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June 6, 2012

Way To Go, Father!

     This week I received an email from a good and faithful friend.  He said he thought I would find the following video interesting.  Not only did I find it thought-provoking; I found it bold and inspirational.
     Father Andrew of St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Centennial, Colorado was recently invited to present the Invocation at the 2012 Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention.  His opening prayer was of the usual order; asking God's help in knowing right from wrong, and good from bad.  Then he quoted Scripture from the Book of Revelation, Chapter 21, which is highly unusual for any clergyman today.  "He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away."
     He then looked straight at his audience and began one of the most powerful, and honest, speeches I have ever heard.  You don't have to be a Catholic, or even a fan of the Catholic Church; indeed, even an opponent of the Church cannot deny the veracity of his words.  Because he spoke as an American first, and a priest, second.
     The premise of his speech was simple:  The moral challenges facing our country today are not caused by political affiliation, but rather by attacks on religious freedom.  He further stated that this is not an issue between Liberals and Conservatives; Democrats and Republicans.  It is an issue between Democracy and Socialism!  And he was only getting started!
     He cited two hallmarks of democracy that would never be compatible with socialism:  personal choice and private property.   Both of these elements were the reasons the Pilgrims found their ways to our shores, and Father Andrew goes on to point out that they are ordained as rights in our Declaration of Independence.  These "God-given" rights necessarily lead to personal responsibility and individual generosity, which are at the foundation of Christianity.  Socialists cannot allow them to stand if they hope to control the populace.  They want to take those responsibilities away from us.  Therefore it will always be their goal to restrict religious freedoms.  
     Father Andrew ends his short speech by inviting all good people of conscious to stand together and fight for our religious liberties.  They are at the center of our Democracy and will never be compatible with Socialism.  That's why they must be fought for!  Watch his impassioned speech below.  I think it will move you as much as it did me.

Job 33:3     "My words come from an upright heart; my lips sincerely speak what I know."


  1. I take exception to the implication that if I don't believe all this hooey, I am not a good person, not worthy of God, etc. etc. I do not believe that is how God operates..and I certainly do not think the Catholic church has a right to condemn me because I am an Obama supporter. Obama in 2012!! He has my vote. HE is a good man!! This priest...who knows! Never heard of him before and won't hear of him again more than likely!

    1. You are free to believe (or not), and to vote for whomever you like..... just as we all do. That's what makes living in America so great! And I don't think the good Father, or anyone for that matter, has stated that if you don't agree with this position you are a bad person. And I do not recall there being any condemnation for who you may vote for. I just would like to ask for the same consideration.