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February 19, 2014

How Do I Say "Thanks"?

     I just received word that one of the most uniquely spiritual men I have known has been given one week to live.  It's not often that you come in contact with someone who is beyond description; who, in one Divinely-planned encounter, changes your life.  Bobby Drinnon did that for me.
     The fact that you are reading this blog today is because of Bobby.  Let me explain:  I had heard about him from my very good friend, Chris.  It seems Bobby had been given a gift of extrasensory perception.  While drawing inspiration and guidance from his Christian faith, he offered what he called "intuitive counseling" to help people embrace God's purpose for them.  He was called many things by those who misunderstood his gift and his purpose.  He would tell you he was not a "psychic" or a "prophet" or a "channeler".  He would tell you that his work involves the simple exercise of a little-understood, but very human, ability to perceive aspects of past, present, and sometimes future conditions. In Bobby's case, intuitions are manifested through dreams, spontaneous impressions, deliberative meditation, and the visual perception of auras, which are the energy fields that emanate from all living things and from human beings, in particular.  In other words, Bobby gave God credit for the messages he received.
     I will admit, that when I first heard about Bobby's "gift", I was skeptical.  But I also thought it would have little consequence in my life, since he lived in Tennessee and I lived in Texas.  All that changed one fall day in 2007.  Our mutual friend, Chris, was getting married in Montana, and it seemed I would not be able to avoid crossing paths with him.  I can tell you this, when you met Bobby Drinnon, you were not likely to ever forget it.  Almost ethereal looking, he had long flowing white hair, and a wicked sense of humor.  Let's just say he could be the life of any party he attended, and proved it during the wedding festivities.
    He didn't refer to his "gift" that entire weekend, and I thought I had successfully sidestepped the issue.  That is, until the last day of our visit.  The wedding was over, and all the guests were returning to their various abodes across the breadth of the country.  Chris approached me and said, "Bobby would like to visit with you."  I thought, "Oh, no, I don't need this.  I have my own personal relationship with God, and I don't need anyone else giving me advice."
    I tried to get out of driving up to the guest house where Bobby was staying, but was unsuccessful.  So it was that I found myself talking to God as I drove up that long driveway.  "God, if this is from You, please make it clear.  And, if it's not from You, let me plainly know that, too."
     I entered the house and was shocked to see that the Life of the Party had been replaced by a serious and contemplative man.  He invited me into the study, away from the other guests that occupied the house.  As he sat across a desk from me, I was plenty nervous.  He started by telling me that he was sometimes able to discern something that a person needed to hear from God, and it usually came in the form of dreams.  If God had something to impart to a person, Bobby would dream it.  Then he said, "And last night I had a dream that involved you."  He continued, "I don't know if this has any meaning to you or not", and he scribbled something on a piece of paper and slid it across the desk.
     I hesitated and then read what might appear as vague and inconsequential words to you, but which literally rocked me to my core.  What Bobby had written was this:  Be the pen, not the blank piece of paper.
     You see, from the time I was a child, I loved to write.  I would hole up in my room and write stories.  I would later work at my hometown newspaper while in high school, and write for a local entertainment magazine while in college.  Then I just stopped.  As they say, "Life got in the way."  After graduating from college, I got a job; and then several years later, I got married; followed by supporting my husband in his business.  "There's just not enough time," I would tell myself.
     But Bobby's little slip of paper told me that I was wasting my gift.  Because you see, no one (other than my husband) knew that I had any experience in writing, or that I loved it, and always intended to return to it.  There had been no reason for him to share that with anybody, since that was part of my past.  Chris knew me long after I had stopped writing, and there had never been any occasion to disclose it.  Bobby had no way of knowing, yet that is exactly what my first words were ... "How did you know?"
     He just smiled and said, "God knows, and He wants you to begin writing again."  He went on to tell me that, in God's eyes, it was not about writing a New York Times bestseller, or making lots of money.  "He wants you to write, purely and simply, because it pleases Him."  Bobby made me understand that God had given me this ability and I needed to honor Him by doing it each day, if for no other reason than to please Him.
     I knew, at that moment, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Bobby had been sent to reach me for God.  As soon as I returned home, I began a practice of writing each day.  I would invest the next three years in writing to please God, and a novel was the result.  I haven't done anything with it, because that was never the purpose -- I was writing because I wanted to please God.   I can honestly tell you that there were days I don't remember writing what was on those pages.  It was as if I was a conduit for God's creativity; it just flowed through me on to the paper.
     And then in December of 2011, I felt prompted to begin this blog.  Please don't think that I am boasting of any spectacular talent, but I know, in my spirit, that when I sit down to express my thoughts to you, that I am doing it in honor of my God; because it pleases Him to see me using what He has given me.
      But today, I want to thank God for sending Bobby Drinnon to me; for his ability to help me better understand who, and what, I was made to be.  And I would ask Him to somehow let Bobby know how grateful I am.  I only met Bobby that one time, but he has had such a huge impact on my life, and I will never forget him.
     Bobby has been battling cancer for several years now, and knew he would probably not win against the disease.  But as he recounted on his website, he lived each day to the fullest.  He said, "I am at the mercy of God's perfect love, and I trust in His divine wisdom to help me complete my life's calling."  Now, that calling is coming to an end.  But his inspiration will live on in each one of us who were fortunate enough to cross paths with him.  I will always be grateful for his spiritual counseling and for helping me reclaim my path in life.  Great rewards are in store for you in heaven, my friend!
     The following Scripture is featured on Bobby's website:

Psalm 34:19     "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all."



  1. I am thankful for you, your insights, and your beautiful gift!

  2. I stumbled across your blog and I'm going to say not by coincidence. I was surfing around the web etc. I'm missing my dear, sweet, wise, and witty friend (Bobby) of 26 years and I land on your site. I apparently needed to read your thoughts on a few things.
    Many thanks,

    1. Andy, I do not believe in coincidence, do you? When we see God's hand at work, it makes Him more alive than ever! I am amazed at the people that Bobby is connecting, who would never have known each otherwise. I'm sure he's smiling!

  3. I landed on your site and without doubt Divinely guided to do so. I knew Bobby well. He was my mentor, my teacher, my friend. He first impacted my life at the age of 5 or so. Through the years, he helped me understand my gifts. He saw in me what I did not understand and what I was afraid to tell others. For many years, he taught me. He even said, "You're going to do what I am doing one day. You have to stop fearing it and step into it." I laughed, and said I can't do that. Oh boy...did I eat those words. When I bag an to own that, toss away my fears of what people would say or think....my life turned into the most real, truthful, soulfully satisfying version of a life like nothing I've ever known. Thank you for posting this article. Thank you for the loving words for our dear friend. Much love and light to you Pam!
    God bless! There are no coincidences, only Divine Purpose.

    1. I only met Bobby once, but the 11+ years I have been writing this blog are a result of that divinely appointed meeting. I will be forever grateful to him for delivering that personal message from my Father in Heaven. I know he had the same impact on so many other lives.

  4. I tell everyone about Bobby ,I was telling a lady last night while we were getting our nails done ! She herself is gifted she wanted to read up on Bobby .Told her I knew there was a reason I left work early .I believe in no coincidences Only divine purpose .Loved him amazing man .

  5. Yes! God arranged for me to meet him even though we lived hundreds of miles away from each other. And He used Bobby to reveal His purpose for my life. Those two hours I sat with him as he told me what God wanted me to know have been the key to my greater walk in the Kingdom. I know, without a doubt, that my life would be very different if I had not said "yes" to that encounter with Bobby. Thank you, Jesus, for orchestrating that divine meeting, and tell Bobby that I'll be forever grateful to him!

  6. Hello. My grandmother knew Bobby well and had regular appointments with him. I was younger when she was meeting with him and didn’t understand it. Last night I had a dream about him and woke up knowing I needed to look him up. Somewhere I have the notes from my visit with him. I will have to find them now. My grandmother passed 2 years and I have been thinking about her a lot lately. Just seeing his picture when I googled him made me feel close to my grandmother again. This blog post was so perfectly timed for me to read today. Almost a year after you wrote it. Thank you. He also said that everyone had a psalm or a bible verse that was theirs. One time that she was in the ICU the pastor said that he wanted to share a bible verse with us. It was the same one that Bobby said was hers. I repeated it over and over when she was passing a few years ago. The lord maketh me to lie down in green pastures.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! It's hard to explain the mysteries of God sometimes to people who are super religious, or don't understand the spiritual world. In all honestly, I can't really explain Bobby very well, myself. All I know is that he heard from God about me, and what he told me was the catalyst to start my journey that has led me to this blog, two published books, a ministry in Inner Healing, and seeking more intimacy and knowledge of our Great God! I am thankful that I took that risk, and I hope that Bobby knows somehow that I took what he told me and pursued it! Thank you for sharing your story and the supernatural ways God communicates with us!