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October 13, 2012

Every Picture Tells A Story

     I found this heart-warming story on TheBlaze.com, and I felt it was worthy of sharing.  The post is short today, but the picture below tells you volumes.  You know that I am a big supporter of our military, recognizing that they are the first line of defense between us and the bad guys.  In my opinion, their unselfishness, plus their commitment to duty and their mission, set them above and apart from the average citizen.  The photo below captures the heart, the compassion, and the goodwill of our young men and women in uniform.

     This photo tells an amazing story.  Ben Baltz, an 11-year-old bone cancer survivor, was running in a children's triathalon.  The run portion was only a mile, and his mother, Kim, began to worry when she didn't see him, knowing that he must be tired.
     All of a sudden the announcer asked the crowd to focus their attention down the course.  You see, young Ben had fallen, his prosthetic leg breaking from the strain of the run.  He tried desperately to re-attach the leg, and when it was apparent that he couldn't accomplish the task, Pfc. Matt Morgan, part of a contingent of Marines who were helping during the event, picked Ben up and ran the rest of the race with Ben on his back.
     The rest of the Marines stepped up, fell into line and ran with the pair, calling cadence for the rest of the run.  I imagine that it was Ben's determination and spirit that the Marines appreciated; his never-give-up attitude.  Pfc. Morgan told ABC News, “He was going to finish the race no matter what, but I told him to jump on and we finished the race together.”
     Gunnery Sgt. Wilbur Anderson said he ran alongside Ben and told him, "You're going to be taken home by the Marines today."  Naturally, the crowd was in tears and so was I, after reading this story.  It's why I feel that our military represents the best of America; the heart and soul of our identity.  It's why PLW and I will spend several days at the end of the month at Fort Sam Houston, volunteering at Fisher House.  There, we will see brave soldiers who are dealing with their own prosthetic issues, and it's a way for us to give back -- a way for us to carry them on our backs for just a moment.
     I am well aware that our efforts are inadequate; we can never repay them for their sacrifice or all they've given for our country.  I know they don't need or ask for my thanks, but anytime I get the chance to shine a spotlight on the human character of our military, it is an honor.  So take a moment and  contemplate the gentleness, the kindheartedness, the chivalry and the nobility of Pfc. Morgan.  This is what our military is all about.

Isaiah 41:6       "They approach and come forward; they help each other and say to their companions, “Be strong!" 


  1. You do not see our commander-in-chief taking part in events like this.
    Nothing I could say would be able to show how much I love our military.
    Hold Fast

  2. This is not an isolated incident. Our military represents the best of who we are as Americans. God Bless and Protect each one of them!

  3. Belle,

    I disagree that our military represents the best of who we are as Americans. I recently left the military and am glad to no longer be associated with it. I can not in good conscience encourage any moral/principled/Christian young person to become involved in it.

  4. I appreciate your candidness, and I am sincerely interested in what prompted your comment. Is it because of the leadership? Or attitude of the modern soldier? Is it widespread? I recently spent the weekend with some Force Recon Marines and they are some of the most principled people I've ever met, but they, too are concerned. Since you made morality, principles and faith a criteria, what are you seeing? I would genuinely like to know and will respect what you have to say, since you have experienced it.

  5. Cont from above.... Any organization or group isn't a sum of its parts. Some of the best people I have ever met and probably will ever meet have been in the military.

    I think it really comes down to rot at the top. I was an officer and am a service academy graduate. I found that while stated ideals such as honor are given much lip service, they often fall by the way side in practice. My real breaking point came when I reported an attempted sexual assault against another military member and was essentially called a liar because senior officers didn't want it to reflect negatively on themselves for promotion. This after years of being told how important sexual assault prevention is to military leaders and how important honesty is.

    The bottom line is: A Christian in today's military will likely be ordered to do things contrary to the teachings of Christ. They may be ordered to keep their peace and not rock the boat in the face of evil, and I simply can't accept that. Maybe the military and our government can be changed from within by Christians and other moral/principled people, but for my part I have tried and failed.

  6. I totally understand where you are coming from! I think (and I hope) that I have conveyed my respect and admiration for the troops --- not the leaders! And that includes both military and political leaders. Most of my posts on the military have been about the individual soldiers, the ones who are on the front line of defense; not those policy wonks sitting behind a desk at the Pentagon. And if you have not read it yet, go back and find my post on my visit to Fort Sam Houston this last Spring, when I reported on the opinions of the Post Chaplains. They are in total agreement with you, and said they will soon be unable to continue in the military because they are being asked to compromise their Christian principles. So when I say the military is the best of us, I mean the men and women in harm's way who follow the Christian perspective of service; putting others before themselves through the willingness to sacrifice. I see more of that in the military than I do in the general population. I will pray harder that the Lord will renew the spirit of those in command and return them to His Truth. Bless you and I thank you for not only your service to our country, but for your compassion and faith.

  7. Sorry for the late response. Thanks. I just wanted to put a word of warning out there for Christians considering the military, definitely not trying to talk its many great membets down. We must be very cautious when we put our consiences (which are guided by Christ or at least the Word of God which is written on everyone's heart Romans 2:15) under the direction of earthly authorities such as the military. Great blog, keep it up!