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January 2, 2015

Count The Blessings

     At this time, it's customary to take a look back at the preceding year and note the highs and lows.  So what about 2014 do I find remarkable?  To be honest, there's not much nationally or globally to applaud.  We saw the emergence of more technology, a deadly epidemic, and the convergence of religious fanaticism and evil.  We saw the breakdown of society, moral values, and our system of law.  None of it signaled positive news for the good of mankind.
     No, I'd have to say that any "good will toward men" has come on the individual, personal level.  From that perspective, I have witnessed a growing hunger among (a remnant of) faithful people to know God more nearly and dearly.  It's like there is truly an "awakening" that the things of this world are fleeting; that what is important is to seek and know God more deeply -- to truly "get right" with Him.
     In 2014, I saw a lightbulb go on with regards to preparing for a more difficult future; again among a small, dedicated group of people.  More time was dedicated to getting into shape, self-defense training, and thinking how to survive any number of possible threats.  This last year was a time of "facing reality" and "getting in the game".
     In that sense, I find that all of 2014's problems and difficulties were really a blessing in disguise.  Here's why: we in America have lived in a bubble for so long, that we haven't had to face the realities that the majority of the rest of the world comes up against.  Safe and warm, snuggled up next to our latest technology companion, we haven't known the fear, hunger or turmoil of disrupted lives.  We find comfort and security in our money and our things, and perceive ourselves as indestructible.  America has yet to be subjected to an enemy that could invade our land, persecute us for our faith, or take our life at their will.  We have lived comfortable, prosperous, easy and secure lives.
     But in 2014 -- if we were smart -- we were shaken out of our fog of protected privilege by Ebola, beheadings, and the perversion of the rule of law.  You're probably thinking, "That's a good thing???"  Yes!  If it shakes us to our core and wipes the scales from our eyes, in order that we see what is coming upon the world, then it is a blessing, an advantage.  "But", you ask, "Would anyone really choose to remain clueless and oblivious to possible threats against them or their families?"  Sadly, the answer is yes.  Ignorance means you can continue to live a secluded, delusional life of perceived safety and prosperity.  But, if you are one of the fortunate ones who "woke up" in 2014, count your blessings.  Now make the most of it, and don't waste another minute.  Strengthen yourselves physically, morally and spiritually, and you will have a good foundation to weather 2015 and beyond.
     And you may find this strange, but PLW has a unique outlook on some of the sadness that we experienced in 2014.  It seems that we unexpectedly lost really good, kind, loving people this last year; either to a sudden illness, tragic accident, or through unforeseen circumstances.  The world seems an emptier and colder place without them.  But he strongly feels that God may be taking them out early, because they would not be able to withstand the ugliness that is coming.  This is not to say that they are weak; it is His grace that is sparing their gentle souls.  And for that, I can count my loss as their great blessing.
     For the rest of us who must live our lives in this confounding and bewildering world, our blessings will become more precious.  Moving from 2014 into 2015, we must look for them in relationships -- those we build and those we mend.  The blessings will come when we take our eyes off ourselves and gaze upon the sovereignty of a God who rules the universe.  Blessings will be found in efforts to serve God by serving others and making another's burden just a little lighter.  By encouraging each other, teaching each other, ministering to each other's needs, and most of all, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, we can reap the most out of this fallen world.  I wish you many blessings in the coming year; one filled with the Divine favor and protection of our Lord and Savior!

Numbers 6:24-26    "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace."

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  1. Hello, Belle:

    A comment about

    "But he strongly feels that God may be taking them out early, because they would not be able to withstand the ugliness that is coming."

    I see the endtime events rapidly unfolding. Perilous times. I see where some believers may not be able to "finish the race" for many potential reasons, and God mercifully takes them home so they won't be lost. I have no right to pass judgment, only to say that God will not allow believers to be tested beyond their ability to stand without providing a means to escape the temptation. For some, his means of escape is for Him (not them) to take them home. If it happens that way, then God has decided their work here is completed.

    Painful. Yes, and this won't take that away. But seek the hidden blessing (as you're doing) and walk with Jesus here until He says you're finished, and then you'll get to see Him face to face too.

    May that meeting for all concerned include "Well done, good and faithful servant!" from Jesus!

    About prepping and survival: A prudent man, seeing the danger, prepares. One question: How, when the evens in Revelation are too big for even a community to withstand? Half the population dying, asteroid impacts, Beast allowed to conquer saints, Mark of Beast=no buying or selling?

    Rev 13 comments about people destined for captivity, or living by the sword must be killed by the sword. This calls for endurance on the part of the saints.

    I see a best reasonable effort for basic preparations, but the spiritual preparation to stand for Jesus and not take the Mark of the Beast or love this world are most important, so that when the physical preparations fail, as they must for many, you can still finish the race and overcome the world, the flesh (sin nature) and the devil.

    Rev 12:11 They overcame by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death.

    I'm scratching my head over how much to physically prepare.

    I'm an EE and can shield stuff against EMP. I could make a house run off-grid, so shielded (probably... might have to swap solar array after a big EMP) but when the thugs arrive en masse and the Richter 10+ quake and 120 lb hailstones hit... and the Beast is hunting for us.. uhh... Look at Rev 20:4

    Those who were beheaded for their testimony came to life and ruled as kings with Christ for 1000 years. This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy are those that are in the first resurrection. Over such the second death has no power.

    So, that's my quandary and comment

    God bless you and your husband in all your endeavors!
    -Gordon Wood