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April 19, 2017

Freemasonry And The God-Shaped Hole: A Personal Testimony

     I very rarely reprint another's writing verbatim, but because of what I believe is the destructive power of Freemasonry in a person's life, I embrace this personal testimony as worthy of your consideration.  
     I have ministered to people who have Freemasonry in their family line and seen the devastation it can cause; even unto death. And I have personally witnessed the freedom that comes when those blood oaths are removed and grown women soar in their new identities as Daughters of God; when the light comes into a young child's eyes, and what was once a nearly non-verbal state is transformed into vitality and boyish energy; and when men who have suffered from inferior [and worthless] self-identities their whole lives discover that the Son of God truly loves and cherishes them.
     I will be honest -- my stance on Freemasonry has cost me in the Church.  Christians whose much-beloved fathers or grandfathers were Freemasons don't exactly want to hear about the dark side of this organization.  They don't want to believe that their relatives' activities could be seen as rejecting God. And granted, there are some lower members of the organization that probably have no idea of what the higher levels of the Order engage in, but no Christian [at any level] should be ignorant of the fact that other deities are acceptable in Freemason Lodges.  As a Christian, one cannot [by word or deed] dispute that Jesus is the only Way!
     So, it is with gratitude, that I present the testimony of Christian and former Freemason Jay Lloyd. When I felt it necessary, you will find my commentary in italics.

     I grew up attending a Southern Baptist Church.  Like many of my peers, I could quote scripture and I thought I knew all about Christianity.  However, looking back, I can see that my faith really fell into the category of moralistic therapeutic deism (PK's explanation: God is a principled God who makes me feel good about myself -- a topic I will discuss on Friday).  I was not a Christian nor was I spiritually satisfied.  I was a teenager in the seventies and one of the big questions of that period was “What’s it all about, man?”  I thought there was something bigger in life than religion and that all religions were basically the same, kind of like ice cream – just pick your flavor.  As I came into adulthood, I was searching for something that was transcendent, something that had a weightier meaning and a greater purpose than what I encountered in my mundane workday life.  I came to believe that I could find fulfillment in the Masonic Order.
     I come from a long line of Masons.  All of my uncles (on both sides), one grandfather, one great grandfather, and one great- great- grandfather were Freemasons.  (PK: Mason membership is actively sought throughout family lines). Since my family members were so involved and since I was searching spiritually, the Craft appealed to me.  I had been taught that masons looked after each other in business and personal affairs. That kind of brotherhood was attractive.  So, at the age of 24, I asked a friend from work who was a Freemason how I could become one. He submitted my application and I was voted into the Order in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  It was there that I completed my Entered Apprentice Degree.  Before I could progress further, I moved.  My Fellowcraft, and Master Mason degrees were conferred upon me in Jacksonville, Florida at Mandarin Lodge no. 343.
     In order to be initiated into the degrees of Blue Lodge, I had to swear to keep secret the tenets and rituals of Freemasonry.  I swore blood oaths to do so.  (PK: Oaths and vows in the Bible are associated with offerings and sacrifices. And the Bible states that the life of a creature is in the blood.  But who are these oaths dedicated to; upon whose altar are you offering yourself; and which "god" are you offering your blood to?) The swearing of these blood oaths was required.  I remember in particular that one oath involved my being hung by the neck where the tide ebbed and flowed twice in 24 hours, my throat being slit from ear to ear, and my body being hung for the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air to devour so there might be no more remembrance of me whatsoever should I divulge the secrets of Freemasonry.  I was instructed and given secret words and handshakes at each level. The placement of the thumb moved from the first knuckle to the second and finally the third through each degree. The only secret word I remember was the Master Mason word which was “Ma-Ha-Bone.”
     The whole order is built around the legend of an ancient extra-biblical character named Hiram Abiff [who was allegedly involved in] the building of Solomon’s temple. This supposedly biblical legend gives Masonry a perception of legitimacy to religious men.   I remember going through the degrees and thinking and hoping that the next degree would be the one that would finally satisfy the longing I had to find some kind of real meaning. Disappointment came when I was “raised” from figurative death to the degree of Master Mason.  (PK: Do you see the counterfeit substitution for our resurrection in Christ)? It was really a big letdown. I was encouraged to go further into the higher degrees of Masonry, through the Shriners, but these degrees were considered more honorary and I was disillusioned by this point anyway. (PK: More "honorary" degrees is what the Masons may represent the Shriners as, but when they take an oath to the false god Allah, as the god of their fathers, then "dishonorable" and "disgraceful" is a more apt description). 
     Within two years of joining the Order, my wife gave birth to our second child and my dad died. I remember going fishing with a friend of my dad’s on the day after his funeral.  While we were fishing he said, “Hey all that stuff about Heaven and Hell, it don’t matter.  It’s how you live your life, that’s what matters.”  I agreed with my mouth, but my heart and mind were screaming, “All that matters is heaven and hell!”  When my daughter was 6 weeks old, my in-laws came to town and it was time to go to church. I had agreed to raise my family in the church and they held me to my promise. We visited a local church.  The congregation sang a song of greeting:
“Oh, how He loves you and me, Oh how He loves you and me. He gave his life, what more could he give?
Oh, how He loves you; Oh, how he loves me; Oh, how he loves you and me.
Jesus to Calvary did go, His love for sinners to show.  What He did there brought hope from despair".
      Everyone was smiling and greeting one another while I just wanted to cry. That Sunday the preacher preached on the Prodigal Son. I didn’t know if I was prodigal or if I even believed but I knew I needed to; I came to Christ in that service.  From that day my life changed.  The way I saw things changed.  Masonry no longer drew me.  About six months after I came to Christ, the Worshipful Master Mandarin Lodge no. 343 came to me and asked me why I hadn’t paid my Masonic dues.  I told him that I had become a Christian and had found the real meaning of life. He said there was nothing contrary to this in Freemasonry. I said, “Great, I will be at the next meeting and get up and share with all present what had happened to me and the good news of salvation through Christ and Christ alone.”  He told me that I would not be allowed to do that.  (PK:  Any Mason may bring a book dedicated to his deity before the meeting and to the podium, but a Christian cannot declare that salvation is through Jesus alone.  In effect, Jesus is seen as just another god; equal on every level to any other god a Mason may worship, and to every false god in the universe). So, I told him that when I could I would gladly come and pay my dues. That was thirty-two years ago and I haven’t heard from him or them since.
     When a person gets his meaning and purpose from any source other than Jesus, it is just another form of [sic] works righteousness. Freemasonry involves rituals and secrets that give it a pseudo spirituality and meaning which can further harden an unregenerate person’s heart. Many of the people that are Freemasons -- in fact I would venture to say a majority -- see their affiliation with the Order as giving them merit before their fellow man and, most disturbingly, before God.
     My conclusion on the matter of Freemasonry comes from Ephesians 5:3-13 ... But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving. For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not become partners with them; for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true), and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says, "Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you".
     To any man that claims the name of Jesus and is involved with this cult, I encourage you to separate yourself and repent. I am not judging you; I am judging an activity that I know to be heretical and anti-Christian.  It is a false righteousness that is leading many to a sinners Hell because of a reliance on something other than Christ and His sacrifice for you to be right with God.   Like all cults, it is full of sincere “good” people. They are sincerely wrong.
     I pray my experience will serve to help others to leave the cult and give Christians ammunition to dialogue with friends and loved ones who are trapped in Freemasonry.

In Christ,


     I am extremely thankful to Mr. Jay Lloyd for his personal testimony and to Seth Dunn at the website "Pulpit and Pen" for publishing this exposé.  Sadly, Freemasonry has infiltrated the Church and led many good Christian men and women astray (women are encouraged to join the Eastern Star appendant body to the Free Mason Lodge). Freemasonry is a secret organization and members hide their identities within the Church, often serving on Finance Committees and positions of leadership within the Church.  It is just one more way that the Enemy has penetrated God's House.  
     I'm sure that both Mr. Lloyd's testimony and my opinion will offend Christians who have no real idea of the truth. But I'm willing to take that chance, if it will wake one person up to seek the freedom that Jesus offers. If your family has been involved in Freemasonry, I would ask you to take a good hard look at the spiritual health of your family.  See any problems? Any secrets lurking in the shadows, or unspoken darkness that needs the Light of Jesus shined upon it?  There are often family secrets that are buried and never spoken about, but you know they are there ... incest, molestation, suicide, murder ... the list goes on.  Mr. Lloyd's testimony barely scratches the surface of the insidious bond between Freemasonry and the Dark Side.  I hope it will cause some serious introspection and a heartfelt desire to receive Jesus's Truth on this subject.

John 18:20:   Jesus answered him, "I have spoken openly to the world. I have always taught in synagogues and in the temple, where all Jews come together. I have said nothing in secret". 


  1. I just want to point out that a number of the Founding Fathers of the USA were Masons - including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and John Hancock. If Freemasonry is so anti-Christian, how could the US be founded as a Christian nation with almost 1/4 of the Continental Congress being Masons?

    1. First of all, this is always the come-back one gets when you challenge Freemasonry. But it is a false concept. Yes, I do believe that when the Pilgrims and the Puritans landed on these shores they came as Christians to settle this land. But by the time that we became a nation and were constructing our government, Satan had already infiltrated the governing bodies of the colonies and Freemasonry is all over the Founding Fathers, the symbols of the government, and their language. I cannot give a complete rebuttal in this comment, but will write a blog post to lay all this out in the near future. Freemasonry is a very clever institution... you can say you believe in Jesus and be a Mason. You just cannot say He is the One True God. So, any and all gods are permissible in Mason Lodges and that goes against the 2nd Commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Masons actually take oaths to the "Grand Architect of the Universe" which they do not identify as Jesus. So, I do not celebrate the fact that the Founding Fathers were Freemasons or Deists.... There is so much more on this topic of the Founding Fathers and Freemasons that I need to present in a longer format. So hold on to your opinions and we will continue this discussion as I write a proper response to your question.

  2. Pam, Just a few comments. Look at the all seeing eye on the dollar bill, the obelisk and other monuments in D.C. The statue of Washington seared as Baphomet or Zeus. This really us a big subject!

    1. Yes, it is! And I plan to delve into it at length in the near future. It is a hard subject for many Americans to grasp. I know because I was one who did not want to believe that the origins of our nation were tainted. But I agree with you ... it's a big subject and we need to look behind the veil!

  3. Jasons comment is a re-direct. Freemasons always use the founders as a red herring. The Rosa Cruscians started left hand path occultism and founded Washington D.C. from the get-go on Masonic principles. If the church and its leadership would pull their head out and stop with the flag waving they could see the masonic truth they hide in plain sight.

    1. You are absolutely correct! I once had an online conversation with a Christian pastor who said he was a 33rd degree Mason and wanted to correct my interpretation of Masons. But when I repeatedly asked him if [as a 33rd Degree Mason] he had taken an oath to Allah with his hand on the Koran, he would not answer me, and finally abandoned our discussion. They are good at deflecting inspection of their rules and oaths, but there are far too many Christian ex-Masons to verify that what is behind the curtain is not of God.

  4. Daniel 8:25KJV
    And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

    This passage is talking about the AC but notice that he will cause the craft to prosper.

    So lets look at the craft in the higher degrees in the different types of masonry, the 32nd degree is called the keeper of Royal secrets and a lot of the other degrees deal with titles of the royal courts eg knight of the ...

    The mother lodge is located in London so if commoners are the base of the pyramid then it must be royalty at the top. The Monarch is the head of the Royal Gartr.

    The Prince who has a standing lion king on his coat of arms has stated once he becomes king he will be known as the defender of all faiths i.e. savior of the faiths type in Gooogle images "Prince Savior World"

    Daniel also says that the lion(England) will have it's eagle(US) wings torn off(war of independents) and later a lion will stand up as a man and the mind of a man will be given to it see coat of arms for the standing lion.

    1. The evidence is definitely there if one is willing to research it. The problem is that too many don't want to look behind the curtain to see what is really going on. It is much easier to believe that the founding of this nation met with no resistance from the Enemy, and that all secret organizations are exactly what they want us to see... charitable and compassionate. This deception runs throughout the kingdoms and governments of the world, and it is as cunning and crafty as its Master.