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November 14, 2023

For the Sake of The Elect

You can feel it. The fear and anxiety are palpable, as millions of people in America and around the world are beginning to take off their blinders and are discerning the truth of #Biblical prophecy. We all see the storm clouds on the horizon, and it's not hard to recognize that chaos and disorder are on the brink of erupting in all areas of our lives. From the economy to the education of our children; from the instability and destruction at our borders, to the unreliability and quagmire in the halls of Congress, we are a nation [and world] in deep conflict. And we don't just feel the threat from domestic sources. We can sense the anticipation of our foreign enemies as they seek to take advantage of our internal turmoil. We are on the verge of #lawlessness and collapse. 

We, who are discerning correctly, know the time that is at hand and what we are seeing; we recognize the times and seasons we are experiencing. But the truth is that the #Antichrist doesn't want us to know the times and seasons as attested to in Daniel 7:25, "He will speak words against the Most High [God] and wear down the saints of the Most High, and he will intend to change the times and the law; and they will be given into his hand for a time, [two] times, and half a time [three and one-half years]".

We all recognize this familiar Scripture as describing the #Tribulation, which according to the Bible, will be a seven-year period in which the hand of God is removed from a world that has rejected Him for so long -- which results in the Anti-Christ and his agenda of evil which will reign down on the just and the unjust. [NOTE: Remember, we still have hope ... "And if those days [of tribulation] had not been cut short, no human life would be saved; but for the sake of the elect (God’s chosen ones) those days will be shortened".] Our God is a righteous Judge, and in the end, Evil will be defeated and His people will be victorious.

But, unfortunately, the Church has not prepared Christ's flock to recognize the tactics of Satan's subordinates so that we might discern #the beginning of sorrows that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24. For too long, we have been deceived into believing that we will escape the "sorrows". So, that has led the Church to tolerate evil; choosing not take a stand against it; and allowed false teachers and false theology into our midst in the #spirit of compromise and reconciliation. Jesus never taught that! Furthermore, He gave us the actual "signs" to look for, that we might perceive the wickedness that Satan and his Antichrist were preparing in order to keep the restoration of the earth and the reign of Christ, the Messiah, from occurring. 

Jesus told His apostles (and us) that there would be significant signs that those birth pangs, or sorrows, were beginning.  We are to watch for them, so that we will know His return is imminent and we can prepare to endure as we earnestly go about our business of helping the Holy Spirit save as many souls as possible. I know I don't need to remind the faithful of what those signs are, but how many of you have been paying attention to their appearance? Are you seeing them? The first thing Jesus tells His apostles is, "Be careful that no one misleads you [deceiving you and leading you into error]."  I don't know about you, but I feel as though we are seeing Deception on Steroids!  There is cultural deception in sexual identity issues; economic deception among our financial institutions; political deception on all levels by both parties; and spiritual deception in the growth of cult religions, demonic possession and oppression, and false teachings about what we can expect to suffer.   

Secondly, the Lord says that there will be "wars and rumors of wars". I think we can agree that we are past the rumors, at this point. The whole world is about to go over that cliff. He also warns that there will be extreme famine, pestilence, and earthquakes. It is quite apparent that the world's food supply is diminishing. Millions have died from pestilence and disease over the last three years [with more deadly viruses declared for this winter]. And just today, the headlines are full of the news of earthquakes erupting across the globe. Experts warn that volcanic eruptions in Iceland could last for weeks; with 2800 tremors detected in 24 hours. There are warnings that Italy's Mount Etna is on the verge of intense activity, as well as Mt. Fuji in the Pacific. All this points to the warning that when the major volcanos of the world start going active at the same time, the amount of volcanic ash in the atmosphere has serious consequences for the planet's weather conditions. If the sun is blocked out, famine is not far behind. Does anyone else think of Revelation 8:7 ... The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. 

 So why is it important for us to be able to recognize these signs?  If we believe that God is sovereign and there will truly be tribulation before Christ's return, what is the purpose for us to have this knowledge?  I believe it is as Jesus says in John 13:19... From now on I am telling you [what will happen] before it occurs, so that when it does take place you may believe that I am He [who I say I am—the Christ, the Anointed, the Messiah].  I also believe it is so that we may prepare to endure what is coming; be able to witness to those who may fall for the deception; and to speak God's Truth into the Satanic coordination and strategy for End Times events.  What does that look like militarily, politically, and economically -- especially if we think that we are at the beginning of those "sorrows"?

I fear that too many Christians have received an incomplete education within our Western religious institutions. Too many have no knowledge of the period of time in which the Antichrist reigns on the earth, and how that will affect mankind. We've been taught to just wait for the trumpets to sound from Heaven, indicating that Jesus will soon appear in the sky to take us all home. We will escape all "the bad stuff". After all, we've inherited the "Good News" of the Gospel, right? But that is not the whole counsel of God, which is apparent if you are a true student of the Bible. 

So, in my next post, I'd like to share what the Lord has brought to my attention about how Satan is setting the stage for the appearance of the Antichrist. I do not do this to scare you, but to complement what Scripture tells us, so that we might all be able to stand in our #power and authority [without fear] and encourage and exhort all men and women -- both #the Elect and those we will minister to for Salvation and the Kingdom. We need not cower in submission to the Enemy, but be strengthened in the Might of the Lord!

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2 Timothy 3:1    But understand this, that in the last days dangerous times [of great stress and trouble] will come [difficult days that will be hard to bear].