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January 20, 2012

A Little Something For Your BOB

     I want to introduce you to a little kit that my husband, the Peace-Loving Warrior (PLW), put together for himself.  We live in a part of the country that is teeming with all kinds of cactus-like plants that sport pesky thorns.  If left alone, or not quickly removed, these barbs can quickly develop into something quite painful, and even progress to nasty, little infections that require a visit to the doctor.  And building fence and chopping your own firewood are also methods for acquiring splinters in your extremities---hence, his decision to build his own Splinter Kit to deal with the situation on the spot.

     After suffering through many episodes of painful thorns and splinters, he decided to create his own portable Splinter Kit that he could carry with him while out hunting, or working on fence, or splitting firewood.  While all his friends suffered until they could get back home to deal with the nuisance, he was able to forego the delay and the subsequent soreness, and immediately eliminate the source of the problem.  The real trick is to get the thorn or splinter out as quickly as possible, before it becomes so sore, you can't touch it.
     I'm not revealing anything new or revolutionary; for centuries people have removed thorns and splinters with a needle.  Heck, even in Lonesome Dove, Deets removes the Mesquite thorn from Jake's thumb with a needle he carried in his gear.  Somehow, we've lost that example of common sense and practicality---something we are going to need lots of when the SHTF scenario happens.  In fact, the little tin can that PLW bought to hold his supplies only cost him $1.20 on one of his favorite prepper sites.  And he scrounged everything else from our stockpile of medical supplies at home.
     He carries one with him in his GoBag that never leaves his side, and another one is stashed in the more comprehensive BOB for a bigger event.  So there's no excuse!  It's not rocket science, but it sure provides some timely relief.

Isaiah 10:17     "The Light of Israel will become a fire, their Holy One a flame; in a single day it will burn and consume his thorns and his briers."


  1. A fingernail clipper or the little pair of scissors in a Swiss Army knife(the keychain sized version)works well as a splinter getter.Just be careful you don't squeeze it too hard and cut the splinter-you're using them as really fine nosed pliers. I've had almost 100% success with both...even with metal splinters. The little tweezers that come with the Swiss Army knife do not work all that well.

  2. Hi,
    though you thought of almost everything, I think there's one little thing that might be worth having in your tin. It's a little tough sliver gripper made by http://www.slivergripper.ca. I bought 5 of them and distributed among my folks - and the cost of this little guy is worth every penny. Not only it's got a perfectly shaped point that can get into a smallest spot, its grips have notches that securely catch the smallest splinters. Also it's locked into a little metal "holster" that allow you not to worry about sharp ends. You won't be disappointed after adding it up to your splinters kit.

  3. i really liek your blog- but for those of use without fast internet it is hard to load a video and it would be nice if you could list the things in the tin can for this kit- thanks

    1. Elaine and Destry - I know how frustrating it can be with a slow internet connection, so I'll be glad to list the contents: 1- 20 gauge needle, 1-18 gauge needle, alcohol wipes, OTC antibiotic cream (like Neosporin), a prescription antibiotic cream, and a few bandaids. I also recommend a pair of tweezers if you're not too adept (like me) at working with a needle. In the video, my husband just slices through the first layer of skin and lifts the splinter right out. That should tell you how many times he's been through this exercise, huh?

  4. thank you for listing the items- we live in "sticker" and cactus country and i ALWAYS have a pair of tweezers with me