A Modern Woman's Perspective On The Kingdom of God on Earth

May 16, 2015

Dear God: Please Forgive Us and Restore Us!


     As I consider my posts over the last weeks and months, I realize that they all point to a less than rosy state of world affairs.  The prospects for improving our present situation and the outlooks for a brighter future are just not on the radar screen.  And I freely admit that I am preoccupied with God's response to the mess we've created; but I make no apologies.  My spirit is simply on heightened alert, and with good reason.
     First of all, consider that we humans have decided that God has made mistakes in creating some of us, and we are denying the specific gender to which He assigned us.  As simple as it sounds, one can change their gender by simply declaring it.  Jane now becomes Jack; Bob should be allowed to share a restroom with gender-defined women because he "feels" like a girl; and Jamie is neither gender because, um, (it) has decided to remain uncommitted.
     To top it all off, there is a new designation added to the titles we give ourselves.  There are the gender-specific Miss, Mr. and now Mx, for those who identify as binary (meaning having an overlap of genders, having two or more genders, having no gender, or moving between genders).  I kid you not!  There are actually terms such as polygender, pangender, and trigender!  Is it any wonder that God is disappointed in us?
     Next, we have somehow allowed our children to be taught that there is no absolute moral right and wrong.  Conservative radio talk show host and author, Dennis Prager, recently wrote that our children have come to believe that every valid value of human conduct is an opinion -- even extending that idea to the most evil of behaviors.  For instance, he cites the following as an example:  Since the Nazis thought killing Jews was right, there is no way to know for sure whether it was wrong; it's the Nazis' opinion, against that of the Jews and anyone else who objects.  What matters is how you feel.
     How will God view our failed efforts to maintain His values and standards?  If every action can be summed up as "an opinion", then there is no guideline for good and evil; for moral or immoral.  Everything becomes subject to personal perspectives.  And we are seeing that now in the growing friction between society and law enforcement.
     Perhaps the biggest indicator of how God must be scrutinizing us is the recent Pew research results that atheists and agnostics are growing in America, while those who call themselves Christian or "religious" are declining.  From the first days of this country, the Bible has guided how we lived as a civil society, how we governed ourselves, and our we conducted our individual lives and those of our families.  Not any more.  We may call ourselves "a Christian nation", but our actions convey our true nature.
     God is being driven out of our government, our military, and our schools.  We worship the false idols of immorality (celebrities) and we persecute righteousness (Christian businesses who stand for biblical marriage).  Those who sit in churches across our land cheat on their spouses, are addicted to pornography, and covet their neighbors wealth.  Are we even studying the Word of God anymore, to see how HE says we should live our lives?
     To be honest, it is becoming difficult to find anything to celebrate in this sinful world!  I find that I am increasingly insulating myself from the influences that are not God-pleasing.  I am blessed to have a small group of faithful Believers with whom I can worship my Lord.  I am over-joyed to share this life with a man who is as passionate about God as I am, and who loves to share the Gospel Message with new seekers that the Father brings our way.  I am less concerned about the latest headlines, or with being "socially relevant", or increasing my storehouse; and find that I am preparing in a new way ... for the spiritual battles that are ahead.
     But at the end of the day, as I am on my knees, I pause to reflect on just how far we, as a nation, have veered off that narrow path.  We used to know that faith in Jesus Christ was the source of our life, our treasure, and our success in this world.  Now we look to ourselves, or to other men.  We have worshipped at the altar of our own desires, and look where it has taken us.  Our only chance of survival and escape from God's justice is to ask for forgiveness and restoration.  Will this nation humble itself... or will God humble us?

Isaiah 13:11    "And I, the Lord, will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their guilt and iniquity; I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible and the boasting of the violent and ruthless."


  1. On one hand, I tremble at the judgment Americans are bringing down on themselves and even the righteous, who will suffer because of it, at least to some extent. Nevertheless, on the other hand, I am longing in my heart for all this to be over and done with, whatever it takes, and the Lord Jesus return.
    Psalm 91

    1. I couldn't have said it any better... I feel exactly as you do!