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January 25, 2012

Best Little Solar Panel on the Market!

     My husband and I are always trying to find little gadgets or products that will make our life easier during TEOTWAWKI.  So, my Peace-Loving Warrior just took his first baby steps into the solar panel world....and when I say "baby" steps....well, you'll see what I mean.
     Emergency Essentials offers three little products in their catalog that will solve one of the most consistent problems we'll encounter in a SHTF scenario, namely how to charge batteries, cell phones, ipods, etc. if the grid goes down.  Here's your answer:  Goal Zero makes an entire line of portable power paks, AND the solar panel support for these systems.
    Goal Zero started as a company building power and inverter products to meet the needs of missionaries in Africa and other Third World locations.  The company has seen such success from their small beginnings that they are becoming a household word among off-grid, Prepper types.
Nomad 7-Watt Portable Solar Panel
     PLW recently purchased Goal Zero's Nomad 7-watt portable solar panel and their Guide 10 Power Pack for charging AA and AAA batteries.  He tries to eliminate as much redundancy as possible in our systems, so  we typically try to buy products that can run on AA or AAA battery sources.  Some tactical lights (such as the Fenix that I featured yesterday) require CR 123 batteries in order to get the extreme lumens count.  But we have a fall-back supply of AA tactical lights that can be recharged.
     We also run AA on our red dot sights, backup radios, walkie-talkies, and other appliances.  So just how does the Nomad portable solar panel fit into our equation?  Well, with four batteries in the charging unit in the Guide 10 Power Pack, and a sunny day, we can recharge those four batteries in about 2 hours. The entire unit will fit in your BOB; it's completely portable, and you can use it while on the move.  Just set it up on the dash in your car while driving, turn it toward the sun, and let it do it's job.  Or you can attach it to the exterior of your BOB while you're walking.  The 7-watt panel will charge cell phones, iPods, GPS systems, and even has a USB port.
Guide 10 Power Pack
     The Goal Zero 10 Plus Power Pack also has USB ports for cross-charging from another source, like your laptop or cell phone.  It has its' own built-in LED light and will prevent overcharging.  Both units, together, will cost you around $120 from Emergency Essentials, and that includes 4 free AA batteries.
Luna LED Light
     We added the Luna LED light to the package (for around $8), so we can read in a dark and grid-down situation.  It's also perfect for hanging on your tent pole when you need to see at night.  It runs for 20 hours on a single charge, and has an expected life span of 20,000 hours.  Not bad for under $10!  It's the perfect compliment to the package.
     Bottom line---we love our mini power pack and solar panel, and have no problem recommending Goal Zero's products.  One more benefit:  their customer service was superb when we were shorted a battery in our order.  That's worth a lot in my book!

Psalm 113:3     "From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised."

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