A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

July 22, 2012

John 12:47

"If anyone hears my words but does not keep them,
 I do not judge that person.
 For I did not come to judge the world, 
but to save the world."

     Just prior to this statement, Jesus announces that He has been sent by the Father, as the Light of the world.  It is His desire, and God's, that no man should remain in darkness -- that man should know Jesus has existed from the Beginning, that God loves His creation, and that belief in the Son yields eternal life.   That has been Jesus's mission on earth; to bring the Good News to mankind.
     In this verse, He let's the people know that His primary task, while on earth, is to offer Salvation and forgiveness of sins to anyone who will hear Him and follow Him.  He also makes it clear that while He is not concerned with Judgment, it is an inevitable consequence of refusing His message.  As my Bible's commentary states, it is not the purpose of the sun's shining to cast shadows, but when the sun shines, shadows are unavoidable.
     And in the verses immediately following those proclaimed above, Jesus warns that while He will not be judging them at this time, His very words will judge those that reject Him in the last Days.  So throughout the centuries since He walked the earth, people have had the opportunity to hear Jesus's message.  And it is not a difficult message to accept.  But the ramifications of not accepting His invitation determines a person’s destiny.  Therefore, wouldn't you think more people would consider His offer?
     I am so grateful that He kept pursuing me.  I, like so many others, was not easily persuaded.  I had known about Jesus since I was a child, but to follow Him just seemed too difficult; the price was too high.  It wasn't until I got tired of what the world was offering, that I realized abiding in Him was so simple and so rewarding.   In Him, I can find rest instead of the weariness of meeting the world's standards.  In Him, I have a Friend that never abandons me, and a relationship that meets all my needs.  And in Him, I know I have an inheritance.   Eternal Life awaits me because I am a child of God.
     But I feel unimaginable sorrow for all those who will not accept the gift of Eternity that Jesus so lovingly offers.  It is His desire that no one perish, but all come to Him.  Is He knocking at your door?  It's as simple as opening that door and inviting Him in.  He won't force Himself on you; you must request His presence in your life.  Stop listening to what the world is shouting in your ear, and hear His gentle whisper.  There is more to your existence than the few years you grace this earth.  There is an eternity waiting for you.  Where you spend it depends on whether you answer the knock at the door.  Don't hesitate; time is running out. 


  1. Dear Belle,

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. I'm looking forward to His return and to spend my days with Him away from all this madness and cruelty of this world that Satan offers so readily. As you said, time is running out and it's my prayer that more people will open their eyes and hearts to Him so they too may know Him. Blessings to you my friend. Happy Sabbath Day!


  2. Always good to hear from you, Lisa! There are times I feel my prayers are just not enough to reach all the people who need saved, but then I remember that our Father hears every word we speak to Him, and I must rely on Him to reach their hearts. It's my sincere hope their hearts are tender and receptive!

  3. So glad to see the salvation message from yet another source ! I just finished visiting David Jeremiah's website and viewed his message of today. What struck me was the realization that most people when pinned into a corner will acknowledge God and even infer that they are glad they have " gotten saved " so they will have ETERNITY to spend with the Father ... but then they just can't seem to believe that the God who wants us for eternity is the same God who will gladly spend the next 24 hrs. with us and address our concerns / problems if we will only acknowledge his omnipresence. One wonders the seriousness of conviction when I see that. Great post today !

  4. Be sure and read my post tomorrow. I fear that the Church has done a poor job of convicting Christians as to who our God is and what He expects from us. As inheritors of his Grace and Mercy, we have a responsibility to grow in our relationship with Him and to tell the world. But too many of us never go beyond that initial knock at the door, when we let Him in and receive salvation. There is so much more beyond the doorway that He offers us!