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January 31, 2015

Recommended Book: A Failure of Civility

     Back in 2013, Matthew Bracken, a retired Navy Seal, recommended a book titled A Failure of Civility, by authors Mike Garand and Jack Lawson.  PLW worked with Mr. Bracken on a cover of one of his books, and sets great store by his advice and expertise.  So two years ago, we purchased this book.  It is one of the best "Prepper" or "Survivalist" books on the market, and quickly became a sought after item among those who wished to increase their knowledge on how to defend their families, neighborhoods, and communities in the event of a national crisis.
     It was so popular that it quickly went out of print, and your only option was to pay $200 on Amazon.  Now, I'm happy to inform those of you who were unaware of it, or missed out on the first opportunity to purchase it, that it is once again available on the authors' website for $29.95!   But I warn you ... it won't be available for long!
     The book was written by veteran combat Special Ops soldiers, and is advertised as "the Ulitmate A-to-Z Survival Book", and as "A primer for the untrained and knowledge for the trained in survival."  But perhaps the best endorsement is the review from Navy Seal Matt Bracken, himself:

     The authors’ combined life experiences, military and law enforcement, span 80 years. [They claim that] "With this book, we give you the tools of knowledge to enable you to teach you and others how to defend yourselves, your family and neighbors. We want you to help save lives and to keep America strong."
     Wow, what a tall order! As a long-ago Navy frogman, I wondered if they could truly match that claim in their book. They do, and much more. I read the book cover to cover—twice!—in the first week. In fact, I am so impressed with it that I have been hauling it around for the last few months, trying to encourage my friends and relatives to buy it. It’s not cheap – it costs $30....
     The book is big; it’s eight by eleven inches and 394 pages long. It’s printed in oversize 14 point font. Why? Because when you really need this book, you might be in a cold, dark place, huddled by a fire. They could have printed it in a smaller format and put it out at a lower price, but they decided not to. I completely understand why, and it makes total sense to me, having read it, and understanding the conditions it is intended for. 
     ... This is not just another handbook on how to build a remote fortress on a mountaintop, beginning with a fantasy budget. It takes a completely different tack, namely, how to survive in place, where you are, on your current budget. How to “bug in,” not bug out. It postulates, and I agree with this, that no single family can survive alone, hidden in a remote fortress or bunker, no matter how large their pre-SHTF budget. It assumes that you will stay in your house and in your neighborhood. And it theorizes that no single house can be fortified to hold out against hordes of criminal bandits once the SHTF. You cannot get through TEOTWAWKI on your own.
     ... Every word I have written, in all of my novels and essays, has been meant as a warning to the reachable to get ready for the heavy weather that many of us see coming. Please, buy this book. It’s not cheap, it’s $30 and it’s not on Amazon. The authors are not book pros, they are just some guys with invaluable knowledge to share who are producing the book on their own. Get it now, while you can. I have zero connection to the authors, other than I believe the contents are important beyond measure. If there are other books as valuable as this one for surviving the coming storm, I haven’t seen them yet. I’m not saying they are not out there, but I have missed them so far.
     My fondest hope is that in five years, the few people who remember me will laugh and say, “Matt Bracken, what a paranoid jerk he was.” A hack writer of cheap alarmist fiction, the author of a few quickly forgotten novels and essays. I hope and pray that in five years, America will be as strong, prosperous and free as it ever was. 
     But if not, and if you find yourself at some point cold, hungry, sick and very, very afraid, hiding in a blacked-out basement while you are rereading your dog-eared copy of this book by lamplight, you will be thanking me over and over again for encouraging you to buy it. My cheap and unimportant works of fiction won’t matter a damn at that point, but you will be damn glad that you have a copy of “A Failure of Civility.” You, your family, and your entire neighborhood might pull through the coming storm just because of this one book. 
     Please buy the book. And buy an extra copy or two to send to “reachable” family members. Tell them to wrap it in plastic, and save it for a time that we hope will never come."

     Endorsements don't come any stronger than that!  So, if you don't want to take my word for it, then listen to a man who has the experience and knowledge to know if this is a must-have for your family's survival.  Sad to say, in the two years since Matt Bracken wrote this review, our chances of dodging the storm have not dwindled.  Like him, I hope and pray that this kind of knowledge will never need to be put into practice.  But the demand for this book should tell you that it could be an invaluable tool in the coming years.  If you missed out on it the first go-round, don't delay now!  And if you were alert enough to purchase it then, there must be a friend or family member that you can turn on to its knowledge.  This book is more valuable than ever!

Luke 22:36      He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one."


  1. Thank you for the link. I went on Amazon looking and the price was $200. Ordered my copy through the link you provided Leigh Ann

  2. Thanks for the tip on what sounds like a great book, just ordered a copy.

  3. Help! Where can I purchase this book,"A Failure of Civility", as of 02/18/2016? Any help would be greatly appreciated.(Note: You can e-mail me at a masked e- addy @ 60d51640@opayq.com ) Thank you! ~R

    1. This book, as valuable as it is, can be very difficult to find --- often being sold out as soon as a new publishing run is announced. I have searched the internet for it, and unfortunately, it appears to be unavailable at this time.

    2. A Failure of Civility is back in print and for sale on ebay.

  4. A Failure of Civility is on E Bay for 53.00