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July 28, 2014

Are You In Your Land of Goshen?

     I spent this past weekend at a mind-blowing Prophecy Conference, with enough Scriptural references to keep me busy for a year.  So it is time for me to have another gut-check of my Biblical world view.  PLW and I have stepped out of the Church's system, and it is always refreshing to be among Christians who revere the Bible enough to spend massive amounts of time studying and reflecting upon His Word.  We all believe that through the ancient texts of the Holy Scriptures, God has something to tell us about these times in which we are living.  And we have a hunger to dig deep and to receive personal discernment; we no longer rely on the interpretation of a man, and we reject the Nicolaitan model of unrestrained indulgence and indifference to God's commandments that is such a prevalent message from today's pulpits.
     That being said, each of the speakers this weekend cautioned everyone, (as I do) to not believe a word said ... to do our own research.  So the purpose of this post is not to bore you with a theological treatise, but to give you a little kernel of hope in the midst of these disturbing days through a concept that was briefly mentioned during a Q & A session at the end of the conference.  
     There was a lot of discussion about how God will protect His own during the coming Tribulation.  Even if you believe that the Church will be raptured out of here before the wars, plagues, famines, geological/astronomical calamities, and the Anti-Christ's persecutions ... you should at least entertain the possibility that you will endure some suffering.  Jesus told us we would "suffer for His name's sake".  We can see that happening in Iraq, Sudan, and in the streets of Europe, as Christians and Jews are being oppressed and persecuted.
     But one of the conference speakers suggested that, first, God has not given us a spirit of fear; but secondly -- and this is a concept that is a great comfort to me --  "wherever God has placed you in this  time is your Goshen".  That thought intrigued me.  Why hadn't I seen it before?  If you will recall, after Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt, he eventually rose to become second-in-command, behind the Pharaoh, and was in charge of all Egypt.
      When his brothers and father came to Egypt to escape the famine in Canaan, they discovered that their brother (who was a great example of a Prepper in the Bible) had great power and they feared retribution for their betrayal of him.  But what did Joseph do for them?  He gave them the very best of the land to dwell in; the land of Goshen.  In Hebrew, Goshen means "drawing near".  If you will read Genesis 45:7-11, you will find that God had a plan:  for Joseph to bring his family out of the famine.  We see that Joseph desires to have his family near him; to protect them from the famine that will threaten others; and to provide for their needs. 
     I am able to perceive that PLW and I are in our own Land of Goshen, and I hope that you can contemplate that for yourselves, too.  I have said this before: that I know without a doubt that God maneuvered us to this exact spot, both physically and spiritually, in 2008.  For the past six years, He has protected us from the deteriorating economy and provided for our needs -- even when everything in this world points to the unlikelihood of our survival.  Just as in the Bible when God sent the ten plagues against Egypt --- they hit every part of the country, but the land of Goshen.  
     I believe that we have avoided the disastrous consequences of the physical and spiritual poverty of our country because we have drawn more near to God, here in this spot that He placed us, than at any other time in our lives.  When we draw near to Him, He draws nearer to us.  I know in my soul that He is present with us.  And while the threats of Satan in this world -- transhumanism, 21st century plagues, the annihilation of Israel, and the collapse of our own country -- are ever-constant, I have faith that I am in the exact place God wants me to be in order to receive His protection and provision.
     If you have not been called to move or change locations, then accept that you are in your personal land of Goshen.  There's no need to flee in fear or doubt.  Stay where you are; knowing that you are firmly rooted in your faith and the knowledge that God is drawing you near.  The storms will rage all around you, but your experiences will be different than the world's.  We are engaged in a spiritual battle, and when the forces of darkness see that you have drawn nearer to God, they will flee for greener pastures.  
     I believe in the power and authority of our God to proclaim as many Land of Goshens as He desires.  So take a look around ... maybe what you have taken for granted these last few years is really a safe haven from the wiles of the devil.  Say a blessing over your home and your small plot of land.  Dedicate them and your family to drawing nearer to God so that you might escape the devastations coming our way.  Be thankful for your refuge and your shelter, and rest in your Goshen.

Genesis 45:10-11    "You will live in the land of Goshen, and you will be close to me—you and your children and your grandchildren, your flocks, your herds, and all you have.  And there I will sustain and provide for you, so that you and your household and all that are yours may not come to poverty and want..."


  1. I believe all that you have said. God indeed does provide for His saints, He does keep them from harm. I believe that we are protected under the shadow of His wing. I believe we will also suffer. But the western mindset seems to believe that God has set them apart and when "all hell breaks loose" we will be "zapped out of here" or we will be in "our land of Goshen" and be sheltered from the storm and provided for as we are accustomed to.
    As we read the Apostle Paul that was not his experience. He was beaten, he was hungry, no home, he was ridiculed, he was killed. The modern day Sudanese Christians have given their lives for the faith. The Christians in Northern Iraq are run out of town with only the clothes on their back. Charity gives them a bucket for water, some food and sends them on their way. These people's "Goshen" can only rest in their faith that God will receive their souls into His presence and there they will find all that they need.
    Will you therefore dedicate a post to expand on your "Goshen" ?


    1. I have written throughout the history of this blog of the small plot of land that "miraculously" fell into our hands. The ease with which we acquired it, and the timing of it and our subsequent move into a home in 2008 (that we built with our own hands) leaves no doubt in my mind that this is where the Lord wants us for now. That has been confirmed through "dreams" that PLW has received to sanctify our property and home. I am also aware that we are no more special than the millions of God's children who, like us, are solid in their faith and sanctified by God, as well. And I am also cognizant of the fact that we will not be exempt from the persecution that our brothers and sisters in Iraq, Sudan, Egypt and elsewhere are suffering. We, too, will have our faith tested as our worldly comforts are removed and Satan comes against us. For now, I can only speak to the reality we are experiencing in the present in America ... a reality that will is subject to change in an instant. Then our Goshen will be our personal relationship with Jesus.

  2. Just had to say...I actually live on a street called Goshen...moved here ten years ago based on the very verse you cited. Let me tell you...it has been in many ways a spiritual scourge but it has also certainly expanded my borders, made my tent pegs stronger and brought me out to an exponentially larger place! Good work you are doing here...lookin forward to meeting you on the other side.

    1. Hearing from people like you strengthens my resolve to keep speaking, and I pray that I will always reflect God's Truth. Thank you for your encouragement and I'm looking forward to the other side!