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March 30, 2012

Natural Produce for Self Sustainability

     I want to tell you about a great little product that is not only affordable, but a must-have for your larder.    Gardens are coming back into vogue as people all over the world are realizing the benefits of growing and eating natural, or organic, foods.  Not only is it more nutritional for you, but we are all seeing rising inflation affecting the prices at our local grocery stores.
     One more factor to consider is the advent of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).  "Mad" Scientists have engineered new species of food crops by forcing genes from one species, such as bacteria, viruses, animals, or humans, into the DNA of animals or a food crop to introduce a new trait.  Everything from the beef we eat, to the milk we drink, and the vegetables in our supermarkets are fair game for GMO modification.  Do any of you think that sounds safe?  For me, I'd rather grow non-hybrid vegetables that came from seeds with the traits that God gave them.
   That is where mypatriotsupply.com comes in.  They are a premium survival seed supplier that is located in the United States.  They have a passion for self-reliance and freedom, and offer a product that is just too good to pass up.
     For $37.95, you can purchase their Survival Seed Vault, which contains only the highest quality heirloom vegetable survival seeds.  They are 100% non-GMO, open-pollinated and arrive in an airtight metal canister with specially sealed packets for long term storage (+5 years).   You get 20 Jumbo sized seed packets of vegetables such as bush beans, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, squash, shell peas, cantaloupe, watermelon, corn, tomatoes and more.  The Seed Vault contains pre-selected varieties that are zone-friendly to most growing regions.  And planting instructions and a seed harvesting guide are included.  I think that is the most exciting aspect for me ---- I can save the seeds from my harvest to plant the following year!  Not exactly an option when you purchase your vegetables from the grocery store!
     Another plus for me is the fact that this company has signed the Safe Seed Pledge, which is a program that was founded by the Council for Responsible Genetics.  They offer a 100% No GMO Guarantee!
     Take the time to visit their website.  You will find an extensive variety of fruit and vegetable seeds, along with medicinal herbs, etc.  Everything is reasonably priced.  But if you're new to gardening and sustainable gardening, the Survival Seed Vault is perfect for you.  It gives you the opportunity to start small and grow from there.  It's time to start thinking for ourselves and do what is best for our families.  This is a good place to begin.

Psalm 104:14     "He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for people to cultivate— bringing forth food from the earth:"


  1. I had never heard of mypatriotsupply.com. Thanks for letting us know about this company. Nice website and the prices seem very reasonable.

    Jackie M.

    1. Glad you checked it out! You just can't go wrong with the product OR the price, right?

  2. Our University of Alabama patented personal solar desalination product (U.S. Made) uses no electricity, can be taken anywhere and extracts pure water from any contaminated water source. It removes radiation, fluoride, salt, pesticides, bacteria, dirt and other contaminants from any water source.


    1. Gary,
      Just checked out your website, and very interesting product! Would you consider providing me with a sample Expedition Pack? I would love to use it, document it and do a feature post on it, promoting your site and hopefully get you some sales. That might not be possible since this is a new product, but I wanted to offer.