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December 9, 2011

Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone....Or Will He?

     About a year ago, and after countless hours of painstaking research, my husband, whom I affectionately refer to as Peace-Loving Warrior, decided it was time to take the big step of purchasing a grain mill.  And I do mean “big step”.
     Ladies, this will be one of your major purchases; not only because it will become one of the primary tools you will use to feed your family, but because this is one of the items you must not scrimp on to save a few pennies.
     I know a few Prepper women who have hesitated to pull the trigger on this appliance, and have seen the price of this amazing piece of equipment rise, along with the price of food at the grocery store.  As the demand for it goes up, so does the expense.
     There are less pricey versions, such as the Back to Basics Hand Grain mill, for $69.95, but that’s for the occasional user, and don’t expect it to last when THE CRUNCH comes and you’re putting it into daily use.  And please, never consider an electric grinder, because if you’re preparing for hard times, that’s probably going to include periods when the grid goes down.
     So, here are my two recommendations for this important acquisition:
GrainMaker® Grain Mill No. 99 – They are custom-made in the USA; handcrafted from solid stainless steel and come with a Lifetime Guarantee.  It’s adjustable, so you can control the coarseness or fineness of your flour.  The larger flywheel and handle extension makes it easy to operate, and an optional mounting clamp will securely attach it to your table for stability.  It comes with different augers for grinding corn or peanuts (for peanut butter), and arrives complete and ready to use.
Price a year ago:  $450; Current Price: $675.  Don’t delay!
GrainMaker® model on the left; Country Living, on the right 

The Country Living Grain Mill – This is the only other grain mill product I would even consider or recommend.  It has the same quality craftsmanship as the GrainMaker®, and is crafted from cast aluminum, rather than steel. It, too, has separate augers for corn and beans.  I tested these two mills side by side, and found that the Country Living Grain Mill was a little easier to crank than the GrainMaker®, but in my test, it produced less flour per revolution….may not be an important factor for you.  And like the GrainMaker®, it is made in the USA and offers a Lifetime Guarantee.
Price a year ago:  $395; Current Price:  $429.  Not as big of an increase.

     Finally, let me offer you this piece of advice:  say I’m wrong and THE CRUNCH never comes.  You’ve still purchased a quality, American-designed and manufactured product that will serve your family a lifetime, and doesn’t need to be upgraded to the latest 4G model.  And if there is the least possibility that I’m right….then you’ll never have to worry about going hungry.  This essential piece of equipment, along with some stored grain, can feed you and your family in the hardest of times.  Seems like a no-brainer to me!
     Watch the short video of my GrainMaker® and see what I’m talkin’ about.

Proverbs 30:8 – “Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.”


  1. OK, now you have my interest up. I don't cook or bake. Bad me. But I just might want to learn how to bake bread, although those cinnamon rolls sound really good. So assuming no electricity, how do you bake your bread then? Dutch oven? Sun oven? Something else?
    Thanks, ClaireZ

  2. If there is no electricity, then a Dutch oven is your best bet. After letting your dough rise, rolling it out, and adding the gooey filling, you would cut your rolls and place them (touching each other) into a greased Dutch oven. You scrape away your hot coals (no bottom fire or you'll burn them) and set in the hot dirt. Cover with the lid and place hot coals on top of the lid. It should take about 20 minutes on a mild day with no wind. Wind makes the fire burn hotter, and would bake your rolls faster. Remove from the fire and add the even gooey-er icing. My mouth is watering!