A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

December 27, 2015

Revelation 12:17

Then the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went and made war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

     "Remnant" ... this word has become a vital part of my spiritual experience over the last few weeks and months.  It is an idea that I have "head knowledge" about from my study of the Bible.  But lately, my heart and spirit have become increasingly conscious of its viability in these days.  
     One of the  "official" definitions of the Remnant Church is that it is "a visible, historical, organized body characterized by obedience to the commandments of God and the possession of a unique end-time gospel proclamation."  And of course, there is the added element that it is "that which remains of an original body or substance."  So, to me, the Remnant Church is represented by those Christians today who remain steadfastly obedient to God's commands in the face of a growing apostasy within the Church; those Faithful who have not fallen for the lies of Satan, and who are unwilling to compromise with the culture or a "new paradigm" of Church doctrine, even when opposed by those professing the same faith.
     The Scripture in Revelation 12:17 tells us that Satan is angry with God's Last Day remnant and wages war against them.  The woman in the verse represents Israel, God's chosen people, and the remnant of her seed in the Last Days will be the Gentile Church (not the Jews) who remains obedient to God and can testify to the Truth of Jesus Christ.  We have personal knowledge of God's forgiveness and mercy; of His grace in offering us salvation through Yeshua.  And we are not afraid to tell the world about it -- with no compromise, no concessions, and no modifications.  And we are a threat to Satan and his war against mankind.  In fact, we are also a threat against the rest of the Church.
     I heard a podcast this last week from Dr. Michael Lake, Chancellor and Senior Professor of Theology/Ministry and Senior Professor at Biblical Life College and Seminary.  He said that it is his understanding that for every 10 Christians who remain in the Church, two to three are leaving because God is preparing them to be the Remnant.  They have been shaken at the very foundations of their faith, and have been moved by the Spirit to earnestly study the prophetic Word of God and to be guided by it.  They examine the authenticity and veracity of what the Church is teaching, and have a unique discernment that comes from answering the call to stand for God's Truth in these days when it is so easily abandoned.  
     It has been amazing to me how many people, within the last year, who have revealed to me that they no longer feel fulfilled by religion and are sensing a call to a greater understanding of God and His plan for His Church; an understanding that seems to be beyond the ability or willingness of the established Church to seek out.  And the common word that each of these people use to describe themselves is "remnant".  This perception does not come from belonging to common denominations, or even from common religious backgrounds.  It is as if each has been singled out from among the masses of faithful; and each experience is individual and unique, testifying of the Holy Spirit's power to call those God has chosen.
     Not everyone is receiving the same mission or calling; we just have a sense that we were born for this time, and God has a particular purpose for each of us whom He has called to His service.  But we all share, in our spirits, the knowledge that it is our time to reveal the testimony of Jesus, our Lord; of the authority He has given us through the power of the Holy Spirit to bear witness in these days of questioning and dishonor towards the One True God.  And it has been the blessing of each person to respond in obedience and faith and utter amazement -- that's how I feel; that God could use one such as I to speak of His Glory and Majesty in these Last Days.  I pray that each of you will respond to His Truth and prepare yourself for the coming war against the saints; against God's remnant.  I promise you that there is no greater calling.


  1. Belle, I have been reading your blog since January of this year & have enjoyed your posts & learned from them also. My husband & I haven't attended a church regularly for several years. I know much has been written about "the dones" and I guess we include ourselves with that group, however, the remnant Church is more accurate. We are done with all the performances, and false teachings, etc. that are in so many churches today. But, by no means are we done with God!! My husband has attended Bible Study Fellowship for the past 4 years & I have been a part of a woman's study group for over 10 years. I am heartbroken over what passes for Christianity in many places & believe the message of the remnant Church is to those who are lukewarm or deceived...those who need to be snatched from following heresies. I believe it is way harder to "witness" to those who believe they are walking with God than to witness to those who don't know anything about Him. Unfortunately, in most discussions I have been in, after I'm asked what church I attend, I am automatically dismissed & disrespected. I also believe the next year is going to be very challenging for those of us who "keep the commandments of God". Being called religious or legalistic for following His Word is just the beginning of what lies ahead. May God continue to bless you & encourage you & may we all hear His voice & follow as He leads. judy

    1. Judy, I have a feeling that so many others will identify with you! It's funny that you say you have been accused of being legalistic for following His Word more closely and accurately. I have heard others say that it is the legalistic believers in the Church who accuse them of straying too far from traditional doctrine, although they are really interpreting the Word as those closest to Jesus did. Do not become discouraged! As I said, I truly believe that God is separating His True Church from the apostates who are willing to compromise with the god of this world. My husband and I still worship God and His Word with fellow Christians; both in Bible study groups and in our homes, following the First Century Church model. I have no doubt that this is where He wants us at this time, and where He can use us best to serve Him. Just keep listening to the Holy Spirit and following His lead. You will be happier and more effectively serve the Kingdom of God. Bless you for your faithfulness!

  2. This is amazing! I, too, have been called out just within the past few months, and it has been with an absolute URGENCY to get the truth out. I now have a boldness that I have NEVER had before, and I can't even tell you how it happened! As I was reading this article, I felt like it was MY story!

    1. And you can be assured that there are many more like us! Praise, God, and I am thankful that He has chosen me and others like you!