are to seek God in these days, and look heavenward, for our redemption is nigh.

1 Chronicles 29:11    "Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, for all that is in the heavens and in the earth is yours. Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and you are exalted as head above all."



  1. Thank you for sharing this! I believe God can speak however He chooses and He most certainly has control over any object. He is beyond human logic or reasoning. Awesome testimony. And I am taking it as a warning to prepare and pray.

  2. Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass, in the last days,saith God, I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams. Acts 2:19 And I will show wonders in heaven above, and sign in the earth beneath; Blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke.

    "it is appallingly obvious we have allowed technology to exceed our humanity" Einstein.. What did he know?

    Signs and wonders are abundant today. The global condition offers many scenarios, any one of them, or all of them simultaneously are possible. There is only one certainty, we are close. Pray we are worthy to escape these things.