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December 27, 2011

The MUST-HAVE Survival Book

     About six months ago, my husband and I purchased what I consider to be just about the best book on preparedness that is on the market.  Dare To Prepare, written by Holly Drennan Deyo, is in its 4th Edition, and provides complete and common sense advice on the products and skills you need for optimum emergency preparedness.  If you can think of a situation----she's written about it!

     This 632-page reference book covers everything from Urban Survival to Water Collection and Storage to First Aid to Solar Cooking and Pet Preparedness.  If you are still hesitant to accept the need to prepare for a major terrorist attack, or massive social and economic changes, then surely the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the disasters in Japan and Haiti are reason enough to pay attention to what this book has to offer.
     Major metropolitan cities and church groups have combined resources and information on how to take care of the citizenry should some form of emergency or disaster present itself, and this book is part of their  arsenal.  The book has become so popular that I urge you to buy one as soon as possible.  I suspect they will be hard to come by in the near future.
     Still need more convincing?  Let me just list some of the topics covered in this reference manual:
Emergency Water Treatment:  Making Potable Water; Water Purification: Boiling vs. Chemical Treatment; Build Your Own MicroFilter; Alternate Purifying Methods.
Preparing The Pantry & Saving $$:  How to Prepare Food Storage Room, including Hantavirus Warning; Bulk Warehousing, Co-op Purchasing.
Shelf Life of Non-Foods:  Cleaning Products; Medications/Health Items; Personal Care Products; Pet Supplies.
Build A Hand Pump:  Pump Assembly Notes and Instructions; Depth Use; Hand Pump Parts List.
Keeping Food Safe In An Emergency:  What To Keep and What To Toss (Refrigerator Foods); What to Keep and What To Toss (Frozen Foods).
Generators:  When The Grid Collapses; Running a Computer from a Generator; Care and Maintenance; Theft Prevention.
Communications:  Satellite Phones; Two-Way Radios; Shortwave - Ham - Amateur- High Frequency; Emergency Broadcasts.
Biowarfare Decontamination:  Build a Decontamination Shower; Water Purification; Decontamination for Smallpox, Cholera, Plague, etc.
Preparing For Hurricanes:  What To Do Before A Hurricane; Inland/Freshwater Flooding; Utilities and Services.
Preparing For A Pandemic:  The Next Pandemic; Bird Flu's Entrance; Masks; Personal Protective Equipment.
Dealing With Stress:  Coping With Disaster; Helping Children Cope With Disaster; Helping Others.
Hope and Encouragment:  You're Never Alone (A Message For Christians); Taking Personal Responsibility.

     Obviously, I have just touched on some high points.  But if you're having trouble convincing family members and friends (as I have) that there is a need to prepare, this book will be an invaluable aid.  This book shows how Holly and her husband, Stan, organized their own home and developed a Preparedness Plan.  Bottom line?  In my opinion, next to the Bible, this book has the most answers to help get us through an uncertain future.  It is empowering!  Order yours now!  

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  1. Wow....I went to Amazon to buy this book. They don't have it in stock, but you can buy it through other buyers through Amazon. Paid $40 for it, and prices went up from there. Belle is right, this book is going to be increasingly difficult to find, so if you are thinking you might want it, better get it ASAP!