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November 4, 2021

Ten Years Later: Why The Purpose Has Not Changed!

It's hard for me to believe, but it has been ten years since my spirit heard a prompting from the Lord to begin this blog. Over 2,220,000 people have read 2,303 posts since I began this journey with the Holy Spirit. I know that is small potatoes compared to the "big boys", but for this average American woman, who just wanted to speak to people [like me] who were concerned about the state of our nation, I am still amazed that people might be interested in what I have to say. 

And actually you need to know it hasn't all come from me. From the beginning, the purpose of this blog was to show women [and eventually men would find their way to this site, too] that they weren't alone in their fears and doubts about the direction in which we saw our country headed. So, I wrote about whatever the Holy Spirit prompted me to say -- I researched timely topics, discerned red flags that indicated our foundation was shifting, and heard the importance of taking a good hard look at the condition of our faith.

The one thing I knew for certain was this: no matter what current event, issue, or concern I was writing about, I wanted to always point people back to the Word of God, so each post ended with a verse from the Bible that would cause people to meditate on the message I was trying to convey and find God there. I knew people were searching for answers to the changing undercurrent in our lives, and I knew God was the key to encouraging them, emboldening them, and turning their uncertainties into knowledge and action in their lives. I wanted to make people think outside their "normalcy bias" and see our world from God's perspective, not just our human desires and self-gratification. And as I look back on where the Holy Spirit has taken me, it's not surprising to see a pattern develop throughout these posts that I believe foreshadowed where we find ourselves today.

From the beginning, I wanted people to understand the importance of our history -- the history of our nation, our families, and our faith -- because if this nation was to survive beyond the average age of most empires (250 years), then we must safeguard these important elements of our history, lest they erode and be replaced by another system that changed our national identity. Americans, by definition, are liberty-loving, independent, industrious; living self-determined lives where the poor can become wealthy, there is no limit to what the uneducated are allowed to learn, and men and women have the freedom to go as far in society as their hard work can take them. I remember one of the first times my husband and I were part of an exhibition where artisans from across the country set up their booths to sell their creations. On the last day of the event, when everyone was tearing down booths, and packing up trailers to leave, I was overwhelmed with all the commerce I saw before me, and thought, "This really is the land of opportunity! Anyone can start a business and make of it what he will! No one has to be under the thumb of a tyrannical government limiting our freedom of choice. America is the greatest nation on earth!"

I still believe that. And even in the most uncertain of times, I trusted that the basic freedoms promised in our Constitution would stand -- the freedom to worship as we pleased; the freedom to petition the government; the freedom of expressing our individual views, and the freedom to peacefully gather to protest a discerned injustice. But the Holy Spirit kept prompting me with subjects that needed addressing. I was concerned that the fabric of our identity was coming unraveled. It wasn't hard to see spiritual forces aligning to undermine the unique freedoms that are our American legacy and inheritance. Programs like Agenda 21 and Common Core, and terms like "global initiative" and "transgender" began to creep into our lexicon, and before long it seemed as if the average, everyday American was rocked back on his heels. Over the last ten years, it has appeared [to me] that American citizens were in a state of confusion and unable to function against what seemed like strange and unfamiliar ideologies. Surely, we would regain our balance and everything would return to normal, right?

That's when the Holy Spirit ramped up His promptings. He made it clear to me that America was in danger of forgetting who she was. God was still willing to be faithful to His covenant established at the outset of this nation, but we, the American people, needed to remain faithful to Him and the principles on which we were founded. We needed to decide who we wanted to be, and until we could establish that identity, the spiritual rulers, authorities, and powers of His Enemy would continue to weaken the heart of who we were meant to be. That included us both as a nation, and as individuals. Americans needed to reclaim their faith from the godless entities that had stolen our identity. We needed to shake off the bonds of those who would enslave the nation, demolishing our national sovereignty and destroying the reason we were born for such a time as this. We needed to grow our faith by grasping the understanding of the purpose of our Salvation: to enter and establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

I will admit that there have been times of deep discouragement, but I have never given up hope. These last two years of the pandemic have deeply tried the soul of America. There has been much confusion, deception, and death -- the hallmarks of an Enemy that seeks to steal, kill and destroy. But I see a remnant of my Christian brethren awakening to the greater truths of their faith and transitioning into living a transformed life under the jurisdiction of God's Kingdom. I am seeing my fellow citizens awakening from a long slumber of denial and pulling the dirty veil off their eyes to see the condition of our education system and how it has constructed a long, slow campaign of deceptive curriculum to try to fundamentally change who this nation is meant to be. I am not naive enough to think we are perfect, or that there are changes are still to be made, but I know that the Godly foundation of this nation needs to remain intact. The family needs to remain intact, just as God designed it. And parents are not to be silenced when it comes to how their children are raised. 

There's a breath of fresh air circulating over our nation. The Holy Spirit is blowing across the land. But we must not be deceived. God's Enemy has enjoyed too much success to give up easily. And we must continue to grow in our understanding of the greater spiritual agenda, and take our place in God's plan to redeem our nation and our lives. It is for this purpose that I am still writing, ten years later. And I pray that the Holy Spirit still finds me worthy to receive His promptings, and can use me to encourage everyone who finds their way to this blog. I am humbled and privileged to write for my Lord, and I promise that I will always write with the purpose of glorifying Him to my best abilities.

Psalm 115:1       Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your Name [we] give glory, for the sake of Your steadfast love and Your faithfulness!


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