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February 1, 2014

How Long Would You Last In An Apocalypse?

     I ran across this witty little quiz on TruNews.com, and first approached it as a tongue-in-cheek way to amuse survivalists and preppers.  But after deciding that I was game to see if I could beat the Australian authors of the blog post (who only lasted one day), I quickly realized that there was more merit to the questions than I first thought.
     So, if you're feeling competitive, or simply want to know what your chances are when there's looting, chaos and general hysteria, here's your chance!  I'm going to list the questions for your consideration, but I recommend that you take the quiz to see how long you'd last.  If nothing else, it's a great starting place to do your own assessment.
1.  Are you, or have you ever been Ray Mears?  I'm chalking this one up to my lack of knowledge because I had no idea who Ray Mears was.  But apparently Mr. Mears is well known Down Under in bushcraft and survival techniques.  With good reason; while filming a documentary in Wyoming in 2005 Ray Mears was involved in a serious accident. The helicopter in which he and his camera crew were travelling struck the ground during a steep low level turn, and broke apart, rolling to a stop. The fuel tank was ruptured in the accident, and escaping fuel covered Mears and the crew. No fire occurred, and Mears was able to escape the wreckage uninjured and assist in the rescue and administer first aid to one of the crew who was badly hurt.   So, obviously, it's a good thing to be like Ray Mears.
2.  How many friends and family could you find and get to, without the help of your phone?  Ok, now we're getting serious.  This is an excellent question, because it will tell you if you and your friends/family have made plans on what to do and how to proceed should the SHTF.  Answer honestly, and if you don't like your answer, then do something about it!
3.  How long could you survive on the food in your cupboards?  Another question that will give you a pretty good idea on the odds of your survival.  And if you haven't thought about it, then that tells me you're probably not going to last long.  Give it some major thought, make a list, and start stocking up!
4.  How far can you run?  You know, if you really had to?  Boy, that one gave me serious pause.  How likely is it going to be that you will be able to stay comfortably put in the exact spot you are when an apocalypse goes down?  Can you move, and do it quickly, if you have to?  If not, maybe you better start getting in shape.  Your life is going to depend on it.
5.  Can you read a map?  You'd be surprised at how many people will fail at that task.  And I'd be surprised at how many people have ever had to follow a map, and determine how to get from point A to point B.  Remember, there won't be any MapQuest or Yahoo Driving Directions when the lights go out.  It's probably a good idea to have maps of your local area and know how to read them.
6.  You're lost in a forest.  Time to find north.  In the northern hemisphere, which side of a tree does moss grow on?  Ok, assuming that you have a map, and you know how to read it, and you need to start heading north to get to a family member or a safe destination, you better know how to figure out where north is .... especially if you don't happen to have a compass handy.  There are other ways to determine north, too.  You better do your research and have several options in your bag of tricks.
7.  You stumble into some looters.  Do you join in, fight them, or ignore them?  This is something that will probably depend on other elements in the scenario.  It's best to think about all those options now and determine your course of action, instead of making the wrong decision out of panic.
8.  The looters are desperate.  It's come down to a fight.  Are you going to throw some punches, get hurt, or run away?   Part B of question number 7.  Once again, depends on scenarios.  And you need to honestly know whether you are capable of throwing punches or running away (remember question #4).  And do you know how to protect yourself to minimize injuries?  Lots of fodder for some deep thinking here.
9.  Last question: Do you have someone to stay alive for?  Obviously, this question is meant to see if you have the heart and perhaps even the spiritual strength to do everything in your power to stay alive.  I also think that this is a powerful motivating factor to take care of all the preparations suggested in the previous questions ... plus a whole lot more!
      I believe that the instinct for survival is strong in all humans; but some will be able to fight harder and longer than others.  I would like to think that in that time of trouble, I would remember that this life God has called me to is for His purpose, not my own; and that I would be willing to do anything through His power to reach that target.  If it is my lot to experience an apocalyptic or crisis event, then I know that God appointed me to be there in that time, and that it is my privilege to do all I can for His kingdom.  I pray that I do not disappoint Him.
     Now that I've given you my thoughts on the quiz and disclosed my hopes for my own personal performance when TEOTWAWKI occurs, I urge you to take the quiz.  It's certainly not a definitive register of your preparedness, but anytime we are encouraged to consider these circumstances, it can only help fortify us.  By the way, the quiz told me I would last 20 years and compared me to Max Max.   Now there's a mental picture I can do without!

Psalm 31:1     "In you, O Lord, do I take refuge; let me never be put to shame; in your righteousness deliver me!"


  1. 5 years was my result.
    Take that to the bank!

  2. I took the quiz and I was given 40 years and was compared to Kevin Costner in waterworld

  3. Taking the quiz makes you stop and think ... do I REALLY want to live that long in an apocalyptic world?

  4. I was the dog in Independence day. 50 years and not based on much.

  5. 10 years for me. I'm Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead.