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August 17, 2012

Stop The Leaks! Our National Security Is At Risk!

     Earlier this week, a group of retired Special Operations and military intelligence officials took a stand against what they see as a serious erosion of our national security interests.  This non-partisan, non-political group of ex-CIA Officers, Navy Seals, Delta Force, Generals, Lt. Colonels and one disguised operative are speaking out about the grandstanding this Administration has done, and they argue that, not only is it putting our intelligence community at risk and endangering the lives of our active duty personnel, but it is a critical threat to our national security..
     In a video just released, called Dishonorable Disclosure: How Leaks and Politics Threaten National Security, they lay it on the line.  The group calls itself Special Operations OPSEC Educational Fund (OPSEC, for short) and seeks to educate the American public about the importance of military intelligence and why our government's disclosures to the world at large have put this nation and those who defend it at so much risk.

     They say it loud and clear.  Military operations depend on good intelligence.  Our military needs intelligence to identify targets that want to harm us; to determine the capability of our enemies, and how we are going to take the fight to our enemies.  In the words of one of the men, "It is the foundation of everything.  Good intelligence is the difference between wasting lives on a mission or getting a mission accomplished as ordered."
     They revealed that techniques and technology may have changed throughout the years, but two things remained constant:  1) Human intelligence --- penetrating the enemy with real people, not equipment.  It's the only kind of intelligence that can provide us with how the enemy's leadership thinks.  2)  Operational security --- never let your enemy know your intentions or your operations.  It is the difference between success and failure.  When opsec is violated, our enemies gain the upper hand.
     So when our Leadership grabs for glory with a press conference, and claims a victory for killing Osama Bin Laden, (just hours after the raid), it undermines our military and the men and women who really pulled it off.  It took the American military years of hard work, dedicated service and the sacrifice of lives to accomplish this mission.  It was not one man and not one administration!
     OPSEC and this film want to make one thing perfectly clear:  POLITICS SHOULD NEVER COME BEFORE NATIONAL SECURITY!  They want to see politicians stop capitalizing on national security operations and military secrets to enhance their personal reputations.
     The Bin Laden news conferences dealt a severe blow to our intelligence community.  In this video you will learn that these series of news conference revealed 25 years of military secrets, including the actual name of the special mission unit, the cover name of the unit, the location of the special mission unit .... even the name of the dog that accompanied the operatives on the mission!  The tactics, the techniques and the procedures of the mission were compromised; and all for a moment's glory.  The Bin Laden raid may have been broadcast as a victory for the nation, but it was an intelligence nightmare.
     The early announcement defeated our ability to exploit any intelligence that might have been gathered at OBL's compound, such as computer files, paper files, and human intelligence.  As one of the OPSEC spokesman explained, "the rats immediately scurried into hiding."
     Further leaks exposed how we got there, how many people we used, the tactics of the mission itself, what we did after, and who helped us.  As a result a Pakistani doctor, who was instrumental in supplying intel is now serving 33 years in a Pakistani jail!  This will obviously hinder future operations and future sources of intel.
Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and other Hollywood elites
     But the sabotage of our military didn't stop there.  Just days after the raid, Hollywood producers and actors were invited to the White House so they could receive a briefing on exactly how the raid took place!  For the life of me, I can't imagine any sound reasoning behind that move!  To make the next blockbuster propaganda movie?  Really?  As a result, the military and Special Operations forces feel as if they have become a political weapon.  They are adamant that they ARE NOT!
     "Our job is to be silent professionals.  We do not seek recognition.  We do not seek popularity," states Ben Smith, Navy Seal.  Simon, (not his real name) goes even, further:  "Seal Team Six was identified as the unit.  Now our enemies are trying to identify who they are.  This places them and their families at risk.  Anyone who thinks it hasn't, is being naive."
     The leaks didn't stop with the OBL raid.  One recent leak exposed a joint intelligence operation between the US and Israel, involving the Stuxnet Worm, a very powerful internet program capable of shutting down sophisticated computer systems.  It has been used against the Iranians and their nuclear weapons program, setting them and their nuclear capabilities back years.  When this administration leaked the existence of Stuxnet, many in the halls of Congress and the military community wondered, "Why?"  What will be the cost of trading national secrets for political gain?
     So the obvious question is, "Why would Israel (or anyone) trust us after this betrayal?"  Now our enemies know exactly what we are capable of.  And through leaks such as these, the men and women who lay their lives on the line to protect us, have been compromised.
     Our active duty Special Operations forces are prohibited from speaking out against the government. That's why these retired personnel are talking; being up front, open and honest.  They have formed this coalition to lend their voices to active duty men and women who are overseas fighting for you and me.
Duty ... Honor ... Country --- these are the values fought for by our heroes; without thoughts of glory or recognition.  Too bad that those in national leadership, who are supposed to have their backs, don't possess the same moral code.  I applaud OPSEC for speaking out and standing up for our brave warriors.
Amos 5:13      "Therefore the prudent keep quiet in such times, for the times are evil." 

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