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December 9, 2014

Last Minute Buying Tips: And It's Not About Christmas!

     This blog post comes to you courtesy of my husband, Peace-Loving Warrior.  Although his antennae are up and he is all about spiritual warnings, he is also alert to how we can better plan to ride out the storm in terms of worldly preparations.  So, put on your Prepper hats and consider the bargain basement prices on these precautionary essentials.
     In three words, you need to consider Silver, Firearms and Gasoline.  It has been years since all three were at rock-bottom prices, all at the same time.  And for those who are late to the game of preparing for a not-so-bright future; or those of you who think they missed the train and it's already pulled out of the station ... PLW wants you to know that the train has slowed down at a curve, and now's the time to jump on board.
     Even if you don't yet see yourself as a Prepper, you can't deny that the warnings are everywhere ... we no longer hold the Number One spot as the world's Economic Power; the Puppet Masters have done a good job at creating racial strife and civil unrest;  and the dramatic influx of millions of illegal immigrants who are suddenly made legal, threatens to overwhelm our infrastructure.
     Just ask yourself these oft-repeated questions:  Are you better off today than you were last year?  Five years ago?  Ten?  Do you trust our elected officials to do their job, and protect our civil liberties, national security, and Constitution?  Does your dollar buy more or less than it did one year ago?  It is this last question that I want you to concentrate on today.
     It is a matter of simple economics that low prices mean you can buy more for your dollar than higher prices can purchase, right?  So, if you are like millions of other Americans, and aren't quite as confident in our future as you were a decade ago, might it not be prudent to compare the cost of goods that might make the future a little easier to navigate?  And wouldn't it be smart to take advantage of these low prices ... since we all know that they could be gone tomorrow, due to the plots and schemes of the world's Elite.

     So, why does PLW want you to take a good hard look at Silver, Firearms and Gasoline?  First, Silver is currently trading at around $16.48 (with the price set to fluctuate at a moment's notice).  That price is far below the highest price of around $47 in April of 2011 and is close to the period of affordable pricing in the fall of 2010.  Will it fall to the ground floor prices of $9.36 that it exhibited during our national banking crisis in the fall of 2008?  No one knows, but it is significantly lower than around the $22 level this past summer.  There is no time to waste ... if you want to hedge your bets against the dire predictions of our failing economy, this is no time to hesitate or repeat your regrets of the past.  
     After all, for more than four thousand years, silver has been regarded as a form of money and a prized method of exchange for goods --- far longer than paper money; and it's more durable.  Very simply, it is a safeguard against financial stress; and like all precious metals, it survives in periods of inflation, deflation and devaluation.  If our government's $18 Trillion debt doesn't make you nervous, it should -- the exorbitant amount of printed money in our financial system is only serving to make our dollar less valuable, and eventually will cause precious metals to rise.  This may be your last chance to take advantage of that probability -- no more excuses.
      Then there is the price of firearms.  Our Second Amendment rights have never been more precious, as the events of the day point to our need to be able to protect ourselves and our families.  Even if the thought of owning a firearm is foreign to you; that you know nothing about safely operating them, it is time to get some professional training and become a responsible gun owner.
     You've heard the warnings, such as those from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke:  "Calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option... You can beg for mercy or you can fight back.  Consider taking a safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there."
     Both PLW and I would add that there is no better time than now to take advantage of this advice.  Prices for defensive weapons are at extremely affordable prices, and they are readily available.  I would remind you that at the beginning of this nation, every colonial household owned a musket to provide food for the table, and as a means of protection.  Those same needs are present today, and an automatic rifle is today's modern equivalent.  In addition, ammunition for these defense weapons is at pre-gun hysteria prices.  So, it's time to get over whatever pre-conceived ideas you have, or the inaccurate information conveyed by the media.  Protecting your family is your responsibility, and firearms ownership is a legal and effective way to accomplish that goal.
     Finally, Gasoline is as cheap as its been in 5 years.  I'm sure you are all enjoying the affordable fill-ups during this time of belt-tightening; both unleaded and diesel are enjoying low prices.  But try to think beyond the immediate timeframe.  Why not consider buying a storable fuel tank for your property and stock up on extra gasoline?
     If the financial analysts are correct, and OPEC's finagling with the price of a barrel of oil might mean the end of our energy boom, think how good you're going to feel knowing that you have stocked up on this precious commodity.  And that's not even considering that you will be able to affordably run a generator in a grid-down scenario.
     So, as you can see, in a way, things have never looked so good ... especially for those who have tarried or delayed in getting in the game.  I don't see how anyone could continue to deny that there have already been some drastic changes in our way of life, and that even more serious events are just over the horizon.
     And, yes, I know that what I have written today concerns our worldly existence.  And I also know that there will be Christians who proclaim that we should simply trust God in these matters; that He is our sanctuary, and we should not worry ourselves with taking steps to protect this earthly life.  But I maintain that the Bible obliges us to preserve Life -- our own lives, and those of others.  It teaches us that we have been bought with a price, and these human bodies belong to Him; they are not to be relinquished without an effort to preserve them for His Glory.
     Moreover, as the familiar verses in Ezekiel 33 warn us, if we know danger is coming to others, and we deliberately fail to warn them, we are guilty of causing harm to the victims.  That in itself is enough reason to bring these tips to your attention.  Whether you give them credence, or take advantage of the opportunities, is up to you.  But there's never been a better time to take stock of your future, or better prices to help you protect it.  I know that this earthly existence does not take precedence over the heavenly, but I'm equally sure that we are to protect and provide while we are here.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20     "Do you not know that your body is the temple (the very sanctuary) of the Holy Spirit Who lives within you, Whom you have received [as a Gift] from God? You are not your own, You were bought with a price [purchased with a [a]preciousness and paid for, [made His own]. So then, honor God and bring glory to Him in your body."


  1. Great post! Thank yoou PLW. Another reason, often overlooked, for buying silver, is its usefulness when bartering. Its lower than gold value makes it easier to divide and measure in order to buy, for example, a loaf of bread. It's difficult to accurately divide off a minute amount of gold.

    Your timing of this article is interesting. A few days ago around 11:00 PM, our power went off. Of course my first thought was, Is this the one? As I sat there for an hour I refreshed my memory of my "inventory" and state of preparedness. I was disappointed. I had let my gasoline reserves run down to five gals, other than what I have in my dozen or so vehicles, I don't have near enough candles, or lantern fuel, my communications aren't up to par and I haven't had a community meeting in a couple of months. This is changing this week, Walmart, here I come.

    Thank you and God bless you and PLW.

    1. We can all use a re-evaluation of our status. Your experience should give us all reason to pause and re-assess. Thanks for sharing!

    2. I prep a little with food. My extended family just shake their heads when I have to run upstairs to the bathroom to get a new jar of mayonnaise when I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner. They think I am crazy, but I tell them when things get bad, I know they will come running to my house and they are very welcome to come, they just need to pick up a couple of chickens on the way. :) I particularly instructed my mom in this manner as there is a home on the edge of town (on her way out to my place in the country) that has chickens. I keep seeing her in my mind on her bicycle with a chicken tucked under each arm pedaling like crazy - it makes me laugh. I keep a close eye on my inventory and donate to the food pantry at church when it gets close to expiration.
      Thanks to PLW for getting us back on track.