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August 9, 2012

Montie Gear Slingshot For Women

     I have crossed over into a new frontier!  I have gained some level of competence in my survival and firearms training, and I've learned more about red dot sights, one-point slings, and concealed carry holsters than I ever thought possible.  But now I've added a very important skill to my repertoire.  I have mastered the operation of the slingshot!
     Once the exclusive domain of Huck Finn and generations of boys with pockets full of marbles, I can honestly say that I believe women can master this many-faceted tool as well as any man.
     While surfing the net, I came across the ultimate in slingshot design.  It is called the Slingshot, Y-Fork, and is available at www.montiegear.com.  Being a female, I have to admit that I was drawn to the design, colors, and individual elements of the slingshot.  The aluminum frame looked modern and high tech; the flat band looked more substantial than the ones I remember my brothers using; and I especially liked the aspect of paracord that wraps around the handle -- both for comfort of holding the slingshot, and as a very versatile tool for emergencies.
     In addition, these guys know how to appeal to women of all ages.  You  know we like choices, right?  Well you can choose between black, desert camo, woodland camo, digital, green or pink for your paracord.  If that doesn't tell you that slingshots are not just for guys, I don't know what does!
     I was so excited to receive my slingshot and couldn't wait to put it to the test.  Having never shot a slingshot before, I figured I would need several practice runs.  Wrong!  The construction of the frame and the comfort of the paracord make it a natural fit for your hand.  And I shoot a bow, so the action of pulling back the band was familiar.  I lined up several water-filled Solo cups and started aiming.  After a couple of adjustments to my aim, I was able to consistently hit my target, and I started thinking about what a great addition it will be to my self-defense options.  It may not be the most destructive course of action, but it worked for King David, didn't it?  Believe me, this simple weapon is no pushover!
     And it could very easily be used for small game hunting.  Rabbits, squirrels and game birds are all targets for hunting with a slingshot.  
     You can also order the slingshot with an additional component; an arrow rest.  That substantially opens up your choices for hunting.  Ammo (ball bearings) can be ordered in 1/2" or 3/8"diameters, and believe me, when you hit your target, they do the job.
     In the light of full disclosure, I must tell you that this is not your Dollar Store variety of slingshot.  At $99.95, it may be more than you're looking to spend.  But I would not let the price keep you from experiencing its power, durability and versatility!  It will last for many years of fun and self-defense purposes.  The only thing that will keep you from continued use will be the fact that you just can't stop shooting it, resulting in a serious lack of ammo.  Stock up!
     So guys, if you're reading this and your wife is a sincere prepper, here's a unique one-of-a-kind gift.  And get ready ..... for the fiercest slingshot contest of your life!  Go to my youtube channel to see a video of this slingshot in action.

1 Samuel 17:50     "So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him."


  1. assuming you have a gun, how is the slingshot an important part of your prepping?

  2. It's just one more tool in your belt. If TEOTWAWKI happens, every round of ammo you buy right now (or reload) is an asset for the future. And it is only going to get more expensive. So you want to preserve it. You can use marbles and a slingshot to hunt small game. Where I live, cottontails abound. So why waste a bullet and create a noise signature (that announces your location), when I can easily dispatch my dinner without letting anyone know where I am? Also, they can be used for a non-lethal defensive weapon, such as stray dogs, people who don't present a lethal threat (kids that are causing havoc), etc. that the presence of a gun would only escalate the situation. It serves the same purpose as a pellet gun.

  3. hey Belle:
    Great write up on the slingshot, I own one as well plus the wrist brace, have used it many times to scare away animals from the trash cans and like you said will not make a noise like my 22lr would . A lot of people will not understand how effective a good slingshot really is ,as I figure most don't even know how to really use one or care to. thanks again for the writeup