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November 16, 2013

Recommended Product: Liquid Eyes

     I don't make it a habit to endorse a product unless I've tried it and think it is something you should know about.  I feel so strongly about this product that I'm happy to give it a mention.  The maker and owner of Liquid Eyes is a new friend of mine, and these shooting glasses are definitely the best I've ever owned.
They are worth this recommendation because the reality of good eye protection is that you get only one chance.  If you shoot without eye pro or ear pro, you are tempting fate.  It's the dust, burning powder, flying brass, and bullet splash from shooting on steel that all pose a threat to your eyes.
     Liquid Eyes meets the highest standard which is designated as an ANSI Z87.1 standard.  What does this designation mean?  It is essentially a safety standard established by the private non-profit American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which ensures that a specific product meets a safety standard and is certified.  This allows you to know the safety standard for shooting or combat use has been met.
     The foundation of this test is that a specific lens can pass a "high mass" and "high velocity" test.  I won't go into all the technical jargon associated with this test, but suffice it to say, that Liquid Eyes meets this exacting standard.
     I just spent three days and 900 rounds behind a pair of Liquid Eyes called T-Flex and I want to sing the praises of these glasses!  The frames are available as a one-piece design (called Gaskets), or in the traditional folding design called T-Flex, which I wouldn't exactly call "traditional".  In fact, Liquid Eyes has jumped outside the box with their design and the one-piece, snap-in hard rubber hinges on the T-Flex model.  But don't let this fool you.  The T-Flex design is tough and will hold up to some serious activity.  They are excellent for tactical or combat use, motorcycling, skydiving and biking.
     The T-Flex design has eliminated the inherent weakness of screws and rivets, which is perfect for PLW.  He has shot competitively for years, and has marked significant time behind the likes of Oakley, Gargoyles, De-Cot Hy-Wyds, Smiths and Wiley X.  He is like a wrecking ball when it comes to fine shooting eyewear; they all eventually go to die in the random holsters and gear boxes in his man cave.
     The reason he really likes the Liquid Eyes, is because he prefers active sunwear that can serve as a shooting shield and multi-function as his sunglasses.  Dedicating eyewear as "shooting only" has never fit his profile; but others may prefer to commit Liquid Eyes as part of their range gear.
     Liquid's interchangeability is a plus for hard-end users like PLW.  If he trashes a lens, or wears out a hinge or nose piece, we can replace a component instead of replacing the entire unit.  Now, that suits me just fine!  The Anodized Aluminum frames are tough and will take a pounding, but make sure if these glasses are for tactical use, they are the UV models, which meet the ANSI safety standard.  Some of the polarized lenses aren't ANSI-rated.
Travis Haley rockin' his Gaskets.
     Another important feature of Liquid Eyes is the wrap-around design.  All light should be blocked by the wrap design.  If its blocking and protecting your eyes from light, then it is blocking and protecting them from flying foreign materials, like bullet jackets that come careening off steel.
     We both selected Tanzonite lenses because of the harsh Texas sun.  But lens selection runs the gamut and Liquid Eyes has something for everyone.  They can even meet your prescription requirements.  The truth is you get what you pay for, and these glasses are a double investment; they're a quality product and when you ask yourself, "What are my eyes worth"? then you know they are a sound product.
     All eye pro isn't the same --- so take a hard look at what Liquid Eyes offers.  They will give you years of service, unless you are like PLW and lose them in bulk quantities.  Maybe I should talk to Liquid Eyes about an internal GPS receiver?  Take a moment and check them out at www.liquidpolarized.com.

Psalm 101:3    "I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless." 


  1. Hey - is that you on the back of the motorcycle photo on their web site? ;-D

    1. Haha! You KNOW it isn't! But I'll go against her in a shooting match any day!