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February 19, 2016

I Never Cease To Be Amazed!

     I just had the most interesting thing happen … a first for me, actually.  I rarely get crackpot comments on my blog posts, and to be honest, my number of comments-to-blog ratio is rather low.  I really get more personal comments on the private email address I provide in my profile, and have some great conversations with loyal readers.  Every once in awhile, though, there will be a topic that incites passionate responses -- usually when I venture into a controversial subject like Genesis 6, or the satanic influences in Freemasonry.  That's when I'm likely to be attacked by both friend and foe.  Thankfully, I am able to moderate my comments, and they have to be approved by me before being posted.
     But yesterday, I actually received a request to comment by someone who wanted to give their two cents worth on the topic of spiritual healing.  This person claimed that they had received spiritual help from a certain "Doctor" who specialized in casting spells to help resolve personal relationship issues.  This person proceeded to give her testimony how she hadn't believed in casting spells until the good doctor performed one on her behalf, and caused her husband who had committed adultery and left the family, to return home to her and their three kids.  She then gave a website and email address, so that my readers could contact the doctor themselves and receive his expertise.  (Of course, I refuse to give one iota of credence to this deception of the devil).
     I deleted the comment and at first dismissed it as some kind of quirky and deceived attempt to promote something not only unbiblical, but fraudulent.  Yes, I deleted it, but not before I wrote down the doctor's name to do my own research.  Imagine my surprise to find that this seemingly innocuous comment is really an attempt by the Enemy to invade this blog and lead people away from the spiritual healing message that God wants delivered.
     As it turns out, Charisma Magazine ran an article in June of 2015, titled When Spell Casters Invade Your Prayer Room.  This article tells of countless calls they receive at their online prayer room extolling the talents of "powerful spell casters" who have healed broken marriages, financial problems, and any manner of human troubles.  What Charisma determined is that these are actually witches attempting to advertise their services on Christian sites, hoping to reel in some unsuspecting and weak-minded believer.
     And before you think I am being too hard on my fellow Christians, I can tell you that there are plenty of people who profess to follow Christ, yet avail themselves of tarot card readings, palm readers, astrological charts, and psychics.  I know this because I know some of these people!  Now, they will tell you that they don't take it seriously; that it's all for fun, and God is first in their life.  But how different are they, really, from these commenters who are easily fooled by shysters, or are deliberately being commissioned by Satan to stop the knowledge of spiritual healing?  We must be aware!
     But why should we be surprised?  If the devil discerns that an area of ministry is derailing his plan, then why are we astonished that he sends his troops in to try to stop it?  What's really interesting is that the same day that I received this comment, my husband talked to our spiritual healing mentor, Barb, about some of the people God was sending to us.  He told her about the extreme bondage that people are in, due to the decisions their parents took to become involved in Freemasonry, and how just renouncing the oaths taken by a father can bring such freedom to a child mired in all the consequences of that sinful association.
     He told Barb about another woman who is nearly unrecognizable, she is so on fire to serve God!  She amazes herself at how distant she feels from the world, and how, for the first time in her life, she feels that this body is just an earthly vessel, and she has a purpose in serving the Living God.  What could be more wonderful than that?
     But here is the astonishing thing about Barb's phone call … she said when you begin to participate with Jesus and the Holy Spirit in healing people's spiritual wounds, get ready for Satan to send witches and his emissaries to try to block or hinder your ministry.  And I guess I just got my first one!
     But the truly inspiring message she gave us was that some of the people who God sends to us -- the ones who have seemed the most mired in unproductive, sinful, and misled lives -- are the ones that God will use to do His mightiest works!  They will go on to lead fruit-filled lives, spreading the Good News of their Freedom from bondage to Satan.
     In these times to come, it will not just be the righteous church-goers that have been called by His Name, but it just might be one who escaped tremendous slavery to sin by the Power of Jesus to heal their wounded spirits.  They truly have a story to tell!  And they will be the ones to heal others and bring forth the kingdom of God on earth.  And isn't that why we're here?

Luke 17:19    Jesus said to him, “Get up and go [on your way]. Your faith [your personal trust in Me and your confidence in God’s power] has restored you to health.”  


  1. God bless you for the work you do! I'm sure you were already on satan's radar but I guess it's now out in the open if you're getting those kinds of comments.
    Thank you for the diligent research you perform in order to present us with thought provoking topics and also alerting us to the works of the devil. We all have to be so careful because drifting away from Jesus happens very slowly/subtly by dabbling in worldly, seemingly innocent things. We don't realize the gap until it's large and we've opened a door to satan. Most people aren't prepared for the battle that results from these worldly activities.
    I personally have you to thank for helping me learn how to fight spiritual battles. I can't tell you the dramatic difference in my life from how I used to feel - so depressed and oppressed for years - but no longer!
    You are doing great things for those of us who have been hurting. I pray you are able to continue for a long, long time!

    1. Dianna, thank you for your kind words, but I truly want to lay the glory at the feet of Jesus. It is the Father that has revealed to me that so much of our physical illnesses and mental struggles are spiritual in nature. And He keeps reminding me of the work that Jesus did when He walked the earth ... healing the sick and casting out demons. Nothing has changed! He can still do that work in us, IF just like the early believers we have faith that He is able to do it. Only now He has sent the Holy Spirit in His place, with the power to comfort us, teach us, heal us, and help us to battle the Enemy in the spiritual realms. "He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world" tells the whole story! Praise the Lord for your freedom from oppression and may all glory and thanksgiving be laid at His feet. God Bless you!

  2. Some of us are avid readers of your blog; we just don't post comments nearly often enough, to let you know you are doing a great job: your blog is always relevant to what's happening today and about things we Christians need to be aware of. I can't think of a time I have ever disagreed with you! Keep up the good work!!

    1. Karen, thank you so much for the encouragement! I have never worried about getting comments, just wanting God to use my words for His Glory. That being said, I so appreciate you taking the time to support my efforts... I know you all are out there, even if I don't hear from you, and I'm always thinking of you as I write. Thank you, again!