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January 3, 2012

Why You Must Buy Defensive Ammo

    My very knowledgeable husband was in a noted gun shop this weekend, where he loves to people watch.  A customer was looking for ammo for his wife's defensive gun.  He noticed that the gentleman wasn't really a gun guy, so he watched while he made his selection.  The gentleman moved right through the pricey 9 mm defensive ammo and purchased a box of Speer Lawman 124-grain jacketed bullets.
    Now, true to his name, (Peace-Loving Warrior), my husband could not hold his opinion to himself any longer.  He offered to help the man and proceeded to explain that ball (or full-metal jacket) ammo presents several problems for  the purchaser.  And almost all the problems have serious liability issues attached.  The Lawman brand may have steered this neophyte the wrong way, because it say Lawman right there on the box.  If it's good enough for a lawman, right? Wrong!

Ball Ammo
     9 mm ball is extremely penetrating ... as in sheet rock, wood, car doors and people.  This was really emphasized and illustrated at the Farnham Defensive Training class I attended in October.  Bottom line --- you are responsible for the bullet you shoot.  And for your defensive gun, you should not consider ball ammo or re-loads.  Here's why:  You are giving the legal community all they need to prove that your a negligent and uninformed shooter.
     Ball ammo is a solid mass of metal that over-penetrates through your attacker and into an innocent bystander.  You will be liable.  Ball ammo over-penetrates through your perpetrator, through your apartment wall, and into an innocent neighbor child.  You will be liable.  Many uninformed gun owners purchase this less expensive ammo, not realizing that it may come at a greater cost.
     Defensive ammo is generally of a hollow point design.  That means it has a hole in the tip of the bullet, that allows it to expand as it enters a target and disrupts the penetration.  And I know defensive ammo is incredibly expensive, but you can't afford to go cheap here!

Hollow Point, Defensive Ammo

     I prefer to buy Hornady Tap, Corbon, or Speer Gold Dot.  All these are brands of hollow point, expanding bullets that reduce penetration as they expand in the bad guy.  If you don't know the difference, and are a concealed carry holder, please get informed!
     Ladies, the legal system won't care that you didn't know or weren't informed.  You are responsible for where your bullet goes, and what bullet you choose to purchase.  With gun ownership comes additional responsibilities; some we may not even be aware we are supposed to know.  Be informed!

Psalm 119:154    "Defend my cause and redeem me; preserve my life according to your promise."


  1. You make good points here. I have always carried ball ammo because of reliable function in semi-autos. But, realistically, modern handguns all function well with hollow points. So looks like a trip to Cabelas is in order. Thanks.

  2. If I can be the cause for a trip to Cabela's, then I've done my job!