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May 24, 2012

The Clock Is Ticking.....

     This post was difficult to write; because I know it is going to be difficult for you to read.  But I feel the time for being subtle has passed.  I don't want to sugar-coat my message, and in the process hinder some of you from coming to grips with what you need to do.  In fact, when I let my husband, Peace-Loving Warrior read it, I asked him, "Pretty dark, huh?"  PLW responded, "The truth is dark, now."  So without further delay, I want to share a conversation that I had the other day with some very close friends who, like me and PLW, feel the Spirit is preparing us for something serious ... and we feel it's coming soon.  We are not prophets, or clairvoyants; just Believers first, and citizens of this world second.  We don't know what is coming, but as a consequence of belonging to both groups, we are receiving strong clues as to what it could be.
     Our citizenship in the world tells us that, given the state of the global economy, our future holds lots of financial turmoil.  What is happening in Italy, Spain, France, and Greece will eventually affect us.  Face it, folks, the global financial system is ailing and failing.  We are teetering on the edge of a cliff, and all it will take is the collapse of one piece of the puzzle, and the dominoes start falling.  And I have to tell you, that those much smarter than me are predicting that it is coming quicker than we can imagine.
     Then we discussed another huge concern, which is a failure of our North American power grid.  This is the vital component of our technologically-driven society.  The infrastructure is old, terrorists threaten it, and the costs keep escalating --- take your pick; any one of these scenarios means no more heat in the winter; no phones; no computers (whatever will Generation Y do without their iPhones and ability to text?)
     And then our conversation drifted to the real dilemma.  In 2005, PLW and I were blessed to have bought a small piece of property in the country and finished building a home in 2008, just two months before the October collapse.  And believe me, it is not lost on us, that God had all that planned beforehand.  But our friends have a very different scenario, and a very difficult choice to make.
     Our mutual relationship with God and the Holy Spirit has given us great discernment and we all feel that when things collapse, it is going to deteriorate rapidly.  They instinctively know that life in big cities will be chaos and the chances of living a sustainable life decrease tremendously.  We have encouraged them to consider coming to us because we want them to be safe; knowing that they will be valuable assets in so many areas, and our chances of mutual survival increase by combining our skills and our manpower.  They have done all the right things.... stored food, prepared to defend themselves, diversified their assets, and most importantly, relied on the Lord's guidance.
     But like so many others, they cannot afford to stock two locations, should they be unable to leave the city in time.  And who wants to really leave their home and belongings, not knowing when, or if, they will be able to return?  And if they develop a plan for stocking up extra items in the country, plus being able to bring ample supplies with them, will they time their departure correctly?  Like a majority of Americans, they must keep working at their current jobs for as long as possible.  So all this leaves them in a very unsettled state of mind.  What about other family members?  Parents?  We all feel a responsibility to take care of and provide for all those we love.
     Those of us who already live in the country have a decided advantage over those who live in the suburbs.  And I share this conversation with you, first, because I know it is being repeated across our land.  And secondly, because I happened on an interview with my favorite Survivalist, James Wesley Rawles, on one of my favorite blog sites, the SHTF Plan.  I urge you to read the blog post and listen to the audio of the interview.  You will get the best overview of what we're facing in a short concise presentation.
     Mr. Rawles discusses many facets of the coming trouble, all of which you will find informative and useful.  But it was his opening suggestion that struck me as simple and obvious.  And it was right in line with the conversation we had with our friends.  It is his belief that it is going to take more than one family, by itself,  to survive "the Crunch" as he calls it in his best-selling novels Patriots and Survivors.  He said the most important thing we can do is team up with like-minded folks and arrange to pre-position storage of food and supplies.  He warns suburbanites that it is not as simple as buying solar panels and generators to augment their stored food and water.  He states that the biggest danger for those living in the cities will be human nature.  All those buckets of rice and beans, and yes, even your defense arsenal, will be no match for the dark elements of humankind if you are defending your home by yourself.  He advises us to geographically isolate ourselves from the neighbors that will be pounding on our doors because they're starving.  And that means getting to the country.
     He also warned that you will only have "one trip out of Dodge".  After that, roads may be blocked and the possibilities for going back for more supplies are virtually nil.  That's why your plans for pre-positioning are so important.  And that's why this difficult conversation must occur and even more difficult decisions made.  The time for determining your strategy and taking action is now.  The clock is ticking ......
Luke 21:36      "Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man."


  1. Yes, that was kind of dark, but necessary and unfortunately we need to be thinking more along these lines. Another great blog!

    1. I keep hoping for good news to report, but there seems none on the horizon. We just have to stay strong!

  2. In 2009, I started paying attention to the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator of the county where I worked...took some of her booklets, put together 1st aid kits, started building up my pantry, expanding my garden. The Lord providently made it possible for us to buy a rural farmhouse with spring, wells, pasture, etc with seller financing. In August 2011, I was praying about all this, and was given words from the Lord along the line of hard/dark times coming; be prepared; put up food, water, lights; pay off debt and live on less; save for future needs; be satisfied with less yet abundantly blessed. Just this month, He enabled us to sell a business property, pay off personal debt, and will be able to do some improvements on the house (finish the long-torn-apart kitchen, buy a wood cookstove, add insulation). I know His timing is perfect, and that things will fall into place...but a knot of tension builds in my stomach, the clock feels as though it is ticking loudly, and I know our preps aren't at a level they need to be. Last night our power was off until 6am, which reminded me again that we need an outhouse, a hand pump on the spring or well, a springhouse in the basement to cool food, and a way to cook other than on our wood stove insert or BBQ. So I just ordered the Deadwood rocket stove on your website, rather than travel or do anything "fun" this Memorial Day Weekend! Belle, keep up the good work. Your posts cover a wonderful array of important topics, and I especially appreciate the Scripture references at the end. Be prepared, not scared, and trust in the Lord with all your heart...while working as industriously as an ant in the summer, putting away food for the winter!

    1. Oh, how your words have lifted my spirit! Hearing that God is speaking to others' hearts, as He is mine, gives me the courage and strength to persevere. My husband and I do not have the financial resources that some of our friends have, or to be as prepared as we'd like. But I am trusting that the Lord knows what we will need, when we will need it, and will either provide it, or see us through. All the things you have mentioned are the same issues I am struggling with, and I know many others are, too. You are not the only one with a knot in your stomach. But the fact that so many of us, who put our faith in the Lord, are receiving the same message, tells me that He is working through us for His purpose, and that gives me hope and strength. And congratulations on buying the Deadwood Stove. You will not be sorry! Click on my Youtube link, and you can see a video of me using the Deadwood Stove. Each step you take is one more act of courage and faith. And Bless You for your encouragement! It means more than you know!