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August 13, 2012

These Boots Are Made For Walking!

     I know, I know --- the title is overused and corny, but I just couldn't help myself.  But it's something I want every woman out there to give considerable thought to.  How many of you have a good hiking boot?  And by "good", I mean comfortable, broken in, durable?  In a true SHTF scenario, you're going to want something more substantial than your lightweight tennis shoes.
     Just consider this ..... depending on where you live, if you had to hike out of your present location and spend days on the road, or in the backcountry, you're going to need a pretty dependable boot that can take the wear and tear and, most importantly, not give you blisters.  Believe me, if you've made the wrong choice, all 26 bones in each foot will be shouting your mistake!
     So, the first thing you need to do is assess your situation.  Is it wet and marshy where you live?  How about dry and desert-like?  Do you live in a mountainous or rugged area?  Each of these locations might call for a different style of boot.  I'm going to discuss a couple types of boots that are available and you can decide which would best suit your needs.  And it's quite possible that you need more than one boot type for different scenarios.
     Leather lace-up boots.  This includes everything from combat, to hiking, to hunting, and finally, to a work boot.  They come in different styled toes, and can be insulated or non-insulated -- it all depends on the weather where you live.  Gore-tex and other similar membrane-type materials also help keep feet dry.  The most important aspect is the fit and quality of the boot.  Cost is often a misleading factor when it comes to the best boot.  An inexpensive boot that fits great trumps an ill-fitting pair of expensive boots every time!
     Pull-on boots.  This category encompasses cowboy boots, firefighter boots, rubber boots, and waders.  Obviously, there are clear disadvantages to some of these boots if you have to start hiking across country.  First of all, rubber boots don't fit as well as lace-ups, and I'm not sure you would want to hike long distances in cowboy boots.  Put if you need to get in the action quick in stormy weather, a good sturdy pair of rubber pull-ons are your best bet.  I bought a pair of tall, thick rubber boots at Wal-Mart and they serve a variety of purposes if I'm sticking close to home.
     I'm going to give you a couple of examples of hiking boots that I recommend.  The first is the Timberland Women's Chocura Trail boot, which is a durable boot, made for rugged hiking.  It has a Gore-Tex membrane which keeps your feet dry and good traction for when you need it on slippery terrain.  The reviews on this boot are excellent ... breathes well, comfortable, durable, good cushioning, stable, warm .... all the things you want in a dependable boot.  Buyers seem to wear these boots for many years, and then buy the same style when the time comes to replace them.  You can't ask for a better recommendation!
     I have a good pair of Merrill cross-trainers, which are kind of a tennis/hiking shoe that is durable and lightweight as well as water proof.  They will be perfect if my car breaks down and I have to hoof it home.  And they are even suitable for taking long walks across rough pastureland.  But for those "extreme" situations, I have a pair of Altama Military Boots.  They are comfortable and durable, and I have no fear that they will get the job done when, and if, I need something for TEOTWAWKI.
     But the bottom line, and the purpose of this post, is to ask you to not neglect this area of preparation.  I would like to think that we will all be able to remain safe and sound and warm and comfy in our homes.  I would like to imagine that nothing will force us to hike long distances for any reason, be it weather-related or man-made.  But I can't tell you how much comfort I derive from knowing that my Altama's are safely tucked away on the top shelf of my closet.   I figure if our military men and women can live in theirs, they are good enough for me.  And they're made in the USA!  These boots are made for survival!
1 Samuel 2:9       "He will guard the feet of his faithful servants, but the wicked will be silenced in the place of darkness."      


  1. Hi Belle - several years ago, while still on Active Duty, I had the opportunity to travel quite a bit. One brand was very favored among many Europeans I met on the trail: LOWA.
    I've had one pair or another since 2008, and I practically live in them. Best hikers ever. And you can run in them a few miles (kilometers?) if necessity (or a German train schedule) requires.
    They've also saved me from a copperhead bite to the ankle recently in Spotsylvania County, VA.
    Altama boots are nice, and I like the American-made bonus. My only hesitation is their very obvious military styling. As a below-the-radar prepper, I try hard not to stand out too much. And the jungle-style boots won't do much for the copperheads, either.
    Still, having good footwear ready to go is super important for preparedness. And don't forget the kids, too!

  2. Every bit of your comment was good advice! Thanks for your thoughts and the tips!