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December 3, 2012

The "Pathway" To Hell

     This post was very hard for me to write.  What I'm about to share has seen limited exposure on Fox News, while some of the more conservative talk radio hosts have probed deeper into the subject.  But I want to try to explore this abomination through the annals of history and show you where we're headed.
     I'm sure you have heard the report by a "whistleblower" physician in the UK about the accepted practice of "death pathways" among sick children, including newborn disabled babies.  Apparently, the much-lauded National Health Service (NHS) not only facilitates, but advocates, end-of-life treatment for the elderly, the terminally ill, and now the very young.   You remember the NHS, right?  They were featured and applauded at this year's Olympics as the future of nationalized healthcare; with Mary Poppins-like caregivers dropping from the sky to tuck the sick little children into their hospital beds.  This notorious healthcare system is primarily funded through general taxation rather than requiring insurance payments.  Sound familiar?
     A protocol for dying elderly patients has been in force for a decade.  Now one is being developed for children.   Parents have to agree to their child going on the death "pathway", often being told by doctors it is in the child’s ‘best interests’ because their survival is ‘futile’.  But just what are the doctors' objectives?  Many say to free up hospital beds and reduce the costs of the public program.
     But let me tell you just how inhumane and abhorrent this healthcare system has become.  According to the physician who exposed this evil, the "pathway to death" is anything but peaceful and compassionate.  In the acclaimed British Medical Journal, the doctor describes this "pathway" as a 10-day process, during which the baby becomes “smaller and shrunken.”  He admitted to starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in the neonatal unit of one hospital.  This doctor wrote of the pain of watching the slow, forced deaths of newborn babies. One baby’s parents decided to put their infant on the “pathway” because of a “lengthy list of unexpected congenital anomalies,” according to the doctor. Parents, for God knows what reasons, are willing to sacrifice their children, rather than attempt to give them life.
     As I contemplated this unimaginable scenario, I realized that in the history of man, this is nothing new.  You must remember that I see things from a Biblical worldview, not a secular worldview.  I see history as a continuous playing out of God's attempt to reconcile Himself with His creation, versus seeing historical events and time periods as separate and unrelated occurrences.
     China is a modern example of a nation's willingness to sacrifice its children, and the diabolical results of such practices.  Their one-child policy has resulted in a shortage of female children (since males are preferred, and females are "discarded" in a variety of ways).  This infanticide has led to a shortage of brides and an increase in sex trafficking.  America's embrace of abortion is reprehensible, and has likewise resulted in a declining population among certain demographics
     One need only go back 70 years or so to discover the secret edict issued by Hitler in WWII Germany.  His infanticide policy required midwives and doctors to report every child born with disabilities, in order to keep track of all for potential killing, regardless of how mild the impairment.  German doctors killed tens of thousands of disabled babies.  In his book, Culture of Death, author Wesley J. Smith offers this account:  The first known German government-approved infanticide, the killing of Baby Knauer, occurred in early 1939.  The baby was blind and had a leg and an arm missing.  Baby Knauer’s father was distraught at having a disabled child.  So, he wrote to Chancellor Hitler requesting permission to have the infant “put to sleep.”  Hitler had been receiving many such requests from German parents of disabled babies over several years and had been waiting for just the right opportunity to launch his euthanasia plans.  The Knauer case seemed the perfect test case.  He sent one of his personal physicians, Karl Rudolph Brandt, to investigate.  Brandt’s instructions were to verify the facts, and if the child was disabled as described in the father’s letter, he was to assure the infant’s doctors that they could kill the child without legal consequence.  With the Fuhrer’s assurance, Baby Knauer’s doctors willingly murdered their patient at the request of his father.  Brandt witnessed the baby’s killing and reported back to Hitler who was pleased all went as planned.  Based on this case of requested infanticide, Hitler signed the order permitting doctors to kill disabled infants.
     Unfortunately, infanticide is not something that belongs only to the 20th or 21st centuries.  Infanticide, was common throughout the Roman Empire and other parts of the ancient world, according to a new study in the Journal of Archeological Science.  And researchers working an excavation at Ashkelon, Israel found the skeletal remains of 100 infants, all about the same full-term age. They were not buried, but instead were cast into a sewer that ran beneath a brothel. Researchers suspect that most such victims were suffocated to death.
     These reports and findings mirror Old Testament scriptures, where we find warnings against sacrificing children to the pagan gods.  Leviticus, 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Isaiah and Ezekiel tell us of the practice that is an abomination in God's eyes.  The false gods in Biblical times had names like Molek, Adrammelek and Anammelek.  Today, we sacrifice our children to false idols and doctrines known as population control, women's rights, quality of life, and convenience.
     All these reasons are being tied up in a nice little package called the Affordable Care Act.  Just take a look at the NHS and you see our future.  They are going broke and cannot be sustained.  This results in radically reduced services. When human life is regarded as disposable -- whether it be babies or the elderly -- and cost control replaces treatment as the main objective, then anything that enables government to reduce costs is possible.  It then is only a matter of conditioning the public to accept lower-quality care and rationing, otherwise known as the "pathway."
     Sacrificing children is nothing new in the history of man, but that doesn't make it any less detestable to the God of Creation.  He warned ancient Israel about His coming judgment, so what makes us think we will go unjudged?  Listen to His words:

Ezekiel 20:31-33     "When you offer your gifts—the sacrifice of your children in the fire—you continue to defile yourselves with all your idols to this day .... You say, “We want to be like the nations, like the peoples of the world, who serve wood and stone.” But what you have in mind will never happen.  As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I will reign over you with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm and with outpoured wrath."



  1. Only our collaborating media could ignore the British NHS during the Obama-care debate. The latest report you've referenced about the NHS's "Pathway" process is for babies. It's been going on for years in Britain for the elderly. When you're old & sick in Britain, you better hope you have money for private coverage or pro-active kids who demand you get fluids and medicine. Otherwise, the elderly "Pathway" process will let you dehydrate, starve and die.
    And this is all because the GOVERNMENT doesn't want to have to spend money to save people. And where is the Church of England in this? They are just another corrupt wing of their socialist government. Could you imagine an American evangelical church putting up with this for their members?
    Too bad the Obama-bots didn't put that part in their creepy "Life of Julia" campaign ad. "When Julia is 80 and suffering from mild dementia, Obama-care paid for procedures will make sure she gets a little valium while she's allowed to dehydrate and die. Her family will be grateful Julia went quietly without burdening the government any more."
    And it's too bad that so many American citizens (and I guess the Illegals who got to vote, too) don't understand that voting to keep these programs in place can only result in the same government that is giving them things now will ultimately work to quickly help them and their disadvantaged children to go quietly into the night...all as a matter of dollar-cost ratios and convenience.
    I guess the Hippocratic Oath is just a moral abstraction in English med schools. Keep praying and exposing this perversion so that it doesn't come to America.

  2. My heart and soul are truly grieved by this and it grieves me so to think that little children have no voice as well as many elderly. Why do we do this to ourselves, honestly and WHY DO WE ALLOW IT! I would just like to remind everyone, you will be old someday too, or get cancer, or you too could have a child that the government feels is a "problem" and costs too much money for their care, and you could also end up with some work related accident or car accident that would make you an invalid, or come home from war with a missing limb or mentally impaired, so the possibility of those people could be put on that list as well. It is truly barbaric and evil. Yes, you're right, we as a people really haven't changed and yes, I know that this has happened before and will continue. I feel that people who do the work of the devil, their souls are condemned. Seems to me that anything that isn't just "right" in our society is brushed under the carpet and hoped that it will go away or if needed, it will be disposed of. We do that with our children, the elderly, those who are impaired and our pets. I know that our Father in Heaven is heartbroken to see how we treat our brothers and sisters and our little children. This evil will never stop until He returns. We should all try to teach our children and grandchildren how important life is and to show compassion for particularly those who are in need of understanding and to give them hope, not a death sentence.

  3. Another thing to consider: January marks the 40 year anniversary of legalized abortion in the USA with Roe v. Wade. Do you think judgement is way overdue for the slaughter of the innocents in their mothers' wombs? Millions of deaths. Sacrificed to the idols of convenience, career, money, hassle, shame, pressure from parents or boyfriends, etc. My heart goes out to those women decieved by the enemy, abortion counselors, women's health clinics etc to agree to aborting their unborn child, thankfully the Lord is gracious to forgive at the first sign of repentance! Anyway, this coming 40 year mark weighs heavily on my heart, I grieve for the wrath of God which our country unfortunately deserves for this.