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December 20, 2011

100 Items To Disappear First - Part 2

     I hope you've had a chance to look over the first 50 items that will become priceless in the event of an emergency.  And please, please don't be overcome with a sense of the enormity of this list.  Acquire them one thing at a time, when you can afford it.  Just check them off, one by one.
     Now for the second half of our list.

51.   Fishing Supplies, Tools.
52.   Mosquito coils/repellants sprays, creams
53.   Duct Tape.
54.   Tarps/Stakes/Twine/Nails/Spikes

55.   Candles.
56.   Laundry Detergent (Liquid).
57.   Backpacks/Duffel Bags.
58.   Garden Tools & Supplies
59.   Scissors, Fabrics and Sewing Supplies
60.   Canned Fruits, Veggies, Soups, Stews, etc.
61.   Bleach (Plain, not scented); 4-6% sodium hypochlorite
62.   Canning Supplies (Jars, lids, wax)
63.   Knives & Sharpening Tools:  files, stones, steel
64.   Bicycles, Tires/Tubes/Pumps/ Chains, etc.
65.   Sleeping Bags & Blankets/Pillows/Mats
66.   Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Battery powered)
67.   Board Games, Cards, Dice
68.   D-Con Rat Poison, Roach Killer,
69.   Mousetraps, Ant traps & cockroach magnets
70.   Paper plates/Cups/Utensils (Stock up, folks)
71.   Baby Wipes, Baby Oil, Waterless & Antibacterial Soap (saves a lot of water)

72.   Rain gear, rubberized boots, etc.
73.   Shaving supplies (razors & creams, talc, after shave)
74.   Hand pumps & Siphons (for water and for fuels)
75.   Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Gravy, Soup Bases
76.   Reading Glasses
77.   Chocolate, Cocoa, Tang, Punch (water enhancers)
78.   “Survival in a Can”
79.   Woolen clothing, scarves, earmuffs, mittens
80.   Boy Scout Handbook, also Leaders Catalog
81.   Roll-on Window Insulation Kit (MANCO)
82.   Graham crackers, saltines, pretzels, Trail Mix, Jerky
83.   Popcorn, Peanut Butter, Nuts
84.   Socks, Underwear, T-Shirts, etc. (Extras)
85.   Lumber (all types)
86.   Wagons & Carts (for transport to and from)

87.   Cots & Inflatable mattresses
88.   Gloves:  Work, warming, gardening, etc.
89.   Lantern Hangers
90.   Screen Patches, glue, nails, screws, nuts & bolts
91.   Teas.
92.   Coffee
93.   Cigarettes
94.   Wine/Liquors (for barter, medicinal needs, etc.)
95.   Paraffin Wax
96.   Glue, nails, nuts, bolts, screws, etc.
97.   Chewing gum, candies
98.   Atomizers (for cooling, bathing)
99.   Hats & Cotton neckerchiefs
100.  Goats/Chickens

Remember, these are the 100 things that will be among the first things to disappear in a prolonged crisis.  Assess your own preparedness and take action.

Proverbs 16:3     “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

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  1. Well, I least I have item #100 (goats & chickens), but could always use more! Another great list.