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April 8, 2014

Behold A Pale Horse: America Aflame

     It's been over a year and a half since I reviewed an outstanding DVD entitled Behold A Pale Horse, America's Last Chancewhich presented an accurate picture of the dangerous path America was on; a path that veered far from her original course, and one that threatened to be her undoing.
     Nothing has changed in the direction of that course.  If anything, the speed towards destruction has accelerated.  So Heartland Pictures and producer Chuck Untersee have upped the ante, so to speak, and re-edited the original version of this fine movie, adding new and powerful testimonies in the hopes of being able to distribute the new film in nationwide theaters.  
     I was privileged to receive a copy of Behold A Pale Horse, America Aflame to review.  Like its predecessor, America Aflame is hard-hitting and often-times a bitter pill to swallow.  This intense new film opens with a riveting interview with Randy Weaver, who was caught in the deadly confrontation with U.S. federal agents at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992, in which his 14-year-old son and wife were killed.  It sets the pace for the rest of the film, which chronicles just how much our government is at odds with its citizens.
     Like the first film, I was greatly impressed with the appearance of retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin.  As one of the original members of Delta Force, Boykin served as the Commanding officer during Black Hawk Down and as Commander of the Green Berets.  He also served in the CIA and Deputy Under-Secretary of the Department of Intelligence.  The man has some bragging rights.  But he simply describes himself as "not a Republican or Democrat; but a Conservative and a Christian."  
     So when he speaks, I take notice.  And he certainly got my attention when he said, "America is under judgment.  The Republic is in distress; listen to her cry.  What we are witnessing is spiritual warfare."  He went on to say that what we are seeing is patterns consistent with countries that move towards Marxism.  He then gave the example of nationalizing sectors of the economy; which is what we did with the bailouts of the banking industry.  Then you see a commitment to redistribute the wealth, which is in a nutshell, what the Affordable Care Act is.  This is followed by a discrediting of the opposition and those who would stand up against such policies.
     Lt. General Boykin pointed out that this attempt to harm the reputation of those who disagree has already begun.  "The Department of Homeland Security issued a proclamation to all law enforcement -- federal, state and local -- that future threats to America would come from right-wing Christian groups, Second Amendment groups, pro-life groups, and returning veterans."  He then looks the camera square in the eye, and proclaims, "I'm all four!"  
     Boykin then points out that the next step in the Marxist model is to censor the Pastors.  We've seen a wave of hate crimes legislation that is designed to make it more difficult for pastors to stand up in the pulpit and talk about moral social issues.  And we have already seen efforts to control gun ownership, through the UN Small Arms Treaty.  "They will say it is designed to focus on military weapons.  Do you trust that assessment?", he asks.  As if to underscore his argument, the film presents silent statistics that tell the real story:  

20th Century Gun Control
Soviet Union (1929) - 20 Million Dissidents Exterminated
Turkey (1915) - 1.5 Million Armenians Exterminated
Germany (1938) - 13 Million Jews/Others Exterminated
China (1935) - 20 Million Dissidents Exterminated
Uganda (1970) - 300,000 Christians Exterminated
Cambodia (1975) - 1 million Dissidents Exterminated

     Add it up.  That is 56 million people murdered after their guns were confiscated by tyrannical governments.  I don't need to say more ... but the film does.  It goes on to introduce such Patriots as Dan Fisher, the leader of the modern-day Black Robe Regiment.  Citing the American Revolution's group of the same name, Dan Fisher saw a present need and filled it.  "Today the church is silent; we have lost sight of our spiritual heritage." Through corrupt politicians like LBJ, we the people, have allowed our government to pass legislation in order to silence the church; to slip into the tax code a restriction that any non-profit organization could not speak out in favor of, or against a candidate.
     Likewise the 1960 secularists twisted Thomas Jefferson's words into the popular "separation of church and state" mantra -- which appears in neither the Bible or the Constitution!  What he did say is as follows:  in a private letter written to a group of Baptists, Jefferson stated there was a wall between government and religion to keep the State from interfering with the affairs of the Church.  The implication was exactly the opposite of what the secularists claim ... the Church is to be protected from an overbearing State -- not the other way around!
     Indeed, the Russian dictator Lenin knew that religion was the opium of the people, and Joseph Stalin once stated, "America is like a healthy body; it's resistance 3-fold:  Patriotism, Morality and its Spiritual Life.  If we can undermine these areas, she will collapse from within."  It would appear as if the objectives of Mr. Stalin have been met; the last two have been successfully impaired, and the first is hanging on by a thread.
     As radio host and pastor, Chuck Baldwin says in the film, "The Church must stand in righteous indignation for the Truth or America is finished."  His thoughts are echoed by famed rock guitarist and Patriot, Ted Nugent:  "Our life is a gift from God and we have the right to defend it.  It is our moral, intellectual and spiritual responsibility to defend it from evil-doers."  
     This fine film goes on to touch on all the issues that contributed to our national decline:  Agenda 21, NAFTA, the Federal Reserve System, Globalization, reducing world population, medical control, National ID and RFID technology, secret societies, the One World Government, False Flags, and the de-evaluation of the Dollar.  This film covers it all and backs it all up with the opinions of knowledgeable experts that aren't afraid to state the truth.  
     And the truth is that we have gone from a nation of merchants, craftsman, entrepreneurs, inventors, manufacturers, and skilled workers to a nation of sales clerks, cashiers, stock persons, and home health aides.  The truth is that America was exceptional because we were built on the foundation of the Law of Nature and Nature's God; but we have now made government our God.  The truth is that there are now one-half the number of ranches that existed in this country 20 years ago; and it is the design of Agenda 21 that every county and state boundary will be extinguished.
     So, I can't say enough about this film.  The only suggestion that I could offer is that the run-time might be a tad too long to keep the full interest of a theater audience.  But the information and motivating commentary provided by the host of authors, legislators, constitutional scholars, military leaders, and pastors will inspire and encourage you to fight for our country, as she deserves. 
     I think that we all can identify with Randy Weaver's simple observation:  "I've always loved this country and still do; but we're in deep, deep trouble."  We may not have experienced the devastation that the Weaver family has sustained; but his dedication to his country, even now, should inspire each of us to do our part.  I hope that this film finds its way into theaters and informs and excites the American people to fight for our future.

Pslm 94:16    "Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?"


  1. Thank you for bringing this movie to light. I will obtain it soon as I can. I hope it wakes up a few more, as our nation is in a deep slumber. History has shown us that only a remnant will stand up for the Lord. Only three percent stood up to create this once great nation. They risked it all and most of them lost it all, either in death or poverty so we could have God given freedoms. God blessed us greatly as a result. Now it seems his blessings are not valued or cherished. Esau comes to mind. Thank you for your time and dedication to keep sounding the warnings.

    1. I'm afraid our time is running out to stop this destruction of our nation, but as long as we can reach one more person, we have to keep trying! This film will give you lots of information to pass on, and all from credible and knowledgable experts.