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October 27, 2014

Forstchen's "Day of Wrath": Are You Ready For ISIS At Your School?

     He's done it again.  Author William Forstchen is largely credited with spring-loading the "Prepper Movement."  He is certainly responsible for making me face the giant; in helping me to overcome my normalcy bias and confront my fears of what living in a world after an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) might be like.  His powerful book, One Second After, propelled individual citizens into action, and there are millions of us who are better prepared for this scenario, thanks to him.
    His latest book will take you to whole new heights of fear and panic ... but you must read it!  The scenario for this novella will affect every single American, and like the author, I fear we don't have much time to prepare for this course of events.  Day of Wrath, brings the terror of ISIS to every doorstep in America, and ... I warn you ... will pierce your very soul.
    This small paperback book may lack the polished appearance of One Second After, but Forstchen admits that he self-published this book in an attempt to get this information in the hands of the public as quickly as possible.  The subject matter does not allow for a second of delay.  However, Day of Wrath, is just as compelling as its predecessor.
     What is our most precious resource in this country?  Never mind our commerce, our technology, or the oil in the ground --- IT IS OUR CHILDREN!  Mr. Forstchen suggests, in riveting fictional form, that we could soon be facing our worst nightmare ... a coordinated terrorist attack by sleeper cells, launched against our nation's elementary and middle schools.  Think this is taking it a step too far?
    Stop for a minute and google "Beslan school hostage crisis".  In 2004, a group of Islamic (Chechyan) terrorists in Russia took a school hostage, and 777 children endured literal hell for three days.  Young children were systematically executed by throat-cutting or shots to the head; many of the girls raped before being savagely killed.  Forstchen chronicles how easily a similar event could happen here in America.  Our politically correct thinking has left our schools defenseless.  Teachers are not allowed to arm themselves, and are forced to rely on "lockdowns", where they and their students are sitting ducks as they huddle, terrified and vulnerable, in classrooms; locked doors providing no protection from AK-47-wielding barbarians.
     Forstchen is able to carry you into this horror-filled reality through the eyes of a teacher who uses his wits against a formidable enemy that is hell-bent on wreaking as much death and destruction as they can for the caliphate.  This book boldly and accurately portrays the grim determination in which ISIS terrorists have proclaimed their commitment to unleashing their "holy" war on "the infidels" and "the Great Satan".  Day of Wrath may be fictional, but it predicts our future.
Innocent victims in Beslan
     Without giving away the plot, it is not only the children who become victims in the book.  Just imagine it ... simultaneous attacks at schools across the country will find hundreds of thousands of parents scrambling to the schools to get to their children.  This will provide new opportunities to create mass chaos and death as interstate highways become clogged with traffic and additional teams of terrorists move in for the kill.
     And just as the real-life ISIS terrorists are making use of the internet and social media to broadcast their executions, crucifixions, and videos of infants being shot and decapitated; the book's fictional ISIS attackers make sure they film the horrors perpetuated against their young and innocent victims, so they can be broadcast all over America and around the globe, in order to demonstrate how impotent, weak and powerless we are against their just cause.
    I join William Forstchen in praying that this book will have the impact it deserves and needs to have.  As he points out in an interview, our nation's history proves that both national leaders and military experts discussed the possibilities of a carrier-based attack on Pearl Harbor, as well as fully laden commercial aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the Capitol Building or the White House ... but that's all they did.  They discussed it, dismissed it and never acted to prevent it.
     Perhaps if enough people read this book and the horror of it forces us to face this very real possibility, we will enter into an honest national debate and take pre-emptive action to secure our schools and children from chaos and death.  Every scenario in the book has been taken from actual methods used by ISIS in their slaughterous rampage through Iraq.  Daily, you can find videos on social media in which ISIS enthusiastically boasts of attacking inside the U.S.  And they understand the psychological blow that would be generated to the heart of America, should such events play out at our schools.
     And in case you need further evidence that this book is timely and relevant, I want to share what is beginning to happen in schools around the country. Defense Training International recently posted an article titled Armed Schools! in which they applauded school districts who recognize that the scenario in Day of Wrath is a very real possibility.  School officials and teachers are getting pistol training because they've "decided to no longer wait around for someone else to “rescue” them".  They realize they will be "the first responders."  William Forstchen's excellent book backs up this wise decision.
Aftermath in Beslan
     It has been 10 years since the massacre in Beslan, Russia.  The enemy has had time to watch us and see how we react to various situations.   Day of Wrath does not present anything that they have not already thought of, and hopefully will raise a warning to schools all across the nation, and encourage them to take the necessary steps to prevent ISIS from securing a victory; and these steps need to be implemented quickly!   Because, should terrorists be successful in carrying out such a merciless operation, the inevitable consequences will not be good for our national freedoms.  Just imagine the executive orders that will roll out ... new gun laws; national curfews; suspension of the internet, and the near-certain martial law.
    Please, purchase this book and share it with friends, families, and local school boards.  Don't let political correctness deter you.  The lives of the nation's children may very well depend on us getting it right this time.  Thank you, Mr. Forstchen for being the point of the spear once again!

Isaiah 13:18   "Their bows will slaughter the young men; they will have no mercy on the fruit of the womb; their eyes will not pity children."


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