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August 13, 2013

He Is My Blessing!

     Today is a special day.  It is Peace-loving Warrior's birthday, and he hits one of those milestones in life that cannot be ignored.  But I don't want to concentrate on the number of his years.  If you will indulge me, I want to share the special man with whom God has allowed me to walk this earthly path.
     He would be embarrassed if he knew I was writing this about him.  He's not one of those men who likes to be bragged about or shoved into the spotlight.  He just kind of naturally finds himself there.  You know those men who are just "natural leaders"?  Who march to their own drummer and forge their own trail --- and who don't really care how anyone else is doing it?  That's him.  He just wants to do what he thinks is best and right for him, and for us; which usually results in others following his example.
     But he's not boastful or cocky.  He lets his actions and his results speak for themselves.  He's cool and calm under pressure -- whether it is a testosterone-inducing, male-bonding competition of some sort, or a life-and-death crisis.  You want him on your team.
     And that's where he's been throughout the course of our marriage.  He was my best friend before he was anything else, and when we realized that our relationship was meant for something lasting, he didn't forsake the mutual trust and support that is the cornerstone of any lasting friendship.  That solid foundation helped surround and secure a love that continues to deepen each year.  And he makes me laugh!  That is one of the most precious gifts he has ever given me .... he doesn't let me take myself or my self-righteous attitude too seriously; which certainly contributes to keeping the love alive!   
This is one of my favorite photos of PLW;
when the world disappears for a moment
     And one of the things that I love the most is that he is truly a Renaissance Man.  He is a man who is accomplished in a broad range of areas; from his God-given artistic talents, to his ability to hunt and survive in the outdoors, to his appetite for learning and mastering new skills.  But he is just as content sharing the quiet of the morning dove hunt with our beloved Labrador Retrievers.  In fact, "contentment" is probably at the foundation of who he is.
     And as long as we are talking about foundations, I am amazed at the man he has become in the last few years.  He's always been strong in his beliefs and in his integrity, but never more so than when all around us seemed to be declining.  As we faced the truth that big changes were coming to our nation, our culture and our faith, PLW stepped up and re-enforced where we stood.  He defined who we would be; it would be our decision what we upheld -- not the culture, not the government and not the "luke-warm" church.  He takes all that he believes seriously, and knows why he believes it.
     Perhaps it is a result of this milestone birthday, but he is comfortable with who he is and is willing to stand behind his convictions, regardless of the popular sentiment.  He won't compromise or settle for less; whether it is in the product he sells, his assistance to others, or the way he worships his Savior.  He's especially passionate about the latter!
     He has become an inspiration to me in his focus on knowing our God.  It's as if these last few years have ignited a hunger that was just waiting to be unleashed.  There's always a Bible open around our house, and I love our discussion/debates.   And I am not the only one who has been impacted, as he has been the leader in exploring our "home church" concept.
      And lest you think it makes him boring, cold, and dull, you couldn't be further from the truth.  Hear that big, boisterous voice and the laughter in the room?  You can guarantee that he is at the center of it.  He doesn't seek the attention; it just happens.  Yet he is perfectly happy to be apart from the cliques and the social scene; actually preferring our solitude over competing with the Joneses.  I guess you could say he is the master of his domain; not following any prescribed social mantra and just being comfortable in his own unconventional skin.
     So thank you for allowing me to express this personal praise to God for giving me this remarkable man who has loved me, guided me and inspired me.  He never wants me to lavish him with gifts on his birthday; he prefers to give to me, rather than to receive from me.  But he has no control over this method of giving him the accolades he deserves, and he'll just have to suffer through my tribute.  Happy Birthday, my love!

Psalm 37:30-31     "The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks justice. The law of his God is in his heart; his steps do not slip."



  1. You are both truly blessed. It brought tears to my eyes to hear how much you love, honor and cherish your wonderful husband.
    I think it's something very special when we wives can look at our husbands as our knights in shinning armor.
    Happy birthday PLW, may the good Lord grant you many more.


    1. Yes, I am truly blessed in all the important ways! We don't have much material wealth, but I am rich in a Godly husband and am inspired by his journey to holiness. We are just trying to listen for His guidance and hope we serve Him to our utmost. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I will pass them on to PLW.

  2. Hello to both of you! I just wanted to tell your Sweetheart husband a very happy birthday and hope this year will bring both of you happiness and good health and of course great prosperity. You are lucky Belle to have someone like him and to have a good influence and caring soul in your life. Many ladies out there would envy you! I also wanted to tell you that your post yesterday was great and indeed, that is exactly how I feel. I just don't know if I'm making a difference out there trying to let people know what path we're all heading down and to prepare spiritually and physically for this. Seems to be more people who don't care or maybe they're afraid to care for the reality is maybe too much for them. I don't know, but I do know you're right on spot with it. Take care and you two have a great day today. I loved the picture of your husband and his other faithful friend! Thanks for sharing your testimony and your life with all of us out there. It's inspiring and uplifting! Blessings to you and PLW

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I just wish you could know him! I am amazed at how God is using him to teach me, and to reach others for His kingdom.

      And I believe He is using people like us to plant the seeds for those who are willing to water them and cultivate them. As hard as it is to contemplate, I believe that there will be many who will never hear His message, through us or any other means. That saddens me! But we have to trust Him and do as we are called. So never think that you are accomplishing nothing for Him ... you are! He can use you in ways you will probably never see, but won't it be exciting to see the fruits of your labor when you stand before Him? God bless you!

  3. Happy Birthday to the one-and-only, PLW! I hope you both had an awesome day celebrating and welcoming another year! Miss you guys <3

    1. You just put the biggest smile on PLW's face! You know he thinks you're the greatest! He can't wait to see you and continue your on-going discussion. Thanks for remembering him!

  4. Sorry I'm a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I think of you both every day and look forward to reading this blog.

    I hope you had a great day, got to do some celebrating, and that you have many, many more to look forward to.


    1. Thanks, my friend! We, too, think of you and hope your fabulous family is doing well. We feel like we know them ... hope your daughter is loving the Navy!