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January 28, 2022

We Are Guardians of God's Truth!


We're hearing a lot about "misinformation" these days, which is defined by our media culture as misleading and deceptive news. But we are also inundated with "disinformation", which is deliberate, often orchestrated attempts to confuse or manipulate people through delivering dishonest information to them. We see that in abundance in the political arena in our country.

And lest we think dispelling [or eliminating] truth is a new phenomenon invented in the modern age of technology, disinformation is as old as the Garden of Eden. Satan deliberately manipulated Eve with dishonest temptations to lead her astray from the will of God. In fact, among the definitions of "dishonest" is the word "cunning", exactly how Genesis 3 describes Satan as the serpent! And nothing has changed! Down through the centuries the Enemy of God has attempted to distort the Creator's Truth [with a capital "T"] in order to corrupt and defeat God's plan for reconciliation with mankind.

We must never forget that our Creator [who happens to be the Most High God] gave us the administration of this earth, so that it would be governed as He governs in Heaven. We are overseers and God's stewards; not only of this planet and realm, but of His Truth! The Bible calls us servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. But what is truth...  specifically God's Truth? Interestingly enough, that very profound question was asked by Pilate, an unbeliever, in response to Jesus's declaration that He had come into the world to testify to the truth. 

And here we are 2,000 years later, with the world still arguing over whose definition of truth [with a lower case "t"] is, well .... true. The world has rejected the one over-riding fact about defining truth. We learn from the Bible that truth comes from God. It is consistent with the will, mind, character, nature, glory and being of God. God is truth; it is His self-expression, and the  knowledge of who He is. All truth flows from God. And as His representatives on earth, we are stewards of His Truth. We are the guardians of how God is expressed in the world; we are the guardians in charge of maintaining and preserving what is left of Biblical truth. 

In case you haven't noticed, our culture is steeped in "moral relativism", which is the concept that there are no absolute truths about what is moral or not; whether something is right or wrong can change depending on opinion, personal or social context, culture, or other societal factors. The same is becoming evident when it comes to truth, itself. In other words, truth is now becoming defined by personal or cultural standards, instead of our God, who personifies both morality and truth! To far too many people, there is no foundational truth; it can be manufactured to suit any personal or group agenda. 

God's Truth and moral laws have been slowly disappearing from every aspect of our lives. Just consider how God's Truth is being redefined in the seven mountains of influence: family, religion, business, politics, education, media, entertainment/arts. How far have each of these institutions deviated from the expression of God in the Bible? We see the effects of this slow deterioration in the re-defining of family; the glorifying of evil in the entertainment industry; the further removal of anything Christian in our schools, centers of government, and social commentary.

We can see that what the Bible teaches us about God and His Truth is no longer sufficient nor tolerated by a growing number of the earth's inhabitants. When Jesus announced to His disciples that He would be going away to prepare a place where they can be with Him, Thomas questions Jesus about how to find the way to Him. Jesus's answer points to what we need to reclaim and promote as guardians of God's Truth... I am the [only] Way [to God] and the [real] Truth and the [real] Life...".

Furthermore, Jesus made it clear that He was not of this world, nor a part of it -- and He states the same is true of us. He prays to our Father, "Just as You commissioned and sent Me into the world, I also have commissioned and sent them (believers) into the world. For their sake I sanctify Myself [to do Your will], so that they also may be sanctified [set apart, dedicated, made holy] in [Your] Truth". That is what our Savior has declared over us! We are to be set apart to testify to that Truth! We are to be dedicated to protect that Truth! And we are to walk in holiness as we demonstrate God's Truth! 

Sadly, as I look at the moral objectivity on display throughout the segments of this society, it cannot be denied that the we, as the Church, and followers of Christ, have not always walked in our commission. We have not adequately stood for real Truth, which cannot be defined without recognizing that God is Truth! It's time we stop compromising with the world and trying to be impartial or neutral about what is Truth [with a capital T]. We are seeing the consequences of the concessions we've made; an undermining and weakening of what is God's absolute Truth -- His complete, perfect, unadulterated Truth -- which has resulted in the moral degradation of our country. It is evident in the rebellion and iniquity associated with all the ills of our society.

My final thoughts are this: it is God who has created and defined Truth. It belongs to Him.  And to rebel against it, or reject it, is to invite judgment. Let us agree to stand together to take back the definition of "truth" as the world sees it, and reinstate God's Truth as absolute. Let us execute our assignment to be a shield to safeguard it's trustworthiness and holiness. Just like our God, Truth should be constant and unchangeable. It is time to quit apologizing for believing in God's Truth, and be the very embodiment of it! 

1 John 4:6     We are from God; he who knows God listens to us; he who is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the spirit of Truth and the spirit of error.

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