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February 2, 2013

Sudden Outbreak of Shingles?

     OK, it's Saturday morning, and maybe my mind has wandered a bit outside my normal range of topics.  But I can no longer ignore what I'm about to talk to you about.  There will be some who will see me as donning my conspiracy theory hat, but I ask you to hear me out.
     About three weeks ago, PLW began complaining of a persistent earache, and then a burning sensation on his neck.  Within a day or two blistery-type lesions appeared on the back of his neck.  Within another two days or so, he had a full-blown case of the shingles .... "the worst" the doctor had ever seen.  We had a couple of scary days, as the lesions progressed to his face, and we worried about his eyes--- shingles can cause blindness.  Now, you need to understand that shingles are usually a by-product of stress, although a trauma or injury to the body can also be the culprit.  But since, if you know PLW, he rarely gives into stress, we credited a weekend project that involved him lifting sixty 80-pound bags of concrete as the source of the outbreak.
     I have to tell you, that I have never seen him so sick or in so much pain.  He also ran a 102-degree fever, which the doctor could not explain.  A late administration of an anti-viral drug stopped any further outbreak, and a neuro-gel prescribed by another doctor helped deaden the nerve endings and bring him some relief.  I  have never him in so much pain.  He said it felt like the stings of a hundred scorpions and he could now understand why those inflicted in the Book of Revelation by the stinging locusts would want to take their own lives.   I would have chalked it up to just an unusual event in our lives except for what happened in the coming days.
     First of all, the rare cases of shingles that have come into my sphere of family and friends, have always been among what our culture would term "the older population."  In fact, shingles usually happens to people over 60 and closer to 70 years of age.  Yet PLW is 10-20 years younger than those age groups.  Then the fact that two weeks later, his sister is diagnosed with shingles.  And just this week another friend of ours has come down with a severe strain of shingles that causes a palsy in the facial muscles.  His concern is that sometimes that muscle tone does not return.  The curious thing is that all these people are far younger than the average age of shingles patients.
     As you can imagine, I started wondering about this "coincidence."  And I began to hear about more and more cases of people popping up with the shingles.  Even ten years ago, you only heard of the occasional case of shingles, and then usually among the elderly.  Now, I was hearing about multiple cases, and all of them in the recent past.
     Then just yesterday morning, a very good friend forwarded me an email with a most interesting link.  it was of a Youtube video that talked about the rising number of shingles cases and questioning whether it could be in conjunction with the increasing number of sighted chemtrails.  The doctor in the video, Dr. Edward Group, is a natural healing proponent and comes with a pretty good case of credentials.
alleged "chemtrails"
     And just in case, you're not familiar with what chemtrails are, Wikipedia defines the term "chemtrails" as coming from the words "chemical trails" in the same fashion that the term "contrail" comes from the words "condensation trail." It is a term coined to suggest that airplane contrails are formed by something other than a natural process of engine exhaust hitting the cold air in the atmosphere.  Long labeled a "conspiracy theory" by so-called "scientists", there are those who sincerely believe that the criss-crossing of condensation trails in the sky are actual aerial sprayings containing chemicals such as barium and aluminum salts, polymer fibers, thorium, or silicon carbide.
     Whether you believe this as fact or call it a hoax, you cannot deny the countless reports from concerned citizens who have witnessed these strange, wispy cloud formations in the sky.  Just Google "chemtrail" and see that this subject is not treated lightly.  Read the myriad of articles and look at the images, then decide for yourself.  The fact that reports come from all over the globe, and that "official" responses to the allegations have been somewhat vague, only serve to lend more credibility to the witnesses of actual events.  For instance, in Britain, when the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs was asked "what research her Department has undertaken into the polluting effects of chemtrails from aircraft", the response was that "the Department is not researching into chemtrails from aircraft as they are not scientifically recognised phenomena...".  Not that they don't exist; they just don't recognize them and therefore aren't studying them.
accepted contrails
     And in a response to a petition by concerned Canadian citizens that "chemicals used in aerial sprayings are adversely affecting the health of Canadians," the Government House Leader responded by stating, "There is no substantiated evidence, scientific or otherwise, to support the allegation that there is high altitude spraying conducted in Canadian airspace. The term 'chemtrails' is a popularized expression, and there is no scientific evidence to support their existence."
     Hmmm, "no substantiated evidence" and "no scientific evidence" are terms I would be willing to apply to Global warming, as well.  So, excuse me, if these denunciations aren't exactly convincing.  And we've seen how the "scientific evidence" for Global Warming has been increasingly challenged.
     Then in 2001, United States Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced legislation that would have permanently prohibited the basing of weapons in space, and he listed chemtrails as one of a number of exotic weapons that would be banned.  So why enter them into the Congressional record if they don't exist?
     I will assert that I am highly unqualified to prove the validity of chemtrails, but I will tell you that I have seen them.  These supposed "condensation trails" have appeared in the sky, been highly visible and lasted far longer than the trails from commercial airliners.  I cannot say that they are the definitive cause of the recent and unprecedented outbreak of shingles among a population that is normally not susceptible to them.  But I will tell you that I witnessed such "trails across the sky" a few weeks before PLW became so frighteningly ill.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  But if I continue to hear of more cases among younger members of our community, then I just might have to start wearing a tin-foil hat.

Psalm 41:3     "The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness."


  1. Hello Belle,

    After reading this post I thought I would tell you that this very topic has been brought up over and over to my attention by not just my viewing of this, but our neighbors, our friends and my husband who drives quite a bit and observes these daily. He says that there are so many, many of these in the sky and he does know the difference between the two. He said he'll be driving along and the sky will be nice and clear and before it's all over those things cover the sky and it's very overcast. I think if people will just give this some serious thought, I'd like to ask them to think about when and where they lived fifteen-twenty years ago and consider if they paid attention to the skies at that time. If they did, they certainly didn't see what we see today. Yes, I definitely believe that this is causing health issues and another thing that goes beyond that is with this being sprayed, the grasses, the crops of food we eat, our water, everything that is living is being affected slowly by this. We are seeing animals ill more often and can't figure out what is wrong with them. We're seeing our children and adults coming down with illnesses such as the shingles and many, many upper respiratory diseases. You're seeing an increase of animals, such as dogs with skin allergies that comes early in their lives and sometimes cannot be helped even with drugs. They will chew their feet and legs until they're bleeding and have sores on their bodies. Children have skin allergies, asthma and upper respiratory issues that they continue to struggle with. I know I may be older than some out there, but no one can tell me ever that we had the type of health issues that we have today that we had thirty-forty years ago. The food that we consume as well as the animals, is being affected and, in turn affects us physically. I think everyone needs to be wearing their tin-foil hat! I will continue to pray for your husband and family and hope that they can get through this. Another thing, I do not get flu vac. injections and it's because I do not trust what they're putting into those. When you hear of health care workers that will not take those, I'd say that's a heads up for us. I continue to use good judgment to being exposed to others who are ill and use good hygiene practice and try to eat properly to hopefully ward off sickness. I know it isn't a "for sure" protection, but there seems to be a whole lot of people getting the flu that continually get their yearly injections to supposedly be protected. One year, some years ago that I did decide to get one, which I really didn't want to, but with family members encouraging me and saying that it was silly not to, I did, and I ended up getting the flu. I'll count on God and good judgement.

    1. Lisa, you are right to point out the skin allergies that dogs and people are getting, and how all this affects our food and water supplies. We must be ever vigilant, protecting our health as best we can. Between the chemicals dropping from the sky and the radical changes coming in our healthcare system, we can not be too careful.

    2. Medicine agrees there is a 39% increase in shingles, and determined that it was not due to the chickenpox vaccine, which started to be administered in 1995. The chickenpox vaccine uses the live virus(don't believe anyone who says a vaccine doesn't contain the virus, unless they explain by what mechanism the vaccine works[they can't.].).

  2. Could this be part of Agenda 21 to elimitate population? I don't put anything past our government anymore. I guess I should get may tin foil hat ready.
    I thought shingles was caused from having chickenpox. My dad had it not too long ago in the ear and around his neck. He is someone who never complains about anything, he too said it was the most painful thing he had ever experienced.
    You and your PLW are in my prayers.


  3. Shingles does derive from the same virus as chickenpox and your history of this childhood disease plays into the possibility of getting shingles. But when Fox News does a feature on the unprecedented cases this winter, and then YouTube videos start questioning what is behind the sudden outbreak, well, you know the old saying .... where there is smoke, there is usually fire. And Big Pharma would love it, if the whole country got in line to take the shingles vaccine!

  4. Here are two really go videos regarding chemtrails.

    What in the world are they spraying?


    Why in the world are they spraying?


  5. I believe if you would google asap silver sol,it has been a help to the problem of shingles.The gel can be applied topically and it will bring relief to you both..

  6. Hi I live in the Uk and have shingles,I am in my early 40'S.I am one of four people in my area that has shingles one of which is a 11 year old. I was interested in all the comments and after doing an internet search was amazed that there is a worldwide epidemic.Surprisingly there is a government campaign here to get a vaccine for the older generation.
    Recently we had an outbreak of measles the government and media scared parents into having the MMR with thousands of parents queuing for hours.We were told a young man had died from it and was having a post mortem.. The country was shocked! more vaccines were given to our children because of this and the post mortem proved inconclusive.This poor man RIP weighed only 8 stone and was over 6ft,so clearly had underlying medical issues.Then I read about scores of dolphins being washed up on a shore line somewhere in the world,they were found to have measles!!I am healthy do not have a low immune system but have been left feeling dreadful after shingles.I have my suspicions that we are all being subjected to illnesses and diseases in order for the population to be encouragde to agree to vaccines.What is in them and are they safe?.Giving an older population a vaccine makes it easy to disguise its adverse effects.How can any side effects be attributed to the vaccine when most elderly people have pre existing medical conditions? I honestly distrust any government or pharmaceutical company in regards to vaccines,what is the underlying agenda here? Strange events occur all over the world with our aquatic and bird life being found dead in their masses.A visionary in Europe (thesecondcoming.com) warns us about vaccinations and the intention of depleting the population.Whatever your views and you may think I am a CRAZY woman who's shingles have affected her..Just think about any vaccines you may have. xx

    1. I don't think you're crazy at all! In fact, I think you are right on target! We are definitely living in dangerous and evil times... and distrust is a very natural response. Vaccines are such an easy way to do population control and most people will line up for them just because the government tells them to. You are right to warn people and I am with you 100%!

  7. I dont understand the theory. If chemtrails are real, they will be affecting the entire population, including the supposed government members behind it. We all breath the same air. Doesnt make sense.

    1. This is how I see it. There are all kinds of allergens in the air, right? Some of us are allergic to certain kinds of pollens, while others remain untouched. This is just another substance that can cause reactions in people, only it is manmade. I know that ragweed makes me sneeze, have headaches, feel lethargic and achy, with fevers. Who knows what effects the elements in chemtrails will have on us, and which people will be affected? Or how long before symptoms manifest themselves. Not so far-fetched to me.

  8. I hope the general thought is not that they want to spray vaccines on us to protect us. They want to cull the population so it's a reasonable assumption the vaccines that many are acquiescing to have substances in them to shorten our lives, not prolong them. Look at what is happening in the third-world countries if anyone thinks this is far-fetched.

  9. I had to sign a form at my doctors saying that i refused the flu vaccine. I think a record is being kept on who does & doesn't get the shots.

    1. I would totally agree! And isn't that sad and terrifying, at the same time?