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October 4, 2014

Now, For The GOOD News ...

     When I began writing this blog nearly three years ago, it was my original intent to give practical advice on what I thought we might be facing; mainly American apathy concerning the loss of our foundational (and personal) liberties, as well as the increasing possibilities of any number of physical, grid-down scenarios.  I wanted to combine hands-on recommendations with spiritual guidance to get us back to our roots.
     I knew I was no expert, but could sense that many people, like me, were beginning to become anxious that we were losing our footing; that if we remained unaware and uninformed, various political, social, and spiritual forces could take us places we were unprepared and unwilling to go.
     There were definite red flags and warning signs, but for most people, it was "business as usual" -- they didn't feel any adverse effects from the threats I saw on the horizon, nor did they even recognize them.  These possible perils were always in the future, or experienced overseas, and no one was touched by imminent danger.  Most of America could still ignore any negative nightly news and simply focus on the latest football scores or celebrity wedding.
     Not so anymore!  The threats are now very real, very personal, and have come home to touch "real people".  There should not be a single person in America who is not shaken by the jihadist murder of Brendan Tevlin in New Jersey, or the beheading of Colleen Hufford in Oklahoma in recent weeks; or by the first cases of Ebola in Dallas and possibly Washington D.C.  The lack of consistent and accurate information should raise the threat consciousness of us all.
     America can no longer ignore that our very way of life is under attack, whether by deliberate design or subtle subterfuge.  We have never faced such brutality as ISIS and their adherents, or such a frightening specter of death as Ebola -- and they have never been so close.  To ignore their existence is to invite calamity.
     But we must also be mindful not to give in to our fears, and must continue to rely on our newfound skills, and to put on our spiritual armor as never before.  It would be easy to fall into despair and panic because of the confusing reports we are getting from so-called "officials".  But if you have spiritual discernment, you know that it is time to rely on your own judgment, with a view towards obtaining Divine direction and understanding.  You have been preparing for this day for some time now, and you know where our true protection lies.  So, it's time to stop looking for our national leaders to shield us and defend us from harm.  As scary as the physical threats are that we face, we have an Enemy far more cunning and dangerous.
     Yesterday, I remarked to my husband that I never would have thought, in my idyllic childhood during the 60s, that I would be facing such Evil during my life.  But God has given me a purpose; and by His choice, we are all living at this particular time.  We have been given a sacred opportunity that no one else in all of history has been afforded.  Whether our Lord appears in our lifetimes or not, we will play an essential part in sharing the Good News of His return, and preparing people for the battle ahead.
     It's not that I am ignoring all the bad news that is being heaped upon us; we must stay alert, and I will continue to help others gain awareness and get prepared.  You can, too!  We can choose to look forward, to fulfilling our roles in these final days.  We won't make headlines, and no one will report on our lives, but we can make the news in Heaven, and that's the kind of good news we can all take delight in!

Romans 10:15       And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”


  1. Excellent article! We will now soon discover what we are individually here for. It's exciting times for us.

    1. Absolutely! We were born for this time … what a great honor!

  2. Yesterday you said " and by His choice, we are all living at this particular time. " - that has really resonated with me today. I knew / know the scriptural reference re: Esther and Mordecai but it really has never resonated as when you referenced it again. I stand here at our kitchen window overlooking our valley of colored fall leaves and can't help but realize my DNA ( although from my wonderful parents ) was actually made to be inhabited by my spirit / soul at this particular time. Yes, I know some will think this far fetched - but I MUST acknowledge that in His supreme wisdom he has chosen this moment in time for me to bring all three components together for a special purpose that can only be fulfilled by me in 2014. Amazingly, it has taken 71 years to realize this fact - now to do something with it ! Bless you ! RB

    1. Wonderful comment! When we realize that not only has God made us to be who we are, but that He could have chosen any moment in history to place us here, then what we do with our lives during these unsettling times matters all the more! I just want to fulfill my purpose for Him, as I can tell you do, too. I constantly ask, in prayer, how I can serve Him. And it doesn't matter how old we are ... every moment in this life is an opportunity! RB, your heart for God will show you the way. God Bless you!