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July 25, 2020

It's Time To Get Firmly Settled In Your Land of Goshen

     Almost exactly six years ago to the day, I wrote a blog post titled, Are You In Your Land of Goshen? There were increasing signs that our nation was undergoing radical changes philosophically, politically, and culturally. We were struggling with the societal and religious issue of same-sex marriage; protests over a police shooting in Ferguson, MO were turning violent in the streets of major cities; the Federal Government and ranchers were at a dangerous standoff in Nevada; the CIA admitted it was spying on citizens; Slender Man (a demonic entity geared towards kids) made his presence known on the internet; an Ebola outbreak terrified the world; Isis posted beheadings of an American aid worker and journalist; and much more that signaled we were undergoing a "fundamental transformation".
     Those issues seem like a cake walk to where we find ourselves today. Not only has marriage been redefined, but so has gender, to the point that biology is being dismissed, and gender is being declared as "variable" and "inconstant". Switching genders is at the whim of a person's desire. Riots and protests show no sign of decreasing. Mayors and Governors ignore attempts by the President to bring law and order to the streets of our nation, and Civil War seems to be on the lips of anyone who is paying attention to the nightly news. Covid-19 makes Ebola seem like a case of the sniffles, and death is coming to innocent Americans by home-grown terrorists. And all that doesn't even touch on the precariousness of our economy and state of mind.
     Now, you may be thinking that I'm promoting a defeatist attitude. On the contrary! I'm here to help you declare and establish you and your family's Land of Goshen. Do you recall the story of Joseph in the Bible? He was sold into slavery in Egypt by his jealous brothers, only to overcome lies and deception and rise to the office of Vizier, the second most powerful man in Egypt, next to Pharaoh. Because Joseph found favor with God (and Pharaoh), he was able to store up food during seven years of abundance, which allowed the Egyptians to survive a seven-year famine. His Israelite brothers journeyed to Egypt to buy goods during the famine, and Joseph invited them to remain and live in Egyptian territory. Discovering that they were shepherds, Pharaoh told Joseph to "Settle your father and your brothers in the best of the land. Let them settle in the land of Goshen."
     It is important to know that not only was Goshen the best land in Egypt, suitable for both crops and livestock, but it was spared plagues brought by Moses. It has come to be exemplified by the prospects of "comfort and plenty". Additionally, in Hebrew, Goshen means "drawing near".  If you will read Genesis 45:7-11, you will find that God had a plan: for Joseph to bring his family out of the famine in Canaan to a place where they would find shelter and security.  We see that Joseph desires to have his family near him; to protect them from the famine that will threaten others; and to provide for their needs. That's what God wants to do for us in whatever is going to happen in this nation.
     Mark and I have declared and proclaimed our property and home as the Land of Goshen.  I have said this before: that I know without a doubt that God maneuvered and positioned us in this exact spot, both physically and spiritually, in 2008.  For the past 12 years, He has protected us from the deteriorating economy and provided for our needs -- even when everything in this world pointed to the unlikelihood of our survival.  Just as in the Bible, when God sent the ten plagues against Egypt --- they hit every part of the country, but the land of Goshen.
     I believe that we have avoided the disastrous consequences of the physical and spiritual poverty of our country because we have drawn nearer to God, here in this spot that He placed us, than at any other time in our lives. When we draw near to Him, He draws nearer to us.  He keeps revealing more; He introduced us to His precepts of spiritual warfare and then His Kingdom realm. And I know in my soul and spirit that He will be present with us as the growing persecution comes against us. And while I recognize the threats of Satan and his anti-Christ in this world -- transhumanism, 21st century plagues, the New World Order, the annihilation of Israel, and the collapse of our own country -- are ever-constant, I have faith that I am in the exact place God wants me to be in order to receive His protection and provision. 
      If you have not been called to move or change locations, then accept that you are in your personal land of Goshen.  There's no need to flee in fear or doubt.  Stay where you are; knowing that you are firmly rooted in your faith and the knowledge that God is drawing you near. The storms will rage all around you, but your experiences will be different than the world's. Put on your spiritual armor and enter into the Kingdom of God and the realm that is Jesus. We are engaged in a spiritual battle, and when the forces of darkness see that you have drawn nearer to God, they will flee for greener pastures.    
     I believe in the power and authority of our God to proclaim as many Land of Goshens as He desires.  So take a look around ... maybe what you have taken for granted these last few years is really a safe haven from the wiles of the devil. Say a blessing over your home and your small plot of land.  Dedicate them and your family to drawing nearer to God so that you might escape the devestations coming our way. Be thankful for your refuge and your shelter, and rest in your Goshen.

Psalm 73:28    But as for me, it is good for me to draw near to God; I have made the Lord God my refuge and placed my trust in Him, that I may tell of all Your works.   


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