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April 9, 2012

The Right Stuff for "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

     As a follow-up to Saturday's post, I thought I would share the list of items I feel my friend should have if she has to "bug out" for home, so to speak.   This was our scenario:  Some kind of cataclysmic event has occurred....such as an EMP or civil unrest .... and my friend finds herself at work, which is some 30 miles or more from her home.  She decides it is best to not wait around for the zombies to run out of food and try to take hers, so she grabs her BOB and starts walking.
     Here's what I would want to have with me if I had to trek across country, and of course, the list is subject to your discretion.  Some of the items are pricey, but this should be a one-time investment, so my philosophy is start with the best!   I've published this list before, but it can't be mentioned enough!  And you can buy these items as you can afford them --- just get started!

1.    A weapon of your choice
2.    Four Mountain House Meals  (REI)
3.    1 Titanium cup (Snow Peak 600) (Amazon)
4.    1 Titanium folding spoon (Amazon)
5.    1 Katadyn Water Bottle with filter (Amazon)
6.    1 Esbit Folding Stove (Amazon)
7.    1 Box Esbit Fuel Tabs (Amazon)
8.    1 Brunton or Silva Compass (Amazon)
9.    1 Small First Aid Kit with Bandaids and moleskin
10.  1 Petzl Tikka headlamp for night walking (Amazon)
11.  1 Whitelight for Shooting (Fenix, or Streamlight, for example)
12.  1 Firestarter (Mag Bar with Flint), like a Doans Firebar, and 1 Bic Lighter
13.  A small hank of 550 cord (Paracord)
14.  A rain pancho or 6 x8 cheap blue tarp.
15.  2 pair Smart Wool hiker socks
16.  Bug Spray with Deet
17.  Light folding knife
18.  Knipex nippers, or a Leatherman tool.  (Knipex are the best, but they are pricey).
19.  For winter, a quality wool sweater or coat (like Filson)

Denzel has the right idea in "The Book of Eli" 
     Your weapon of choice is a personal decision, but weight is the obvious issue if you are small statured.  My personal recommendation, based on that criteria, is a polymer-framed Glock 19, with a Kydex holster....lots of fire power, and no weight.  That's also why I've included titanium items versus stainless steel.  The Esbit stove heats water or your meals, and takes up no room.  The First Aid Kit is mostly to take care of your feet.  If you haven't broken in those hiking boots, now is the time!  If your feet quit....you quit.
     The Petzl headlamp is a long-burn LED with several settings.  It's a must for night walking.  But you can't rely on your headlamp if you have to defend yourself.  A Streamlight is a short-burn, gun-fighting, defense light.  Unfortunately, you will probably need both lights.
     And you need two ways to be able to start a fire.  Remember my post on "Two is One, and One is None?"  Fire-starting is one place you want redundancy! A rain poncho or tarp is to stop hypothermia if you have to bug out in a rain.  I like the pancho because you can keep moving while staying dry.
     The Smart Wool hikers are easy on the feet, prevent blisters, are cool in summer and warm in winter.  I wouldn't start a 30-mile trek without them, if I had a choice.  And the Knipex nippers are expensive, but they can get you through any fence, and they have a bolt cutter fulcrum design that allows a woman to cut heavy gauge wire with ease.  I would consider a Filson mackinaw cruiser wool jacket or sweater for warmth in the winter.  They are sturdy and warm.
     While this may seem like an extensive (and heavy) list, I think you will find that most of these items won't add any significant weight, and you'll be able to manage your pack quite easily.  With these items, you should have everything you need to make it home safely.
     Oh, there's one more thing.....if it's up to me, my BOB is always going to have some element of chocolate.  May as well have some comfort food if you're bugging out!

Psalm 23:4       "Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."      


  1. I really get some good ideas when I read other people's list of items they keep in their BOB. I keep forgetting to get a compass, after seeing your list, I "just did it" and finally ordered one tonight. The headlamp is an excellent idea, I will definitely get one of those also!! Thanks for the extra push to get off my duff....again.

    1. You're welcome! We're all in this together, and our goal should be to help each other be as prepared as they can.

  2. Reading blogs/books and taking notes, I've come up with this list for our Get Home Bags (which is still a work in progress, but getting there :))
    1. the ability to cut things-a pocket knife
    2. the ability to tie things together-paracord
    3. the ability to set things on fire-butane lighter
    4. the ability to see-flashlight
    5. a map of the area showing streets and railroad tracks
    6. a poncho
    7. a lawn & garden trash bag (heavy mil)
    8. a Berkey Sport Water Bottle (a filter straw apparatus)
    9. the cell phones (if they even work at that time)
    10. a quart size zip lock bag
    11. a bandanna
    12. 10 coffee maker filters
    13. 3-5 energy bars/candy bars
    14. a packet of tissues for the girls and a small package of baby wipes for all
    15. $150 in cash (small bills)
    16. small first aid kit containing band aids/individual pkgs of neosporin/tylenol/small mirror/a few safety pins/a few needles
    17. husband has decided he wants an epipen (ok...)
    18. space blanket
    19. pistols
    20. 4-5 bottles of water (with a bottle already have been downed before packing off into the wild blue yonder)
    When it is colder, hats and gloves and such will be added.
    Work in progress at this time. Still gathering items and just purchased the first bag to give it a try before ordering four more.
    Would love to see other's list of Get Home Bag items.
    Love your blog. Pray for the best, prepare for the worst.

    1. Thanks for your detailed list! I think it's great we're all sharing our ideas....it will only make us all better prepared.

  3. I was a little disappointed in myself when after I posted my list I realized I'd left off a few items. So in the spirit of full disclosure I'll add
    21. foot powder
    22. a compass
    23. insect repellent (liquid type)
    24, extra socks (researching the light wool blends now)
    Look forward to others comments also. I learn so much from your blog, and also from the comments.
    Pray for the best, prepare for the worst.

    1. All of your items are good, and you should check out Smart Wool socks; they are perfect for hiking. And at some point, you may have to cull some of your items so that you can shoulder your pack. I have a couple different "kinds" of BOB bags --- one that I keep in my car, while traveling, and is a more comprehensive bag (all your items would be good for that bag). My second bag is a smaller version, that I recommended for my friend. She is a small woman, and we really needed to think about what she would absolutely have to have if an emergency arose. But in the end, everyone needs to have the basics, and then customize their bags for their personal needs. You've given everyone some great ideas!