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December 11, 2012

Those Are Fightin' Words!

     I'm not sure I can contain myself in this post.  I don't even like mentioning this man's name; he is such a disgusting and loathsome human being.  I usually just dismiss him for the mentally deficient excuse of a man that he is, but the hateful Bill Maher has stepped over the line this time!  In case you haven't heard, he somehow felt it was important to denigrate and malign an American icon this past weekend .... Andy Williams.
     Here's what he had to say on his Twitter feed (and I will correctly spell out his twitter shorthand -- he can use all the help he can get to look halfway intelligent): ..... Andy Williams Christmas songs: I wish I could forget I found out near the end of his life he was a teabag idiot. But I can't, so put on Dean Martin.
     OK, I know that he thinks all of us who identify in the least with Tea Party sentiments are worthless peabrains.  That's alright --- I don't give a damn what he thinks about me.  But to vilify one of the most-beloved American icons .... (who just happens to spawn emotional and sentimental feelings during the Christmas season) .... is too much for me.  I can't remain silent.

     Does he hate Mr. Williams because he represents the old-fashioned conservative image of America?  Or is the venom coming from the fact that our beloved Andy is so closely tied to Christmas, which the atheist Maher despises?  Whatever the reason, I won't let his slam go unanswered.
     If you're like me, you remember those Christmas holidays, when the entire family gathered in front of the TV for the Andy Williams Christmas special.  It was an event in our household!  All us kids quit pestering each other for a full hour, while my parents looked forward to ending their hectic day on a joyful note.  This was no second-rate TV show!  The sets and stage scenes were elaborate, and all the old favorite Christmas songs would be sung.   You looked forward to the ever-present Osmond Brothers, and my mother's favorite, the Lennon Sisters from the Lawrence Welk show.  
     Andy's own brothers would join him for a song or two, and his beautiful wife and children were always a part of the show, along with his parents.  You really felt like you were witnessing a happy family celebration.  And that voice!  His rendition of "O, Holy Night" brings tears to me eyes.  And "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" just signifies Christmas to millions of people!  I remember that was one of the first albums my Dad bought when he purchased a new console stereo unit.  We must have played that Christmas album several hundred times.  It finally wore out!
     And from what I've heard, when the TV executives no longer found Andy "relevant", he took his show to Branson and continued to entertain millions of Americans who still valued his brand of quality entertainment.  
     So I know that loving Andy Williams may sound corny.  But hearing his smooth, mellow voice and those incredible notes can instantly return me to a time when America felt connected, and the love of Christmas was shared by all.  I'm sorry that Bill Maher can't appreciate that.  I can't imagine how miserable his soul must be.  As for me, I'll continue to celebrate Andy Williams and what he represents:  a time when Christmas was about family and not commercialism; a time when, as a nation, we valued what this holy holiday meant; and a time when a simple, understated, and uncomplicated man could be admired for a God-given talent that brought such joy to millions.  Rest in peace, Mr. Williams.  While you entertain the angels in Heaven, you will sing on in my heart and memories.

Psalm 104:33    "I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."


  1. This year, especially BR, I am in total shock and a heart sickness that I cannot describe. The hate, the ill will, the...I don't have words to even lay words upon anything going on any more of the attitude and vileness and ugliness, that people are showing, its even around here where I live in the conservative plains. And what makes it out in the world and the public is the fact that you have social media now and hate can be spewed out in seconds and relayed all over the world in a New York minute.
    I grew up with Andy Williams, and Perry Como, and many others, this is the way I grew up, it was precious, and had and has lasting memories for me that I will hold on to forever.
    I find that now the hateful and ill-tempered are gaining power because they now have fuel from the present administration that supports this form of "ill will" toward others, here in the US and the world. I know that is has been coming, but it is really raising its ugly head now, and it is dividing the country and its people toward a puratory that I do not think that will ever be recovered. I pray that people will open their eyes and realize they are being played from the PTB's right into their plans. God help us.

    1. I want you to put all the ugliness and hate where it belongs .... at the feet of the Enemy.... and remember that HE WILL BE DEFEATED! It is his goal and joy to remove our happiness from us, so don't give him the satisfaction of winning. Put on those old Christmas CDs and sing as you decorate the Christmas tree. (I just bought a CD of Frank Sinatra singing the old carols and it puts me in such a great mood!) Then pop some popcorn and sit down to watch "It's A Wonderful Life". Let the good emotions of Christmas wash over you. The country is becoming more divided, that's true, but I refuse to give away my joy or let them steal my Christmas memories. Those who are asleep will not be able to avoid what's coming much longer. We must be ready to help them see the light and encourage them to get in the fight with us to keep our faith and liberties alive. Just keep focused on what you know is right and good; don't get swallowed up by the system or the culture. You can work within it, and not be consumed by it. Remember, we are the good guys!

  2. Hi Belle,

    My family too watched Andy Williams and his family on TV! It was such a wonderful show of Christmas spirit and the music was wonderful. I still listen to his music and it sure hasn't lost anything with the years and this man will always stick in my heart and mind as part of my family Christmas. What he did will never be "outdated"...period. I still find myself humming some of his songs in the barn as I do chores! As far as Mr. Maher, (the Grinch who never changed his heart), okay, I'll say it, he's a jerk and to be honest, I can't actually ever see him ever saying anything nice about anything positive or even expect it. He is a very miserable individual and he would like to pass that on to everyone. What Mr. Maher doesn't know is how much more those comments of his makes me listen to Andy Williams all the more! Maybe we should all chip in and send him an album of Mr. Williams for Christmas, but....naw....that would probably ruin his Christmas...oh, excuse me, his holiday. People with the likes of him can't take the goodness out of good no matter what, so I say hang him up on the hook in the closet out of site and let's all continue to enjoy what the true meaning of Christmas is. Don't let this kind of person ruin our thoughts and memories and the Spirit of Christmas today and those of our past. Let us turn on the radio and our CD's, turn up the volume and listen on....to Andy Williams!

    1. I love your idea, Lisa! I would love to see every shopping mall and radio station playing non-stop Andy Williams! At least we would all be walking around with smiles on our faces and a warm feeling in our hearts. Maher will never ruin Christmas for those of us who carry the Spirit of the Season in our souls.

  3. Knowing how much Andy Williams meant to you - and to me as well - I've recently come across Pat Boone's " The Exodus Song " from his Gold Collection. Quite moving to realize he wrote it himself and accepted so well by the nation of Israel. Words are MOVING !

  4. I researched the lyrics to the song, and you are so right, the words are moving and so relevant! Thank your sharing!